Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

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Dreams are very important for the understanding of our hidden feelings and emotions and confronting them.

Usually, dreams are a reflection of everyday happenings, but in special cases, they represent a message from the angels or directly from God.

The interpretation of dreams can be done using the Biblical symbolism of certain dream symbols because it is slightly different than the approach modern psychoanalysts have towards deciphering dreams.

Dream details are very important for a good interpretation.

Biblical Interpretation of Shoes

Shoes are a special dream symbol. Shoes are mentioned very often in the Bible usually symbolizing our direction and life path.

Shoes often symbolize our faith and readiness to be of service to God. In some cases they symbolize the protection we receive from God, and the desires granted to us by the Universe. A dream about shoes could also be a message from God that we have wandered off from the right path in life.

In the Bible, shoes have many different meanings.

Shoes were usually considered dirty, and people were asked to remove their shoes while walking on Holy ground.

Taking off shoes was in some cases considered an act of redeeming and exchanging. Namely, one person drew off his shoe and gave it to another person, which was an act of verification of the transaction.

Removing shoes from the feet was in some cases considered a symbolical transfer of power. The removal of shoes could also be considered as an act of cleansing the impurities and sins before addressing God.

Priests were often without their shoes while performing their religious ceremonies and rituals. Believers often used to enter their sanctuaries bare feet.

In ancient times, shoes were the insignia of power and symbol of accomplished warriors. Casting a shoe at someone was considered a sign of disrespect. A shoe carried on the shoulder represented a symbol of humility. Handing a shoe was a sign of devotion.

Boots in the Biblical sense symbolize conflicts and wars. Sandals might be a sign of God’s love regardless of the fact if you are following the Lord’s way or not.

The phrase “selling someone for shoes” was used to describe abandoning or betraying someone. The phrase “coming under someone’s shoe” or “licking someone’s shoe” signified slavery and subordination.

Biblical Meaning of Shoes in Dreams – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about shoes in general – If you dreamed about shoes without many other details in the dream, such dream could symbolize going on a spiritual journey aiming to develop your spirituality.

This dream could also symbolize the progress on your life path and the move towards your goals and desires. It could also symbolize coming to an understanding of something.

Dreaming about shoes which don’t fit – If you wore shoes which were the inappropriate size in your dream, such dream could reveal not being true to yourself and your beliefs. Maybe your actions are different from your convictions.

This dream could symbolize the lack of joy and disappointment in your marriage or your romantic relationship.

Dreaming about receiving different size shoes from someone – If someone gave you a pair of different size shoes in a dream, such dream usually is not a good sign and could indicate that person is interfering somehow in your marriage or relationship.

Dreaming about wearing different size shoes – If you dreamed about wearing two different size shoes, such dream is often a bad sign and could indicate facing some difficulties and obstacles soon, especially in your romantic life.

Sometimes this dream could symbolize someone is interfering in your marriage or relationship.

In some cases, this dream could be induced by issues and stress you are experiencing in your current relationship or marriage, or it symbolizes being the cause of problems and issues in your love life.

People who are not faithful to their partners often have dreams about wearing different size shoes.

People who are attracted to already committed partners, also dream such dreams often.

In some cases, this dream could signify grave problems in a relationship or marriage and their possible end.

This dream can sometimes indicate your confusion about the right direction you should take in life, but it could also indicate financial issues, job loss, and poverty.

Dreaming about losing a shoe or shoes – If you dreamed about losing one shoe, this dream is not a good sign, and could indicate being under the influence of some evil spiritual forces, focused on ruining your relationship or marriage.

In some cases this dream could symbolize being manipulated in your relationship, and that could be a consequence of an evil curse.

Losing both shoes in a dream is also a bad sign and indicates difficulties and trouble in your love life and marriage. This dream should be considered a warning to try to save your romantic partnership.

In some cases, a dream about losing shoes could symbolize disgrace and poverty.

Dreaming about someone wearing your shoes – If you saw someone wearing your shoes in your dream, such dream usually signifies experiencing relationship or marriage issues soon so be prepared to confront them as soon as they appear.

Dreaming about wearing other person’s shoes – If you had a dream about wearing other person’s shoes such dream is often a bad sign. It could indicate confrontations and arguments with someone, as well as misunderstandings and disagreements in your relationship or your marriage.

This dream could also signify obstacles and challenges you might soon encounter. It could also symbolize good fortune.

In some cases, such dream can simply be a result of wearing other people’s shoes in real life as well or giving your shoes to others.

Dreaming about only one shoe – If you saw only one shoe in a dream, while the other one was missing, such dream isn’t a good sign and might symbolize the loss of meaning and direction in your life. Such dream could also be a sign of relationship problems which are currently present in your life or might arise soon.

Dreaming about being unable finding your shoes – If you dreamed you weren’t able to find where your shoes are, such dream is not a good sign, and often indicates loss of something significant. It could sometimes be a sign of major issues occurring in some areas of your life, which will be difficult to deal with.

Dreaming about shabby and worn out shoes – If you saw, shabby, and worn out shoes in your dream such dream is often a bad sign. This dream usually indicates relationship issues occurring soon in your life.

It could also symbolize the delay of some significant life events you are expecting to happen, ex. an engagement or marriage.

Dreaming about shoes being stolen from you – If you dreamed someone had stolen your shoes, such dream usually is a bad sign, possibly indicating relationship or marriage issues and problems.

Dreaming about being barefoot, walking without shoes – If you were walking without your shoes in a dream, such dream could be a warning about something unexpectedly occurring in your life, which you won’t be prepared to accept easily.

This dream could also symbolize poverty, being homeless, and without resources or protection.

In some cases, such dream might reveal your carefree attitude towards life and things in general.

Dreaming about forgetting to put on your shoes – If you forgot to wear your shoes in a dream, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It might reveal the state of emotional and mental distress and absentmindedness you are going through. It could also be a sign of abandoning your current projects or goals.

Dreaming about watching a pair of shoes – If you dreamed about looking at shoes, such dream could symbolically represent a direction in life you are planning to take.

Dreaming about changing your shoes – If you were changing your shoes in a dream, such dream usually represents experiencing some major life changes, such as getting married or getting a new job.

It might also signify a change in your attitude towards something or someone or your beliefs about someone or something.

Dreaming about forgetting or losing your shoes – if you had a dream about forgetting your shoes somewhere or losing them, such dream might reveal your unwillingness to move forward in some situation in life.

You might feel unprepared to make some important steps regarding your future and life in general.

In some cases, such dream might symbolize forgetting about something very important in real life or not understanding something.