Cancer in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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Who are they – people born under the constellation of Cancer – what qualities of character do they possess?

What talents are given to them by nature and what professions do they choose? How are Gemini men different from women of this sign?

Cancer is one of the most mysterious signs. Its representatives give the impression of people cold, restrained and detached, as if they are enveloped in an aura of mystery, but behind this “armor” is often hidden a subtle mental organization, sensitivity and vulnerability. They very hard and deeply experience any emotional upheaval – especially love dramas, betrayal and loss.

Cancer – Meaning and Info

Unrequited love can break their heart once and for life. Cancers are also distinguished by frequent mood swings, which they owe to their patroness to the Moon: as she rules the ebb and flow, the representatives of the sign easily pass from euphoria to despair and back.

Cancers suffer from the imperfection of the world around them, therefore they seek to hide from it in their “shell” and – in their own home, in a cozy home environment, among people close to them.

They are also distinguished by powerful intuition, thanks to which representatives of the sign can foresee events that should happen both to them and their loved ones, and to completely strangers.

Speaking about the positive qualities of Cancer, it is necessary, first of all, to name their exceptional decency. Figuratively speaking, they do not swim in dirty water – that is, they are incapable of bad deeds.

If for some reason they still have to commit them, their suffering and remorse literally have no limit.

Cancers know how to love faithfully and faithfully, but it is this quality in their relation that is often not only positive, but also negative: in a relationship with a loved one, they can become tyrants, requiring the same strength of feelings and unquestioning obedience.

Having not received what they want, Cancers feel like martyrs and impose this image on the people around them.

The Cancer man is distinguished by a rare charm and sophistication of nature, which attracts a lot of friends and fans to them. Those who value marital fidelity above all the qualities inherent in their soulmate should choose the Cancer men: they rarely go to the left.

However, you will have to come to terms with their whims, whining, constant dissatisfaction and exaggeration of their life problems – they are sure that in any life situation they suffer more than others. Having fallen in love with a woman, men of this sign tend to idealize their chosen one, not noticing even her obvious shortcomings, not to mention secret ones.

Cancers are not only enviable husbands who take care of their families, but also wonderful fathers who adore their own offspring. Men of the sign are also loyal friends who can be trusted in any business.

A Cancer woman is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. She likes to pretend to be a typical “blonde”, unable to cope with banal household chores, and therefore in need of the help of a strong and courageous man, but if something like that is not observed on the horizon, she will perfectly hammer a nail or fix a tap.

8th House – Meaning and Info

With the death and the house of the end. One of the parts of the energy cycle in human life is related to the nature of sexuality, which is the contacting of the intimate levels of consciousness of a man, because everything that is related to the unknown is related to the nature of this house.

Out of all 12 houses, the 8th is the most important to solve, because by solving the problem of the 8th house, a person solves every possible problem and masters the secret, energy, and life that is then eternal.

It is inevitable that a person has changes in his life at any level – at the level of consciousness, at the level of life flows, these are the curves, and each of these changes is the basis for further development and growth.

Every day, a person has to fall asleep and lose the state of consciousness that he had as normal, in order to wake up tomorrow in something else – that is how he ends his life once in order to wake up in a new life, and that energy goes that way.

On a broader level, the steps of progress have always been seen through the steps of war and reconstruction. Every great progress of civilization was preceded by a great war.

The eighth house, whatever it is, represents cleaning and purification, in it, just like in one river that it symbolically represents, all the rubbish and everything that is dirty is thrown, all drains, and everything that nets does not like. All that nets loves is related to the nature of the 5th house that is life.

The more things that a person rejects, the stronger the energy of the 8th house, whose nature differs from the energy of the 1st house primarily in that it draws everything into itself, so the 1st house radiates, while the 8th house draws in.

Therefore, the nature of the 8th house is the nature of the feminine energy, the feminine principle, and its energy is far greater than the energy of the 1st house.

It is a precondition for the first house, it is conception, the part in which life will be conceived once, because it is the house that represents pregnancy in the mother’s horoscope.

Through the 8th house in the women’s horoscope pregnancy is monitored, while children are observed through the 5th house; because the 5th house is the tenth house of the 8th and as such it is the goal of one sexual act related to the creation of children.

Therefore, the 8th house is the one from which everything will arise, but in it everything from the 1st will also disappear.

This is the energy that attracts everything and on a practical level, the 8th house and the ruler of the 8th house indicate what nets is attracted to, or to what extent he himself is attractive. The ruler of the 8th house always indicates what attracts Nat’s.

