Lobster – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Anyone who enjoys the seafood, and in some way, love decadence, luxury, and wonderful expensive taste, must love Lobster – seen as one of the best dishes in the world, easy to prepare but expensive.

But, as all beings in this world, Lobster also has its symbolic meaning, also seen in the dream world.

Some say that Lobster is seen as the cleaners of the sea (it is because they are truly clearing the water from bad things, fishes, etc.) and in a metaphorical way, they have similar features that people can repeat in real-life situations.

Following this lead, we can say that Lobster and its behavior and appearance in the dream can be described as a symbol that we require to make our way through our heartfelt scene. We must look for dreams, abilities, and insights that we may have provided to reduce or overcome.

This is truly valuable to think of because all of us hide in some kind of a shell, and because of it, we cannot get out to the surface of our true selves.

The hard outside of the lobster animal totem acts as a protective sheath and is a symbol of the guardian we have set up to defend ourselves.

So, the most common association that we can connect to Lobster is protection, which reminds us that we need to be in charge of taking care of ourselves.

Meaning and Symbolism

In general, Lobster seen in dreams is the representation of our strength, powerful insight, and tremendous determination.

If you had a dream about the Lobster, then, in reality, such a dream suggests that the compensation and advantage that comes from your work and overwhelming all obstacles and obstacles.

We will look into the most popular lobster-related dreams to encourage you to unravel how they may compare to your life, in fact.

In some cases, the dream about the Lobster has a positive symbolical value – when you have just seen a lobster in a dream, it suggests that some kind of joy is waiting for you soon, some type of pleasure awaits you.

Maybe you’re a seafood lover, and this is the reason you had this dream, but in some other, you can be sure that this dream is showing you joy and business success as well?

Who knows what other pleasant surprises this dream is preparing for you – either way, be prepared and enjoy every beautiful moment you experience! You are about to meet with pleasure.

If you are catching the Lobster in a dream, in that case, this dream shows that you are endured with a lot of strength and perseverance.

In reality, this is the dream that shows that for sure, you will be able to endure and overcome minor difficulties and problems.

Eating a lobster in a dream is another story. This dream comes as an indication that you once again, after a hard time and a lot of troubles that made you lose it, regain self-confidence.

But this dream carries one more thing, a warning, you must be extra cautious that you are not too convinced in your state and take on too many obligations, and you may not realize if you are not precise in what you need.

If you see someone else eating a lobster with you, and you are enjoying that time, such a dream comes as a suggestion that you will, for sure, have a lot of self-confidence to push yourself or your results and ideas that you have.

Once again, this is a dream with a positive meaning that shows success in any area of your life. Just be honest with what you do.

If you dream that you are unsuccessfully trying to catch a lobster or you have caught it, but now you cannot prepare it, such a dream shows that in reality, you are not ready for any original opportunities.

This dream is telling you to welcome change, and all life has to offer. Present yourself to live outwardly, not covering. What are you hiding from anyway, from yourself, maybe? Bad idea!

One more thing is relevant to speak of here – it inspires you to reveal to yourself who have hurt you so badly that you have to wear that armor for protective purposes? Changes are a natural course of life, do not deny it.

Decoding the Dream about the Lobster

Now, the attack of the animal in a dream is another matter and brings a completely different meaning to this dream, not necessarily a negative one, just different.

For example, in a version of a dream where the Lobster is attacking you, attempting to kill you with its claws, such a dream shows that you are confronting someone who has stolen your ideas and wants to monetize them.

It seems that that individual does not want to let anyone stand in his or her way. But you must be careful, sometimes letting go is the best way you can go with such people. This is because, on the way, you can be hurt badly.

A version where the Lobster is chasing you wanting to harm you maybe, or someone else, who is with you, shows a negative aspect of your life, in part reserved for any of your ideas that you ask for some kind of advice or help, suggestion, etc. You will be met with a lot of negativity.

This dream shows that you cannot easily be helped, and the support that you should get from your closest circle is not working well. It can be any job idea that could end up as a successful investment. Maybe you should keep it for yourself. The best way to go is that.

If you are fishing for a lobster, such a dream shows that something greater waits for you, a lot bigger than you have expected. It can be a higher salary or some unexpected delight. This will make you feel good and above secure, even if it is a financial gain. It will come in handy.

Now, in the version of a dream where you truly kill a lobster is a warning sign – you are overindulgent and acting too hedonistic, maybe it is because of the people who are close to you, but this way of life can become your demise.

Do not be so concentrated only on the fun; you could destroy your credit or cause you to waste more money than you should

But if you do not kill a lobster and keep it alive, this is the dream that shows your current social status, you are promoted, and you are aiming, successfully on some important or leading status. Keep up the good work.

We also must add few more notes here – it is important to know what parts of the Lobster you had a dream. If you had a dream where its claws were in the leading role, this dream has a bit negative context.

It shows that ahead of you, there will be pain and difficulties, but the good news is that you will make the best out of it and be a winner.

The only thing that you need to follow is your path made out of determination, steadiness, and tough work. You will finally be able to succeed and experience the fruits of your activity.

Lobster tail in a dream is another good sign – it denotes happy times in life. Money is on the way, or something material that will help you – maybe you will receive sufficient funds to do what you want, finish an incomplete profession, and get a wage or compensation for your hard work. You will accomplish your goals and get financially wealthy.

And if in a dream you see a lobster shell, in that case, soon you will show your hidden abilities and skills to defend yourself from any harm, you will be much stronger than you could ever imagine you can be.

Nevertheless, perhaps it’s a chance to get out of your case and explain to the world how vigorous you are. If you examine yourself and your convenient place, you will improve in the way you want.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

As a creature in the water, the Lobster is associated with the element of water and all the spiritual notions that go with it.

Therefore, we need to see the spiritual lines of lobster tote through similar lenses.

If you had this dream, it is worth asking yourself these questions. Who hurt you that you need such strong armor to protect you? Have confidence in the changes around you, even though you might try to resist them.

Dreaming of a lobster is a good sign in general, as you could see – such a dream may mean that you will live in abundance, and you will lack nothing. You will be a happy man who will get everything he wants. If you dreamed that you noticed a lobster, it is a sign of wealth.

Great success in life will not change you. In some cases, this is the dream that is related to social status, a sign that you are obtaining an essential position in society for the one who dreamed it.

However, we need to take this dream about the lobster a tiny more inward and cover our hearts and our pure spirits. We must take care of our minds and soul, not forgetting to take care of our bodies in a physical way.

In extension to protection and safety, the lobster in a dream is the symbol of strength, determination, abundance, and renewal.