Guava Fruit – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about fruits are generally very common. Dreaming about food is not unusual, since we need food every day and it is a part of our routine.

Fruits in dreams usually have metaphorical meaning associated with personal desires, achievements, mental and physical well-being. The type of fruit might give more meaning to a dream, but not necessarily.

Fruit has always been a metaphor for something we are about to obtain, regardless of if it was forbidden, like in the story about Adam and Eve, the tree of cognition of Good and Evil and the tempting snake, or meant for us to take.

Fruit represent desire, passion, something we wish for. Fruit is sweet, which is associated with pleasure and delight.

On a more down-to-earth side, fruit represent freshness, health and an important part of human diet. Green apple is universal symbol of good health, for example.

Eating fresh fruits has many benefits and so it has always been associated with vitality, youth and general well-being. On the other side, fruit contains sugar and represents natural source of needed sugars.

However, it is something you should not overdo. Fresh fruit is to be eating every day, but just like everything else, in moderate amount.

As a symbol of enjoyment and pleasure, fruit is something one should be careful about.

It has a seductive symbolic trait, from the Garden of Eden fruit to any other fruit. The motif of poisoned fruits in literature and legendary tales is a very popular one.

Fruits have this dangerous symbolic meaning. They are sweet and most of fruits are very appealing to our eyes. Most of it looks delicious. That is why the poisoned apple or so; it is universal bait.

Delicious, juicy fruits are hard to resist, so they are often used as a metaphor of deceit and trickery that comes in a very pleasing and attractive shape.

Dreams about guava fruit

Guava is a tropical fruit, considered exotic in all parts of the world it is not native to. This fruit is delicious and has many nutritional benefits.

According to nutritionists and health workers, guava fruit contains many important and healthy nutrients, in addition to its unique fragrance and flavor.

This tasty fruit is amazing for the immune system; it helps in blood sugar regulation, boots up metabolic processes, helps with heart health and nourishes the skin.

There many other benefits of eating guava fruit and using it as a remedy; it has been a traditional one for a long time.

Seeing this delicious exotic fruit in dreams usually has a positive meaning on its own.

However, it all depends on what the dream scenario is like and what are the details. Were you seeing guava fruit or eating it? Was it ripe and tasty or rotten? Let us find out more.

Ripe guava fruit in a dream

Dreams about ripe fruits in a dream are mostly good. However, meanings differ.

If you happen to see guava fruits that are ripe and appear tasty and ready for picking but you cannot reach them for any reason, it means you have to wait a bit longer until your dedicated work pays off.

Do not be hasty, but wait just a bit longer. It could also suggest your work will indeed be fruitful.

Seeing ripe guavas symbolize fruits of your success, something you should be very proud of.

Alternatively, if you currently do not feel, as heading somewhere, there is no actual project you are working on, or so, this dream means you desire something that is not yours.

You dream about success and you see role models around you, which is a positive thing and a good sign.

On the other hand, it could suggest you are very envious of other’s fruitful work.

Considering guava fruit exotic, this dream indicates you are tired of your routine, the same fruit you eat every day and all else, figuratively speaking.

You have a desire to try something entirely different; you need an ‘exotic’ moment in your life. You need to escape to a different world, at least for a while.

Things that are distant and exotic attract you and call you.

Dreams about unripe or rotten guava fruit

Unripe fruit usually means you should have more patience in life, especially if you eat unripe fruits in your dream. The same is with guava fruit.

The dream says that you should wait and not be hasty about finishing the business.

Unripe fruits are sour and so sour is the taste of empty, short term and unstable success. If the fruits were rotten, it suggests failure.

Rotten fruits usually symbolize failure and lost opportunities. Seeing rotten guava fruits mean your plans were bad from the beginning or that you have delayed finishing business for too long.

Rotten fruits represent failed expectations and disappointment. They also represent facing consequences for your actions.

Guava fruits are exotic and attractive in a peculiar way, so rotten guavas could represent the false beauty of something that occupies your attention and seduces you. It could be related to love.

You are seduced by someone simply because he or she is different, exotic, mystical in a way and it awakens your adventurous spirit.

It is not bad per se, but be careful, it could be only a love game and you do not want to be hurt in the end.

Eating guava fruit in a dream

Eating fruits in a dream is a common thing and it is associated with professional success or with passion and love.

Eating ripe guavas suggest your work will be fruitful and you will be free to enjoy it to the fullest.

Since the fruit is exotic, it could suggest some kind of international success, connection with people abroad or anything else that leads to a fruitful outcome.

Eating exotic guavas in a dream mean you cannot resist your desires, especially your love appetite.

This is a dream with a tricky meaning, depending on the actual situation in your reality.

Maybe you cannot resist someone’s charms, regardless of if they are taken or not.

The dream indicates a potential love affair, as well. It could indicate a passionate, fiery but a short-term relationship.

Guava fruit is a healthy and good one, so eating fresh ripe guavas are a good sign in general.

The dream tells about your youthfulness and vitality. IT is also about adventurousness and the need for exploring the world, reaching its hidden and exotic corners.

Te meaning is similar to that of seeing guavas, but, in this case, it means your desire for the adventure is even stronger and it is more likely you will experience it in near future.

Eating guava fruit in a dream is your inner call for breaking away, leaving your routine and heading towards new and unexplored places in the world.