Cancer in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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Cancer belongs to the type of very sensitive people with a fine mental organization. He is acutely aware of any disapproving glance in his direction, and is very worried about this.

At the same time, this sign carries within itself a tremendous force, which gives it the ability to purposefully or not influence people, conveying their mood to them.

The periods of his life, painted in melancholic tones, are replaced by periods when his charm is at its best.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

At such moments, everyone is surprised at the excellent sense of humor of cancer and its friendliness. The characteristic of Cancer shows us that this sign is not one of those who go ahead on the path to achieving the cherished goal.

He is more impressed by the patient and careful waiting for the most opportune moment to show his abilities. In addition, this inhabitant of the water element has a tendency to stockpile for a rainy day.

Having a solid bank account, Cancer feels comfort and stability, and thoughtless wastefulness shocks him.

Cancer usually has a rather high opinion of his person, which does not prevent him from being sufficiently noble and disinterested in relations with people.

The characteristic of a Cancer man determines the influence of the Moon on the internal state of this person.

At times he is benevolent and gallant, and there are times when Cancer becomes blacker than a cloud, because everything seems to him meaningless and insignificant.

A representative of the water element is capable of inflating any problems to gigantic proportions. Even if a momentary resolution of a difficult situation is impossible, he considers it necessary to indulge in worries about this.

This sometimes repels people close to him. You cannot have ambiguous conversations with such a man or in any way make fun of his features.

He will not bear such an attitude, and the interlocutor will be enrolled in the ranks of ill-wishers. To realize the feeling of their own safety, Cancer requires constant positive attention from others. Compliments, love and admiration are what will make him happy.

Deep attachment to the father’s house and especially to the mother is another feature that the characteristic of the Cancer man speaks of.

Often there are cases when this man, having not achieved harmony in relations with his chosen one, returns to the care of his mother.

In a relationship with his beloved woman, Cancer shows extraordinary selflessness.

Having found the only one for which you can move mountains, he will become an affectionate and caring spouse.

In addition, Cancer is an excellent father who tries to ensure a bright, financially stable future for his children. If the wife of Cancer is extravagant, conflicts in the family are possible.

Cancer woman – characteristics Cancer woman outwardly is quite good-natured and open in communication, and no one suspects what is really going on in the soul of this lady. She rarely lets someone into her mysterious world, because she is constantly tormented by her suspiciousness.

She takes any careless statement too close to her heart, this girl constantly thinks that everyone thinks badly of her, and this gives her deep mental suffering.

The characteristic of a Cancer woman suggests that she is quite vindictive and, after many years, can reproach her partner for the wrongs inflicted on him.

The representative of the water element is prone to reflection, her nostalgic impulses do not always find understanding in the eyes of the chosen one.

She likes to remember the days when she was a child and all problems were solved for her by her parents. A Cancer woman is very attached to her family and demands from her husband the same respectful attitude towards her mother and father.

The characteristic of a Cancer woman indicates that she is a wonderful wife. Entering into any relationship, this girl expects a marriage proposal from her partner, and having received the status of a spouse, she will surround her beloved with attention and care.

She is an excellent hostess: Lady Cancer’s culinary talent and her ability to make the atmosphere in the house beautiful and cozy, knows no boundaries.

At the same time, the requirements for a man in a Cancer woman are clearly indicated.

She appreciates the stability and reliability of a partner, short-term relationships cause a strong imbalance in her soul. In children, the Cancer woman does not like the soul, often her offspring grow up spoiled. In financial matters, this lady is very scrupulous.

She will feel in the best way having a bank account and constantly replenishing it. A career for her does not make much sense, but if it seems to her that her husband earns little, she will make every effort to increase income.

The youthful years of Cancer are characterized by its positive compatibility with other representatives of the water element – Scorpio and Pisces.

Having reached a more mature age, Cancers will find the stability and understanding they need in the person of Taurus and Virgo. After forty years, Cancers, who have already acquired a certain ability for self-control, will find their happiness in union with the purposeful Capricorn.

2nd House – Meaning and Info

The title of the article is not about the fact that material issues are often painful and can be very frustrating. This article will not talk about the level of wealth / poverty at all. The topic of the article is questions of signification, or what should be attributed to the control of the 2nd house.

The main question is: why is it that all and sundry are dumping everything that is possible on him. In a variety of astrological schools, the management of the 2nd house includes: self-esteem, health, talents, childhood, and relationships with parents. Now I have listed what I have repeatedly met and which I categorically do not share. So let’s go in order.

The key concept of the 2nd house in the classics is the resources that a person has at his disposal. It seems that the word “RESOURCE” is very confusing and misleading for everyone. They are trying to attribute any kind of resource to the 2nd house.

But here’s the bad luck, almost EVERYTHING in a person’s life falls under the resources in one way or another.