To the extent that the nature of the 8th house is favorably placed, which means that it has a good position and disposition, from that energy nets has an automatic force that works for it, and that force is called talent, which is an unconscious memory of former actions.

From the 8th house it is expected to see what attracts a person, towards which he will go spontaneously regardless of whether it is smart for him or not. This attraction is contained in the nature of magnetism, therefore, something pulls a person like strong sexual energy.

The 3rd house indicates intentions and thinking, but the 8th house must also be taken into account because he will be emotionally attracted to things there – there is a feeling that he can, even though it is sometimes completely irrational.

Therefore, people who have an accentuated Pluto (whether it is on Ask or in conjunction with a personal planet, perhaps with the ruler of the 8th house) are also very magnetic and charismatic.

The action of action is related to the 1st house – and attraction to 8, because 1 weighs towards 8. During life, a person is given the opportunity to master the nature of the 8th house on time, until she masters it, because it is the essential house of life.

If he does not master it, there is nothing from enlightenment and higher states of consciousness – it is impossible to have a higher state of consciousness, and not have this energy of the 8th house under his control and under his feeling. One is like a grain of iron attracted by this magnet from the 8th century.

Therefore, mastering this force gives complete peace, without it there will always be fear of the unknown, and it will be increased to the extent that nets rejects things.

Everything that nets rejects goes into the river, so if it is dirty, what attracts nets is uncomfortable, but if it is clean, he will be able to draw great power from it, including all the talents that come from there.

Everything that Nat’s declares that he does not like – he will be attracted to that, because by rejecting he only marked what he will merge with and it will become, it will “eat” him because Nat’s eats at 2, and is eaten at 8.

All that is in some way a rejection is the 8th house. Having this pure thing gives great power. Mastering the 8th house is all that is needed.

First, it is the ability to prolong life, because there is no fear where there is great knowledge.

From the 8th house, intelligence can be turned into matter, because that is the point where the wave turns into a particle and thought that is the point of origin from one to another. The 8th house is an act of sexual intercourse in which two opposite’s merge from which life arises.

He who has a strong nature 8 can do everything, he has everything he needs – perfect health and enormous wealth, because it is not in nature but in his 8th house which speaks of all investments.

The energy of the 8th house is primarily based on how nets acquires and takes because taking creates death for something else, in order to take food someone has to lose a life, be it an animal or a plant, in order for nets to take money someone has to lose it or to give.

Cancer in 8th House – Meaning and Info

It is in this cycle that the energy is contained and the greatest energy will have the one who takes lightly, the one who only receives as it comes from the 8th, quite easily and without much struggle, because 8 then becomes a clean and big river, and a person can have any what.

As a person very often does not see beyond the 8th house, then he is not even interested in being correct, because he wonders why he has to if he has to end his life anyway.

Every crossing over the 8th house is related to the 9th house, which is the goal, hope and happiness, and every progress that is symbolized by success. The best house is based on 8.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the cycles in life – great progress has always come after great transformations, and depending on how clean the river is, the transformation is more or less painful, or not painful at all if the river is completely clean.

When the 8th house is quite good, then Natus has already deserved to have a favorable flow, and can get a lot of that internal flow, internal energy.

To the extent that Saturn, or the ruler of the 10th house, is difficult to place with the nature of the 8th house, that weight becomes greater and the energy from the 1st cannot survive and last long, but inevitably falls – because the 10th house is the nature of gravity that speaks that things must fall.

If these two houses (8 and 10) are bad to each other, 1 is significantly reduced and the flow and power cannot be too large.

The favorite weapon of the representative of this sign is tears, with the help of which she can achieve whatever she wants. But she uses it only in the presence of spectators – without a “grateful audience” crying is not at all interesting.

A Cancer woman most often considers a happy family to be the goal of her life, but she is in no hurry to get married, because she is afraid to run into a man who will play on her feelings and use them for his own unseemly purposes.

And this despite the fact that women of this sign are extremely attractive and erotic – they say about them that they can charm a man with just a wave of their eyelashes.

Cancers know how to find a common language with everyone, without exception, but it is still easiest for them to build relationships with Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Union with Taurus and Leo will depend on many factors, but with Aries, Gemini, Aquarius and Sagittarius Cancer, despite the mutual attraction, it is better not to get involved.


In order to make progress, war or investment is often necessary – and it depends on how people react – whether people are dark, whether they find everything bad and if there is that in the Natus universe then progress comes through an uncomfortable experience; otherwise progress comes through investment, payment to something or someone.