Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams are still an unexplored universe we are trying to understand.

According to psychology and related disciplines, dreams represent our deeply suppressed and/or unconscious thoughts and emotions.

Spiritual approaches connect our dreams with messages from higher realms, but perhaps the truth is somewhere in between.

Our dreams certainly have something to do with our waking life. Distressing, scary dreams are often a channel for our mind to release built up stresses of everyday life.

Kidnap, as a motif in a dream, usually represents a reflection of dreamers’ fears and frustrations in realty.

Perhaps he or she feels threatened or scared of someone or something. According to some interpreters, kidnap motif in a dream usually symbolizes real life conflict that already exists or that is about to take place. However, there are more interpretations.

Kidnapping dreams could carry both positive and negative omens.

Dreams about being kidnapped

Dreams about stressful and terrifying events, such as kidnapping and similar negative situations, naturally awake feelings of discomfort and fear in a dreamer.

If you keep dreaming about being kidnapped, your unconscious mind or energies from parallel realms are trying to tell you something. It is certainly a way for your own thoughts to finally get shape or to be released.

Most of people are unaware of pressure they feel in reality; such emotions need to be expressed and dreams are a perfect, hidden place for that.

To better understand your dream about kidnapping, you have to analyze all aspects of it.

In the first place, it is the most important to note how do you feel about the dream, what is your emotional impression. Do you feel drained and fearful? Or you feel relieved?

The context of the dream is also of a vital importance. The place of event, characters involved, roles played; all this is crucial to understand the secret meaning of your dream.

It is not the same if you are the one being kidnapped, the kidnapper themselves or you are a witness.

Dreams in which you are being kidnapped

If you have a dream in which you are the victim, such phenomenon indicates you feel extremely fearful in your waking life. There is a situation that concerns you or a person or more people you feel wish you harmed.

You are trying to find a way out of this situation in both reality and your dreams. You suspect others’ intentions in general.

It could also reflect your insecurity and low self-esteem; in this case, people around you probably do not intend to do anything bad to you, on the contrary, but you still feel threatened.

Dreams about being kidnapped reflect your fear of losing your freedom and integrity. You are afraid others want to spoil your plans and you rarely trust people. That is a great burden to carry around.

Dreams in which you are being kidnapped show to you that you cannot control everything and that your sense of losing control actually comes from your desperate need to handle everything. Therefore, the dream comes to make you relax, to help you let go off that need and start enjoying life without worrying in advance.

If you are being kidnapped in your dream, it means you really doubt your own decisions and actions in reality. You are a very closed person, difficult to open up. You constantly worry about things and about other’s intentions towards you.

On the other hand, dreams about you yourself being kidnapped could be positive, if your impression is positive about it. It indicates new opportunities and new relations; you will be ‘taken’ by something or someone.

In the most positive interpretation, a dream in which you are being kidnapped is a fortunate omen for your love life. It means someone will soon come to your life and you will be completely amazed by that person’s nature and attitude.

This person will win your heart and literally ‘kidnap’ your soul and your whole being. In that sense, dreams about being kidnapped could be extremely positive.

Such a dream could also be related to new friendship, collaborations and all good and healthy bonds with new people in life.

Dreams in which you are not scared by the kidnapper

Kidnap is a horrifying event by definition. However, it is common for people to have dreams in which they do not feel scared by the kidnapper. If you feel at ease with a kidnapper in your dream, such a dream could bear positive messages.

Dream interpreters would say that in this case a kidnapping event is an omen of good luck and fortune.

If you are being kidnapped by someone you know, such a dream could indicate you have some unresolved arguments with that person, but those that will get settled harmoniously.

It is interesting to point out that dreams about being kidnapped by a ‘good’ kidnapper commonly appear in people who are gentle, closed and very shy in reality.

They would like to approach to people, but they feel insecure. They dream about being kidnapped because that is the way for their mind to somehow break that invisible wall that prevents them from socializing.

It comes to them to make them realize nothing bad will happen if they open up to other people.

Dreaming that someone else is being kidnapped

If you dream that someone else is being kidnapped, this dream could indicate you should listen to others’ advices.

Maybe you actually need help from others, but you do not want to admit that. Rethink your current life situation and pay more attention to your friends and their good intentions.

Do not be so stubborn; accepting help is not a weakness, but more of sharing experiences with people you love and trust.

Dreams about seeing someone being kidnapped could be reflection of your own feelings of being helpless.

Dreams about someone else being kidnapped, especially if that is someone you know, suggest people close to you need help or attention. Maybe you have become too focused on yourself and your own life that you have neglected your friends, a partner or your family.

They need your support, but do not know how to get to you. Maybe they are even threatened or endangered in some way. Try to be more observant about that.

In other scenarios, dreams about seeing a family member or a friend being kidnapped indicate you may lose that person in reality. The loss could be both physical and emotional.

Maybe someone you care for will move to another country, maybe relationship with that person has become so neglected that all bonds fade away; in the worst case, such dreams could be associated with illness and death of someone you know.

Dreams in which you are the kidnapper

Dreams in which you play the role of a kidnapper are a symbolic translation of your suppressed desires and thoughts from your waking life into the language of dreams.

Such a dream indicates you are under a great pressure in reality, but that is most likely your inner pressure, not something others bother you with.

You have desires you are unable to express in your waking life.

The range of these desires is wide; from romantic dreams, over career and professional goals, to exploring new boundaries in general.

Dreams about you kidnapping someone suggest you want to control everything in your life. You do not hesitate to use force and be aggressive in your intentions.

Such a dream could reflect your real life situation, in which you are taking something from other people, but that is not yours to take. You are skipping rules and steps and you want an easy success.

The dreams about you in a role of kidnapper come to warn you such behavior will eventually bring you failure, disappointment and negativity.