There are personal resources (beauty, charisma, youth, etc.), there are material resources (money, property, jewelry), there are social resources (talents, education), there are psychological resources (the ability to endure, stress resistance, reaction speed, the ability to adapt etc.).

Let’s start with the fact that there is a division of signs into elements (fire, earth, air, water). In 12 signs, the four elements repeat themselves three times. This division is symbolically linked to houses and divides the horoscope into three parts – the zone of formation, the zone of development and the zone of completion.

The first third (signs from Aries to Cancer and houses from 1 to 4) is what a person is endowed with or gifted with, what he has.

The second third (signs from Leo to Scorpio and at home from 5th to 8th) is how a person will dispose of his resources, what is his potential for action. The last third (signs from Sagittarius to Pisces and house from 9th to 12th) describe the result or what a person will achieve in this life.

The Vedas say that there are 4 types of benefits, the amount of which for this life is immediately measured out to us and cannot be increased.

From an astrological point of view, this is perfectly confirmed and fits into the system. The beginning of the horoscope just describes what is given at the disposal.

1st house: this is the human body, his appearance, features of speech, temperament. This is how a person was born and how he is at the current time. Accordingly, under the 1st house there are PERSONAL resources, to which everything related to the physical body naturally belongs.

The 2nd house describes the workings of the soul in the material plane. This is everything related to the quality of life, prestige, economic categories, and the world of material things. It is logical that this house encodes MATERIAL resources.

The 3rd house describes the position of a person regarding people, his competitiveness and the right to use the accumulated human resource.

This is realized through the presence of innate talents (the ability to do something better than others), education received (the acquired skill to do something better than others) or through the direct right to ask for something from others, to receive a service from people in their address.

In the first two cases, people give us a more advantageous place, which we will use; in the latter, they immediately give a finished product. Obviously, these are SOCIAL resources.

The 4th house determines the level of housing and the quality of family life. Roughly speaking, he answers three questions: where do we live? How do we live? And with whom do we live? It is also the zone of the deepest and most unshakable attitudes in the psyche.

Because at home, behind closed doors, no one can play a role for a long time, at home we are real, who we really are. The 4th house includes PSYCHOLOGICAL resources based on special character traits. And now we are ready to reasonably disassemble the prevailing attitudes regarding the 2nd house.

Cancer in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

Who is considered domestic, capricious, malleable, but is it so? After all, a tsunami, a waterfall and a storm are also manifestations of a wayward element!

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiacal circle, its symbol is fusion, development, motherhood, therefore its representatives value family and home so much, while ceasing to move forward, revealing themselves in science and art.

Their sensitivity, impulsiveness is explained by the cardinality of the sign – Cancer may seem docile, retreat in front of the enemy, but not submit.

Cancers are empaths with developed intuition Cancers are those who were born from June 21 to July 22 – their warm, summer character is deceiving, because in many ways it depends on what phase of the moon was at the time of their birth, as well as the planet in the zodiac sign – the ascendant, among the representatives of this sign there are leaders and followers, and strong-willed and weak personalities.

A huge scatter of characters, stories and destinies, but all of them are united by emotionality, the ability to adapt and survive. In a typical Cancer there is empathy, the gift of empathy – they not only understand the interlocutor, but experience his emotions.

The motto of their patron, the Moon “I feel!” Which endows representatives with a deep inner world, a craving for creativity and art. Cancers are credited with slowness, closeness, and indeed, despite their sociability and optimism, they are in no hurry to open their souls.

Water is multifaceted and changeable, representatives of the elements gradually discover many qualities in themselves. Do you know yourself? Are you ready to look deeper and accept not only your strength, but also your weakness?

Cancer characterization! Cancer Woman Cancer-woman is a quiet pool, a stormy river and beautiful quiet waves on the smooth surface of her element of Water. Her states alternate at a breakneck speed – here she is docile and caring, but at another moment she is cruel, vindictive and touchy.

It is not recommended for anyone to offend a vulnerable woman – if she does not take revenge, then after many years the offender will be punished by Fate itself.

If you are looking for a faithful, caring and interesting spouse, then you cannot find a Cancer woman better. Yes, she will need attention, care – she needs to be protected and protected, but so much warmth and understanding cannot be found in another sign. She is sensual, cheerful, benevolent and understanding – do you think that’s all?

So if talking to Cancer annoys or tires you, listen to yourself first. Cancer man Cancer man – not a leader?

But he is the first sign of Water in the zodiacal circle! His impressionability and sensitivity can hurt, but at the same time it helps him to be better, more successful, strive for development and improvement.


In every Cancer there is an internal unbending core, therefore open and positive representatives of the sign are bright and influential, but those who suppress the vitality in themselves, remember, forgetting about the present, become passive and selfish.