Leo in 12th House – Meaning and Info

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Leo is one of the most affectionate and generous signs in the entire Zodiac. Ruled by the Sun, he has a personality that stands out in the crowd. They are charismatic, funny and exuberant. The maximum exponent of sunlight.

The unfavorable version of Leo denotes a self-centered and competitive personality.

In such a way, that it can become aggressive and dramatic. He loses his shine and becomes annoying and unpleasant person.

Leo – Meaning and Info

According to Greek mythology, Leo was a mystical beast known as the Lion of Nemea. He lived in a cave with two entrances from which he came out to spread terror in the neighboring villages.

Heracles, son of Zeus, to redeem himself from his crimes and become immortal, submitted to the will of Eurystheus and agreed to do twelve jobs one of them was to kill the Lion of Nemea, a fact considered impossible for a common mortal.

The cunning Heracles, knowing that the Lion was immune to weapons, managed to kill him with his bare hands, strangling him. Upon perceiving the protective powers of the Lion’s skin, the hero removed the skin, making a cloak and a helmet to place on his head.

After his defeat, the Lion’s spirit was placed in the sky as the constellation Leo, honoring his mythical power and his magical strength.

Leo is one of the funniest signs of the Zodiac. When he walks into a room, he lights her up with his good disposition and sympathy. They are great lovers of life and do not waste time with uninteresting affairs and people. They detest intrigues and gossip. Your time is too precious and there are too many good things to go through to waste on minor matters.

Leo on his favorable side, he is loving and covers his partner, friends and family with attention. This feeling is in such a genuine and natural way that it “feels” when Leo expresses it.

Leo is also very generous with his time and attention to others. His instinct is to give. He likes to see that everyone is happy and he covers the ones he loves most with little gifts and attentions. He does not skimp on care to ensure everyone’s comfort and satisfaction.

The native of Leo has a strong sense of integrity. He is faithful, noble and with strong personal values ​​(characteristics that he shares with his opposite sign, Aquarius). Always try to live and make decisions according to what you think is right for him without harming the needs or interests of others.

Protector, he fights for the interests of his group of people. He is his family, friends or colleagues. He has a huge heart and values ​​loyalty, above anything else. He does not tolerate betrayal, sneaky behavior or the absence of values.

Leo has a “light” and fun personality. Aware of this spiritual side, he uses it to his advantage. When he makes a joke or has a self-centered behavior, he uses his humor to apologize. This works most of the time. They love parties, fun, and company. They do not skimp on means or expenses, to offer the best party of all.

Affectionate, loving, passionate, assertive, caring, bright, charismatic, competitive, courageous, caring, fun, witty, exuberant, outspoken, festival lover, faithful, generous, honest, insistent, straight, interested, jovial, fair, loyal, luminous, noble, protective.

Unfavorable Leo is prone to selfish behaviors and, in extreme cases, can become narcissistic. The ego is immeasurable. Everything is centered on him, on his needs and his vision of his world.

This is as true in the family as it is in the professional environment. They care very little about the opinion of others or with what he will say

12th House – Meaning and Info

The 12th house is the most complex to understand and covers many topics: from intrauterine memories (the time we spend in the womb before being born because we were one with everything there), karma (the transits there activate situations that can harm us if we have done wrong).

Confinement (whether voluntary, such as that of cloister nuns, or forced, such as that of prisoners in a jail or patients in a psychiatric hospital), hospitals (governs the service personnel and the institution itself), wild animals (house 6 is that of domestic animals).

the homeless (poor people, the indigent, marginalized, prisoners, patients, refugees), intuition, dreams and mental health (transpersonal or female planets like Venus and the Moon will make us extra sensitive to the invisible or the true intentions of others).

The end of the cycle (every time a transit planet is in the 12th house it implies that we reach the end of something), death (as in houses 6, 8 and 10, here also transits can show us an event like the one mentioned), hidden enemies (people we do not expect to attack or betray us).

even everything that We repress / hide intentionally or unintentionally (infidelities, lies, scams, personal creative projects, secrets, sensitive information, spiritual beliefs, destructive psychological behaviors, addictions, diseases, crimes, illegal activities, hidden talents, phobias).

What this house contains and is badly expected will be problematic, and, being a house of the unconscious, it will require a lot of effort on the part of the native to solve it, but if it succeeds it will entail a huge spiritual evolutionary leap.

Like the 11th house, this is a water house that takes care of the collective and specifically it’s unconscious.

It has resonance with the sign Pisces and the planets Jupiter and Neptune, that is why there is a quality of denial and nebulosity, making the thinking / action / feeling of a person confused or misleading, believing that each decision or thought entails a sacrifice, or If, on the contrary, the stars are well expected here, then one will act / think / feel with inspiration, compassion and disinterest. Let’s see:

It is a position that has advantages and disadvantages because although the person is disinterested and predisposed to service, it is true that it also greatly facilitates the victim’s ego and difficulty in developing an identity.

