Box – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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The Box of lies, a box of dreams, a gift box, Pandora box – there are hundreds upon hundreds of boxes around us.

All of them have something inside, and even the empty box shows something, its absence of matter.

It is a strong symbolical element, often seen in dreams since numerous variations can appear. And yes, all of them have a different meaning and a message for the one who has a dream.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you dreamed of being in a box, it could mean that you feel helpless in a situation.

Probably someone put you in front of a perfect act, and now you have to go to the end in something you would not even want to participate in.

If you dreamed of living in a cardboard box by any chance, it could mean that you will get out of the misery you are in now. Your financial situation is very bad, but there is a chance that it will improve significantly by finding the new job you are looking for. You will be accepted into a stable and paying company where you will finally get back on your feet.

If you dreamed of opening a box, it might mean that you are not ready to admit to yourself some feelings. You may like a person who is below your criteria.

Something about her attracts you, and you can barely resist her. Try to get to know her better, and you may find that you misjudged her.

If you dreamed you were in a box full of water, it could mean you have a fear of water and drowning in it.

It is likely that you are a non-swimmer and that you did not succeed despite solid attempts to master this skill. You just can’t relax in the water, and that prevents you from doing so.

Don’t be ashamed to go somewhere to take swimming lessons, where experts will teach you how to overcome the fear of water. You have to be persistent, and the result will not be missed.

If you dreamed that someone locked you in a metal box and that you could not get out of it, it might mean that you are not ready to face your fears. In the coming days, you will be in a situation where you will simply have to stand in the way of this so that you can find your peace.

Decoding the Dream about the Box

To dream that you have been playing hide and seek and that you have hidden in a box can mean that you are a person who runs away from your problems and persistently refuses to admit them to himself and solve them. You have to understand that you will only make life difficult for yourself and that you will not progress that way. The problems are there to be solved and not pushed under the rug.

Here we come to the whole idea behind this dream – the dream about the box, in reality, shows your personality. You are the one who likes to covers things, which keeps many secrets, thinking that you will protect yourself and others.

The box is a strange element, it can be stolen from you, or someone could find it and open it. Then what, your secrets will be revealed. Not the way to go. The box should keep memories, not secrets.

If you may have dreamed of making a wooden box, it may mean that in the coming days, you will come up with a creative idea that could develop into a lucrative business.

Whatever the idea, we advise you to get into it without thinking too much, because it will be very original.

Too much thinking will only lead to its postponement, and by postponing, you will lose time and thus the will to start a business.

If you have ever dreamed of seeing a box floating on the open sea or ocean, it may mean that the moment you need friends and all their support and help, you will be left alone.

Everyone will leave you in the lurch when you have the hardest time, which will hit you hard.

This is a lesson you will have to feel on your skin because most of the people you hang out with are only there when you are nice and have no problems.

A true friend in trouble knows each other, and after this, you will rapidly narrow the circle of people around you.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Now, the box as the one that you pack something and give to someone carries another symbolism.

For example, in a version of a dream where you are unwrapping a decorative box, it might mean that you are eager for attention.

Probably someone has neglected you because of their obligations, and maybe even your partner’s feelings towards you have subsided a bit, and you feel it.

These are things you can’t influence because everyone has their own will. It is up to you to be what you are and to do your best.

The rest of what you can’t influence, you don’t need to get upset.

If you may have dreamed that a box fell from the sky in front of you, it may mean that you will soon receive a gift that you did not expect.

Someone will surprise you with their attention in the coming days.

Dreaming of a box closed with chains can mean that one of your housemates has a secret they don’t want to know.

Maybe your child has made a mistake or problem at school and is hiding it from you, and your spouse may be hiding something from you.

In any case, whatever the secret may be, it’s not good. Try to catch some detail in action and, by guessing, bring it to light whatever you insist on revealing to you.

To dream that you have locked someone in a box and not let them out can mean that you are by nature a very possessive and jealous person.

This is a very bad and destructive trait, both for you and for the people you love. You will have many problems in life because of that, and as things stand in the coming period because of that, you will be left without a loved one. You have to correct and control it at home. You are like that for some deep reason, and you should turn to someone for help. You will not be able to change on your own. You will see how beautiful life can be without that negative feeling in you and how much more people will love you for it.

If you dreamed of burying a box deep underground, it could mean you have some dark secret you don’t want anyone to know about.

It may be something related to a law that you broke in the past or something bad that you did, and now you hide it from people because you think that because of that, they will love and appreciate you less or that they will not even want to have anything to do with you. of what you have done in the past.

The past is the past, and you would never do it again, and you regret it but know that every secret comes to light when then, and it is usually then when we least expect.

It doesn’t follow you all your life, be open to people and choose the right moment to tell them, and then you will be clear with them and know that they love you because of that you become now and not what you were.

In the end, the box in a dream may be the symbol of things you are eager to hide from others, something that is so secretive but important, and you do not want to throw it away.

Keeping secrets and hiding from something is never a good idea; they will destroy you in one way or the other.

Others can reveal it, or they will torment you from the inside. None of these is a good idea.

The box, in your mind, should be a place where you keep presents and gorgeous gifts, or pleasant memories that you can revisit from time to time.

Being in the box reveals that you are hiding your true nature, once again not a place to go.