Virgo in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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The womb and intestinal tract have been assigned to Virgo since ancient times.

A tendency to have digestion problems, an exaggerated concern for health and also a constant effort for mental cleansing, as well as intense psychosomatic reactions of all kinds, is frequently observed.

Hypochondria may also occasionally be seen.

Virgo – Meaning and Info

Three arches whose last line goes below the base and is crossed by a loop that goes to the right. This symbol is very old and has hardly undergone any variation in its representation. It is not an easy symbol to interpret and, as such, in all literature it is hardly explained in principle.

In the Christian Middle Ages an attempt was made to establish this symbol as the MV monogram for the Virgin Mary. But its proven Roman, if not Greek, origin proves wrong.

The tendency to quietly store supplies and a penchant for secrecy and mystery (bows), meticulous digging for the hidden (the line that goes deep), and intense dedication to the environment that nevertheless, again and again he returns it to himself (the loop).

Virgo behaves in a very realistic way, always ready to help, is patient and peace-loving, and often hides the capacity for intuitive understanding from him, although in childhood he has a lot of fantasy. The Virgo type has a great capacity for adaptation and in situations of dependency can be servile.

He wants to approach everything with an intelligent foresight and because of this, he sometimes acts excessively cautious or careful. Virgos have a preference for details and in conversations they can ramble or be a bit dull.

What are the characteristics of virgins in the horoscope? Find out their characteristics, what they like and what they don’t like and how they look at all things in life.

Persons born between August 23 and September 22 belong to the sign of Virgo. This is an earth sign and with them this earth feature is characteristic perhaps more than with any other sign in the horoscope. People born in this sign are realistic and completely down to earth.

Unlike Aquarius in the horoscope, whose head is non-stop in the clouds, virgins are always firmly on the ground. What characterizes them is a sharp mind and constant assessment, analysis and study of the circumstances in which they find themselves.

The leading planet of virgins in the horoscope is Mercury, and this gives this sign the characteristic of communicativeness and the gift of speech and rhetoric.

Virgos like to talk even when they are not asked, and they especially like to share advice and criticism, and that is one of their traits that people have the hardest time dealing with and that is difficult to accept. Because few people like criticism and unnecessary advice, right?

In addition, virgins have great intuition, are extremely smart and have a very good memory. Moreover, they remember such details that spilling some facts will leave you speechless.

Truth be told, Virgo in the horoscope is not one of those signs that abound in charm and attract people with its magnetism. They are not mysterious and not difficult to understand. They like to have their own attitude and always have their own opinion about something.

They are never indifferent. They express their position clearly and loudly. Sometimes it is difficult to accept them as they are. But why a virgin as a symbol of this sign and what does this symbolism have to do with it?

Now we will tell you. Namely, the characteristic of virgins is excessive analyticalness and detailing. They do nothing without a plan. It is believed that they approach everything in life and experience everything as if it were their first time in life. Hence that connection with the symbol of the virgin.

Although they have their own attitude and are full of advice and opinions on some things, virgins in the horoscope are not aggressive and aggressive with that. Moreover, if we can say that a sign is withdrawn and shy, then it is them.

Virgos are practical people, hardworking, capable and smart and very, very disciplined. They have some rules of their own and moral principles and they stick to them.

One of the characteristics of a virgin is neatness and meticulousness. There is no clutter in his house, everything has its place and its purpose.

That is why they are constantly worried about whether everything is exactly as it should be or whether they think it should be. This can destroy their creativity to some extent, because they have rather narrow understandings.

They are constantly looking for a problem and they just enjoy looking for solutions and thus saving the world.

They also do this with people who are close to them. They analyze their lives and see the problem and offer solutions even where no one sees or seeks them. They do not do it to stick their nose in someone else’s life, but in that way they show attention and love for someone.

5th House – Meaning and Info

Easy on his feet and does not tolerate boredom, he will be your helper and patron, if you are doing something curious, or not quite ordinary. He does not like to wait long for the first results (and in principle).

Therefore, if he feels signs of stagnation in your life, his mood will deteriorate, and he will begin to slip you unpleasant thoughts. The good news: if you regularly, at least quite a bit (!), Train attentiveness and, forgive, perseverance, it will be much easier for you to use Mercury to achieve your goals and not succumb to its provocations.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are considered corporeal, sensual and reasonable enough. It is others who can get lost in their thoughts, experiences and passions, and the Earth constantly reminds you that if beautiful things do not come out of beautiful impulses, the price of these impulses is not too high.