The native has serious doubts about who he is and what is his true place in the world, but he feels that he has a higher mission to fulfill.

The latter can translate into doing community service and helping people in distress, or falling into a messianic delusion.

Beyond the aspects, it is very difficult for him to separate the personal purpose from the collective. He lives in a constant reverie state and that’s why it’s probably the most inspired and creative position of all. He identifies with others, but also easily deceives himself.

He trusts blindly and it is easy for him to make friends, but when his intuition tells him that he is being the victim of a betrayal he prefers to ignore the alarm because, depending on the alignments, he will not always be able to see others clearly as they are, and will idealize them, to good or bad. He will project the best and worst of his personality onto others.

It is too powerful a position for the Moon, because it has the ability to feel what others feel. It is a psychic sponge, just like the Moon in house 4 and house 8 (the other two houses of water).

His emotions are stormy, and the person does not understand where these disconnected feelings come from that overwhelm him.

What happens is that he was very connected with his own mother from the times of gestation, and then he cannot process the fact that this figure could not take care of him / her correctly (as with the Moon in Pisces, the native is raised by other people instead of mother).

He is still connected with childhood and the past, but at some point he will have to cut with that situation to develop as an adult, leave the victimization or idealization that one has about it to be happy in the present.

He will feel subject to social moods but he has to learn to separate his own from those of others so as not to go crazy. He tends to hide his true feelings, and feels that his family environment or specifically his mother is someone who damages his self-esteem or makes things difficult for him.

He loves to investigate hidden things, and knows how to keep secrets (if he is in good alignments, obviously). If he has aspects to Pluto or Saturn then there will be truths that will come to light, whether the native wants it or not.

He can be very influential as his takes ideas from others easily rather than thinking for himself at times. He may be the owner of an overdeveloped intelligence with a v

Leo in 12th House – Meaning and Info

It’s no wonder he has such a hard time keeping friends close. Even in the family, the unfavorable version of Leo has difficulty recognizing that children are autonomous people, with their own personalities, and not a mere extension of himself.

Unfavorable Leo makes dramas for everything and nothing. A little adversity is transformed into a giant drama, to the center of which he drags everyone.

This dramatization derives from the constant need for his validation and approval. It is not easy to live in an environment so polluted by an inflamed ego and not at all modest.

Consumer, dramatic, self-centered, status, excessive, selfish, impatient, materialistic, he needs approval from others, worldly, narcissistic, proud. The tendency to compete excessively and the difficulty of attributing the credits to whom they really belong works.

Focus your self-love towards positive actions and not to destroy the potential of others. Remember that others also have a life, with good and bad moments. Do not make a drama for everything and nothing (that you also tire others, who will eventually move away).

Don’t read the behavior of others as a provocation. Sometimes people may not notice your presence. Learn to strengthen your tolerance for negative emotions, such as sadness, disapproval, irritation, or frustration.

Learn to contain your energy. Try to curb your consumer desire and attachment to status symbols.

Don’t challenge him in front of other people. This will set off a furious reaction and you don’t want to be around to see the consequences. Use a sense of humor when you can, to lighten the mood and appeal to reason in a sympathetic way.

Refuse to be part of dramas that don’t exist. It will not be a good idea to try to minimize it (This will hurt Leo’s pride on the unfavorable side of him). Just ignore the drama.

Encourage him to find a hobby where he can direct all that extra energy he uses to see things where they don’t exist. Lovers of parties and fun, the natives of this sign hate boredom. When it comes to relationships, Lions like to experience something intense that really moves them.

They love new adventures and challenges, which makes it difficult to catch someone from Leo. When they truly fall in love, the natives of Leo do everything to surprise and please the person they love.

It is in the sphere of romance that this native feels best, continually living in the throes of passion. We will hardly find a Leo without a partner.

Despite this, his pride can cause many relationships to unravel. Even so, forgiveness and empathy are two characteristics of this sign, having reconciliations so frequently in their emotional life, as breakups.

There is one idea that you can never forget when it comes to your Leo child: he is the king of the house. He will notice how easily he gets angry if he is not the center of the family’s attentions.

The Leo child is bright, cheerful, playful, and fun. When he does what he wants… Otherwise he can easily throw a tantrum. He is not upset by enthusiasm and animosity, but he knows how to set limits.

It is very easy for your Leo child to get angry when he is treated indifferently. Never reprimand or punish him in public. For him, there is no greater humiliation. And this feeling leaves marks on the personality of the Leo child for many years.


In this version, Leo demands attention and needs to feel adored. He doesn’t shy away from getting everyone’s attention. He is proud and has to be recognized by everyone. If he does someone a favor, he doesn’t rest until everyone knows it.

Overly competitive, he has no shame in attracting all the merits to himself: the best ideas and decisions are his, the extra work was done by him, and the knowledge is essentially his (even when dealing with specialists). The domain is yours.

Of course, these types of attitudes make the environment around them not really one of collaboration and good will.