Dream of Dead Person Talking to You – Meaning and Interpretation

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Death is a common topic in dreams. We often dream about the death of the people who are close to us, or we dream about the dear ones who are no longer among us.

Such dreams are usually a reflection of our fears for our loved ones, the fear of death or grieving for our loved ones, who have passed away.

Dreams about death could also symbolically represent endings of something important in our lives. The dream about death and dead people is a message from our subconscious to release the past and move on with our life.

Such dreams could also symbolize the transformation of our personality or some major changes we are about to experience.

It could also symbolize getting rid of old behavior and attitude, habits or other parts of your old self. This dream is often a sign of improvements you are about to experience in your life.

In some cases, dreams about death could be a reminder or a warning to begin dealing with some important issues in our life.

Maybe you have been neglecting your health and jeopardizing your wellbeing. Maybe you have some unresolved issues in your relationship and you risk ending it for ignoring the warning signs.

Dreams about death could also be a way for your subconscious to escape from dealing with some important issues and circumstances in your life, which you need to confront.

Seeing or talking to a dead person in a dream might be a sign of being under someone’s negative influence or being in the wrong company.

If the person you have talked to, was someone close who passed away, such dream could be a way of your subconscious to say goodbye to this person, and resolve the issues you possibly had with this person. In some cases, a dream about talking to a dead person might signify financial loss.

A dream of talking to a dead person could also indicate that someone close, a family member, a friend or a relative will contact you to ask you for help in resolving some issues or difficulties this person is currently experiencing.

Dreams of Dead Person Talking to You – Meaning and Interpretation

Dreaming about a dead person talking you into going somewhere with her – If you dreamed that a dead person was trying to lure you into going somewhere, such dream might symbolize the fact that you are trying to come to terms with this person’s death and accept it.

Such dream could also reveal your fears of being alone.

This dream could also symbolize some danger approaching you. In some case, it could symbolize your sickness or even death.

Dreaming about avoiding following a dead person somewhere – If you dreamed that a dead person lured you into going somewhere and you successfully resisted the call, such dream could symbolize being involved in some dangerous situation but fortunately being able to avoid the danger and the possible damage.

This dream asks you to be cautious and think well before acting or making some important decisions.

Dreaming about talking to your dead parents – If you dreamed about your dead parents and talked to them in your dream, such dream usually symbolizes coping with their loss, and parting with them in your mind.

If your parents are still alive, such dream usually signifies your fears of losing them.

Dreaming about talking to a dead relative, sibling or a friend – If you dreamed about talking to your dead relative, a friend or sibling, such dream is usually a sign of missing them and reliving again the experiences you had together.

If they are still alive, this dream reminds you to rekindle the relationship with them because you enjoy it. If they are not alive anymore this dream could be a way of coping with their loss.

Dreaming about talking to your dead child – A dream in which you talked to your dead child could be very disturbing because your subconscious is trying to revive your child in your dream. If you lost your child in reality that could be a very difficult dream to have, but it often happens as a way of your subconscious to deal with the loss and come to terms with it.

Such dreams are a result of your inability to accept this tragic occurrence and your defense mechanism keeps making you dream about your child as if it’s still alive.

These dreams serve as a way for you to slowly get used to the sad reality that your child is no longer with you.

Dreaming about taking something a dead person offered to you – If you dreamed about talking to a dead person who offered something to you and you took it, such dream is usually a bad sign. This dream could be a sign of difficulties happening soon in your house or family, such as illness, health issues or even the death of some close family member.

Dreaming about talking to your dead mother – If you dreamed that your mother was dead and you talked to her, such dream could possibly symbolize encountering some difficulties soon and being forced to deal with them without having time to think about the proper solution. Such dream might reveal the need for someone’s assistance and help.

This dream signifies happy endings after dealing with the challenges and obstacles along the way. If your mother is dead in reality, such dream might reveal your grief and sorrow for her passing away.

Dreaming about your dead mother asking you to help her – If you dreamed your dead mother talked to you and asked for help, such dream could be a sign you should rely on your inner strength and abilities to resolve some difficulties and issues you are encountering in life. This dream is asking you to have faith in yourself and stop relying on others to help you solve your problems, especially your family members.

You have the ability to deal with any obstacle you encounter; you only need to trust yourself.

Dreaming about your dead mother saying she is not dead – If you dreamed about your dead mother who was saying to you that she isn’t dead, such dream is often a sign of refusing to accept her death. This dream signifies your grief and sorrow for your mothers passing away.

It might also be a sign of unresolved issues you didn’t manage to deal with her while she was alive, which are still bothering you.

Dreaming about your dead sister or brother asking you for help – If you dreamed of your dead sister or brother talking to you and asking you for help, this dream usually isn’t a good sign. It could reveal feelings of guilt and suffering in regards to your sister or brother, and indicate some unresolved issues you have with them which you didn’t resolve while they were alive.

Such dream could also indicate disagreements and conflicts with other people, often family members.

This dream might point out some problems and issues you have with them, so you should do your best to confront them and try to resolve them.

If your sister or brother is alive and you had this dream, it usually indicates having some unresolved matters with them, and reminds you to settle them as quickly as possible.

Dreaming about talking to your dead girlfriend or boyfriend – A dream about your girlfriend or boyfriend being dead and you talking to them, is not a bad sign. It could symbolize the satisfaction and joy you feel in your relationship. Maybe such dream signifies the successful outcome of some projects you are currently doing with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

This dream often signifies a happy relationship.

Dreaming about talking to dead grandparents who offered their help to you – If you dreamed that your dead grandparents talked to you and offered you their help, such dream might signify receiving some sudden and unexpected news which might surprise you a lot but in a positive way.

In some cases, this dream could be a sign of some danger which currently threatens you or finding yourself in some danger soon.

It might reveal your awareness of the danger and the need for help. Such dream could also symbolize illness or some health issues.

If you didn’t follow your grandparents in the dream, such dream is a sign that you will successfully deal with all the obstacles you encounter.

Dreaming about talking to a dead relative – If you dreamed about your dead relative talking to you, such dream is usually a good sign. This dream could bring an important message from your subconscious about some issues you are currently undergoing. Try to remember the words your dead relative spoke to you because they could be an important advice or a warning your subconscious is sending you about making some choices or decisions.

The words from your dead relative in your dream could also point out to some unforeseen opportunities you could use to improve your life.

Dreaming about being visited by and talking to a dead person – If you dreamed about a dead person or persons visiting you and talking to them, such dream could reveal your focus on some events from the past involving this person or people, you should try to confront and address, so they wouldn’t bother you anymore.

Often this dream reveals your sadness and grief for the absence of these people from your life.

Dreaming about eating and talking to a dead person – If you dreamed about eating in the company of a dead person and talking with him or her, such dream should be considered a warning about your health. It would be advisable to do a medical check–up just in case something is wrong with your wellbeing.

This dream reminds you to be more careful about your health and have it checked regularly.