The idea that only what is done is real, at first glance, may not seem very poetic, but with poetry itself, the situation is absolutely exactly the same: someone may like the idea of ​​unwritten poetry of incomparable beauty, but we can only read those that someone once sat down and wrote.

Oddly enough, the problem of Virgos is in their “problem-free” – they are so convenient for the life of others (excluding petty tediousness and constant “ailment” to which no one pays attention over time) that no one bothers to arrange her emotional life.

Very often parents say about them, “Yes, she plays great herself! She’s so independent – she’ll get the clothes herself, dress herself, eat herself, do her homework, play by herself, put herself to sleep, that I don’t even notice whether I have a child or not!

Here is the second (the one with the opposite Sign – Pisces) yes! I need to be there all the time – he is whiny, gentle, you need to hold him, he pity everyone, etc. etc.” – and it does not occur to the parent that the child’s independence does not negate the need to take part in his life.

That he also needs hugs, “clutches”, that he also has the right to “cry”, that he expects from his mother not only and not so much material care (he can organize it for himself already from a young age), but warmth, tenderness, emotions – do not forget that in Virgo, two very sensitive to tenderness and kindness Planets – Venus and Neptune – have a fall and exile.

Therefore, seeing Virgo in your horoscope or in the horoscope of the Client, as the ruler of the relationship with the child, be sure to pay attention to the fact that it is simply necessary to add tenderness and emotional participation to the relationship.

Virgo in 5th House – Meaning and Info

Here and further, everything described will also apply to other houses, under the signification of which is the corresponding child (see here)

Such a child is most often perceived by a parent as pride, by the way, regardless of whether he deserves to be proud of him or not – this is a subjective parental position.

The relationship with such a child is very bright and rich. The parent is interested in him. It is interesting to play with him, it is interesting to create with him, it is interesting to be naughty with him – he is a source of joy and happiness. Parents tend to spend a lot of time with such a child.

At the same time, the Sun, nevertheless, is very independent, and despite the fact that there is very bright love, very close interaction, such children are rarely infantile or dependent (which is often characteristic of the Canine manifestations).

In a good version, this child will be talented, bright, optimistic, warm-hearted and noble. But here Leo’s narcissism is almost always manifested, dependence on approval and admiration. He already wants to be recognized and wants to be a leader.

Here’s what’s interesting – Aries are often really leaders, they are followed, but Aries in most cases does not have such a goal. Unlike Aries, Leos strive to be leaders, want to be loved, to be followed, are very upset if they do not receive compliments and admiration.

In the negative case, a parent can grow their child’s ego to incredible sizes – so much so that all other people will lose value next to him.

It happens that a parent, on the one hand, admiring every manifestation of his child, on the other, very much overestimates the bar for him, which greatly enhances the child’s experience, makes him even more dramatic, even more susceptible to criticism or lack of admiration from others.

After all, the child, focusing on the parental response, expects the same from other people, and as you understand, strangers treat us much more picky than their own. I have seen situations when the heavily affected Sun, which is responsible for the 5th house (or the corresponding other “orphanage”), gave a child’s rejection, if he did not meet parental expectations.

Fortunately, in most cases, the Leo responsible for the child gives a good relationship with him, love, talent, openness, cordiality. Such children are noble, interesting, loved. They are the “heart” of the parent. Relationships with them are joy and happiness.

In a good case, a very warm and cordial relationship until the very last day. And even if a child (grown up) is far away, and rarely calls or writes, the parent is still proud of him, still perceives him as an object of adoration and admiration. Well, he, like every loving parent, will definitely find an excuse for such rare meetings and calls.

The parent cares very much about this child, but this concern is earthly – he must be dressed, shod. Must be healthy. They will check the lessons with him (if of course there is a need for this, since children walking under the Virgo are almost never problematic in terms of fulfilling obligations).

The native will ensure that the everyday part of his child’s life is provided as correctly and beneficially as possible for the latter.

But of course there is too much practicality, and too little tenderness, penetration into the soul of a child.

Moreover, if you tell a person about this, with such a position, in most cases, he will not agree with your conclusions, and even be offended by them – because he does “everything!”

For his children. But the children, or rather, this very child walking under the Virgo, often has real confirmation in the map that the mother was not sincere.

Very often it is the Moon in Virgo or in Capricorn for the child himself (or some similar readings).


There is no emotional contact with such a child.

At the same time, it is often difficult for a parent to realize this, as I said. He does not see that the child lacks this aspect of communication with the parent, and does not see that the child may have problems in this regard.