Cancer in 1st House – Meaning and Info

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Cancers are vulnerable and sentimental.

Their reaction to everything that happens around them is very quick and expressive. They are romantics who can make sacrifices.

Representatives of this sign often experience difficult emotional experiences. They are usually benevolent, but they can be both polite and outspoken, and melancholic, withdrawn and reserved.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

Cancers are pessimists. Pessimism manifests itself in all areas of their lives and poisons even the most joyful moments for them. Men born under this sign are generally outgoing and friendly. They are highly intuitive, very sensual and family. They are characterized by tolerance and endurance.

Irritability, spinelessness, fatalism and pessimistic outlooks on life can be distinguished as negative qualities of the character of Cancer men.

Representatives of this zodiac sign are extremely emotional, but prefer to hide their feelings.

Although surrounded by relatives and friends, they are quite open.

For a Cancer man to be happy, he needs to feel caring, sincere and kind.

Representatives of this sign are extremely sensitive, romantic and sentimental. They are mysterious, but from the outside they may seem practical and rational.

In fact, they are very vulnerable, their inner world is carefully hidden from strangers.

The appearance of the Cancer girl is very feminine, besides, nature has endowed her with incredible charm, which always attracts men.

Cancer women are sensitive to criticism.

At the same time, she is very devoted, love, marriage and family are important to her. Cancer children are very emotional and very sensitive.

However, they often withdraw into themselves when they find themselves face to face with a problem.

The Cancer child does not strive for freedom and independence.

As a result, he cannot become independent for a long time and constantly looks back at the opinion of his parents.

1st House – Meaning and Info

The natal chart begins with the ascendant. This is the horizon at the moment of a person’s birth.

House 1 is a sector of the firmament, which at the time of birth was below the horizon and became visible during the first 2 hours.

There are two key (defining) sectors in the sky – the 1st house and the 10th house. We talked about the first, and the 10th is the sector of the sky that at the time of birth was above everything above the horizon.

If at the time of the birth of a child you simply raise your head up, the 10th house is what we will see in heaven.

The 1st house determines the image of a person, how it will look, and how others will perceive it. And the 10th determines how and in what the personality will most clearly and noticeably manifest itself.

The 1st house is what a person thinks of himself (self-esteem), and the 10th house is what society thinks about him, at what level people will put him in their hierarchy.

The importance of the 1st house is often underestimated. But in vain. If all the other 11 houses are just certain areas of our life, then the 1st house is the person himself, who actually lives this life, decomposed into certain components.

The 1st house represents a person as a whole, as if in general terms, without going into details.

The good position of the steward indicates that the people around him are generally inclined to accept the person, consider him worthy, and think well of him.

The defeat of the steward indicates a conflict with people, they are opposed to the person for something, do not want to respect him, love him, tend to gossip about him or think negatively.

Accordingly, a person’s self-esteem is also formed in this zone.

The 1st house is responsible for the physical body: how beautiful, healthy, innate features it is. Under the 1st house there are those diseases that come as something inevitable, and with which you just need to learn to live on (incurable).

In contrast to the 6th house, under which there are those diseases that a person must be able to cope with (heal, overcome them).

In a broader sense, the 1st house is responsible for the individual’s contact with the world. How a person presents himself and how he receives information about the world. It follows from this that the 1st house determines the manner of speech, style of dress, the ability to speak and listen, form questions and answers.

I repeat once again – this is the image of the owner of the horoscope. How a person presented himself to the world, and how, accordingly, he is used to seeing what is expected of him by default.

The most ideal situation in the 1st house is when it is empty (there are no planets in it) and its ruler is in a good sign and in a good house. Well, or one thing is successful, and the other is neutral (no defeat). For example, a nice house, say the 9th or 10th, and a neutral sign.

Or a neutral house (11th as an option) but in a monastery or exaltation. This situation guarantees a healthy body, pleasant or beautiful appearance and the image of a good (interesting, intelligent, kind, etc.) person.

It goes without saying that adequate self-esteem, self-confidence, an understanding of one’s strengths and weaknesses and their acceptance, a willingness to work with them follow.

The defeat of the ruler by a sign (in the fall or exile) will give problems with appearance or health, dissatisfaction with oneself, perhaps even dislike for oneself.

Getting into a bad house (6th, 8th or 12th) gives a hard fate. A condition has been set to work off (suffer) past sins, determined not by any specific attitude, but by the qualities of the individual as a whole.

Cancer in 1st House – Meaning and Info

Let me explain. We’re not all saints here. Since we were born on planet Earth, it means we have selfishness and have harmed others.

But it is one thing when a person has a specific localization of the problem (for example, in the past he avoided responsibilities, or is conflicted in relation to people, does not know how to love them, etc.), and it is another thing if a person has a defeat in personal qualities (he is cruel, or he is greedy, or arrogant, etc.).

A defeat in character traits as a whole will give a difficult life in general. And, for example, a kind person, but who is not able to understand the meaning of faith and religiosity (this is an example with the defeat of the ruler of the 9th house without the defeat of the 1st).

Will simply not be authoritative for other people (his opinion will not have any weight), but at the same time it is quite normal to start a family, make good money, etc.

The falling of the ruler of the 1st house into a negative house gives a heavy general pressure on fate, due to problems in character traits.

These kids keep all their worries secret. It is extremely difficult to understand their true intentions. Cancer children are shy, introverts who will not share their intimate with just anyone.

Very often, Cancer children are slow, but their minds are subtle and discerning. If this kid wants to achieve what he wants, he will show cunning and resourcefulness.

Cancers are most compatible in love with representatives of the signs of the water element – Scorpions and Pisces. They also have good compatibility with Taurus and Virgo. Incompatible signs for Cancer are Aries and Libra, although an alliance with Aries can be beneficial for career and social status, and with Libra for emotional support.

A relationship with Leo can be financially beneficial. When it comes to compatibility in marriage, Capricorn will be one of the best. And for spiritual development, partnership with Gemini is fruitful.

The defeat of the ruler of any other house, except for the first one, localizes the problem, makes it related to some specific direction of life.


And only the 1st house characterizes the ESSENCE of a person, and therefore its ruler shows what, in general, a person deserves based on his personal qualities.

And his bad position, or very tense aspects, bring the maximum amount of trouble (compared to the defeats of the rulers of other houses).