Blackbird – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Blackbirds are common birds usually found throughout Europe, North Africa and Asia. These birds could be partially or fully migratory, while some species don’t migrate at all.

The males are black with yellow bills and eye rings. Females and their young have mostly dark brown feathers. There is also a species of redwing blackbird, which is dark with red feathers on the wings. They sing beautifully.

Blackbirds eat variety of different foods, from earthworms, insects, to fruits and berries.

These birds are very territorial, and they tend to defend their territory fiercely. Species, which live in moderate climates, stay there all years. These birds live in pairs.

Male blackbirds hold the territory they have established in their first year, throughout their life. The length of the territory is minimum 0.2 ha. There they form the pair and they nest. From spring to July they defend their territories against other blackbirds.

These birds usually have two to three broods, and sometimes when the weather conditions are good, they could even have four.

The female builds the nest, usually in some shrubs or trees, but they can also build them in buildings and even on the ground. They make their nests mostly from grass, straws and mud, and the building of the nest usually lasts two weeks.

Baby blackbirds often leave their nests before learning to fly, so they hop around on the ground until they learn. 

What does the Blackbird Symbolize?

Blackbirds are considered mysterious birds, and are connected to the symbolism of the moon. They are diurnal birds, but they still manage well in nighttime, using all their senses to perform the needed activities.

The black color they have makes them a symbol of seriousness, mystery and secrets.

Blackbirds also symbolize magic, intuition, the unknown, things that are not obvious, hiding, seriousness, knowledge, thoughtfulness, understanding, adaptability, protectiveness, beautiful voice, defensiveness, shyness, etc.

The Meanings of Blackbird as a Spirit Animal

The Blackbird as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Adaptability. Blackbirds are very adaptable birds. They are not choosy about their diet, and eat all they can find. This spirit animal teaches you the lesson of adaptability. Try to make the most of all situations and don’t let the circumstances discourage you. There is always a solution; you just need to be calm and concentrated enough to find it.

Knowledge. These spirit animals carry within the knowledge of the outer worlds. If they are your spirit animal, you most likely have an inner knowing and understanding of the higher spiritual truths.

Intuition. Blackbirds as spirit animal give us the gift of intuition. They teach us to use our natural abilities to feel the answers we seek from within.

Defensiveness. These birds know how to defend their territory and belongings. They teach you how to value your things and be appreciative of them.

Shyness and problem adapting in groups. Blackbirds are not very sociable, and they tend to stick to their close circle. If this is your totem animal, you are most likely shy an isolated as well.

Beautiful voice. Blackbirds are excellent signers. They are well-known for their beautiful song. This bird gives you the gift of singing and expressing yourself through your voice.

Determination and focus. These birds fly fast over open land. They are determined and focused when fly, and determination and focus are the gifts that they give to you as well if they happen to be your spirit animal. 

Blackbird as Your Totem Animal

If a Blackbird is your spirit animal, you are most likely a person who is not easily opening up to others. People should gain your trust before they become close to you. These birds are not open to others, and they need to gain trust in someone to open up.

That is one of the lessons they teach us; to protect ourselves and not give ourselves to people, who don’t deserve that.

If this bird is your totem animal, you are probably not a stranger to mysticism and magic. People probably call you when you need to help them with some magical or spiritual matters because the knowledge about them is a natural part of you.

You often have an almost hypnotic and magical influence on others and the gift of seeing the unknown.

You are also gifted to give others advice and help them to develop or discover their abilities and begin using them. With a blackbird as your totem animal you are most likely very adaptable and have an enchanting voice.

What if the Blackbird Appears in Your Life?

Many people consider blackbirds appearing in their lives a very good sign. They could remind you of the need to connect yourself with nature. They remind you to use your natural gifts and abilities to help yourself and others.

This bird could be a reminder to continue improving yourself for the better and expanding your knowledge of the world and its truths.

If this animal appeared in your life, you should consider yourself a special person. These birds don’t appear to people who are superficial and shallow. They appear to the ones who will understand the importance of their presence in their lives and try to incorporate their teachings into their reality.

This bird often comes to your life if you have some unanswered questions or doubts, to remind you that you are the one holding all the answers inside. It reminds you to use your intuition and inborn knowledge to find the answers you seek.

Often this bird appears in your life as an announcement of some major changes happening soon and asking you to be prepared.

Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged or blocked by the changes that will happen. Try to maintain your groundedness and don’t interfere if the changes are happening to someone close to you, for example, a family member. Offer your help but otherwise don’t get involved.

When to call on Blackbird?

You should call on blackbird as your spirit animal when:

  • You need to be more decisive and focused about something;
  • You need to find some answers from within;
  • You need to adapt to some new circumstances or changes;
  • You need to overcome your natural shyness and defensiveness in social gatherings;

Dreams about Blackbird – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about blackbird could be a sign of lacking motivation in life or regarding some goal or desire you have.

These dreams could indicate not using your full potential and abilities and this dream reminds you to change that. Stop wasting your potential.

If you had a bad feeling during the dream, or you woke up in a bad mood, that could indicate someone trying to use you and manipulate you for their purposes.

This dream could be a sign that someone is using you and taking advantage of you and warns you to be careful. It also reminds you to keep your secrets well.

A flock of blackbirds in your dream could indicate some good changes that are about to happen in your life.

A dream about blackbirds could also be a sign of good luck and good news coming.