Moon Square Pluto Synastry

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Astrology could tell much about the relationship between two people. The part of astrology that analyzes compatibility of astrological natal chart is called comparative astrology.

One of the most frequently asked questions to professional astrologers is whether a connection has a potential to last or not.

The analysis of two horoscopes in relation is called synastry. However, synastry does not necessarily have to do with the romantic relationship, although it is one of the most common uses of this particular approach.

The synastry is usually about the potentials of a romantic relationship. The first step is, however, understanding astrological charts of both individuals involved.

It is essential to get to know each one, from an astrological point of view, in order to compare the two horoscopes and see how the connection between those two might develop. There are all kinds of techniques used in this particular type of astrological analyses.

If you are about to see how two people would possibly get along, first analyze their charts separately and focus on details related to the matter of relationships in general. Focus on several important elements in both charts.

See how romantic those individuals are; analyze their sympathetic nature, their goals in a relationship, their tendencies towards long relationships, marriage, and family life.

See what interests them and what they expect from a romantic partner. As you know, we are all different and very complex; therefore, an astrological insight could reveal things hidden.

Of course, one should always keep in mind that an astrological interpretation, including both the analyses of birth charts and synastry, are more of guidance than prediction.

What an astrologer reads from your chart or charts of two people and the comparative chart are potentials, not exact rules, set in stone. In other words, astrological interpretations help one better understand their own personality and that of a (potential) partner, if we analyze synastry.

Today, we talk about one specific synastry aspect, Moon square Pluto synastry.

The Moon in Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Let us start with introducing you to the significance of the Moon in astrology. This element is especially important if we are about to analyze the synastry, since the Moon is the planet of emotions.

Emotions are, of course, the key element in understanding the potential of one relationship. It is of the essential importance that the Moon was in a favorable aspect in synastry.

The Moon is a feminine principle, the planet associated with the element of Water. It rules the sign of Cancer and affects strongly the other two Water signs, Pisces and Scorpio. As you probably know, all these are known as deeply emotional signs, each in their specific way.

The Moon is a flexible, changeable principle. One would often associate it with the term ‘moody’.

The energy of the Moon is deep, spiritual and emotional. This is our hidden self. If we compare it to another luminous principle, the major one, the Sun, we could talk about the Moon as the other side of the coin.

The Sun represents reason and will, while the Moon represents emotion and intuition. The Moon and the Sun should be in balance, for one needs the other, if we look into its astrological nature and analyze a natal chart or compare charts.

The Moon represents female figures in men horoscopes; it stands for a mother, a sister, a partner, a wife or any other important female person in a man’s life. Of course, it stands for everyone’s feminine side.

In women horoscopes, the Moon represents the woman herself, but also her mother; it especially has to do with the woman as a motherly figure.

The Moon is also associated with the domestic domain, with our home and our country. Flexible and with an ever flowing energy, the Moon at first seems a tricky element, but it is very steady in its strange flexibility. For example, the Moon is about tradition and patriotism.

It is about the emotions that bind us to something. The Moon is always about the deep emotional connections, although it affects short and quick, sometimes awkward mood swings.

People who have a strongly positioned Moon in their horoscopes are sensible by nature. They have an inborn need to help other people, to comfort and emotionally support others.

They have a parental instinct towards others. All of this is especially important when we analyze the position and the aspect of the Moon in synastry. It is very important to see how it is positioned in both charts out of the synastry.

Pluto in Mythology and Astrology – The Importance in Synastry

Pluto is such a distant heavenly body and even more mysterious. There have been many disputes over the subject of Pluto’s astronomical nature. In astrology, however, Pluto keeps its place.

The mystery starts in antiquity, with the many-named god of the underworld. Pluto or Hades, the deity of the realm of the dead, has been known by many different names.

Romans also called him Orcus, for instance. He was also identified with his domain, so the underworld is also commonly known as Hades. The gloom and darkness that surrounded the name of Pluto has always made people uneasy. He was not a particularly loved deity, but he was respected.

Hades or Pluto was the deity of death and his companions were all quite scary or solemn as he was. Hypnos and Thanatos, the river Styx, the hellhound Cerberus are just some of the names associated with this solemn deity. Pluto was believed to be a strict, serious god, and his decisions grave.

Hades, in Greek tradition, was not considered an evil deity, although he was definitely not a particularly cheerful one, to say. Greeks believed he was merciful towards noble people; Hades knew justice.

However, all were scared of the silent, cold god. They often refused to say his true name aloud and so he got all kinds of epithets.

We will not god through all the myths associated with Pluto or Hades, but we suggest you search for them and read more, for those are incredibly interesting, though not particularly merry stories.

We will mention only the myth of Hades and Persephone, the goddess whom Hades abducted and who became his consort, the goddess of the Underworld.

Let us focus on Pluto in astrology. Pluto is the third of Transcendental planets and it represents the higher octave of the planet Mars. Pluto is not a personal planet; it could have great influence if it was on a prominent place in one’s horoscope and if it does not make an aspect with personal planets.

It is associated with the influence over others; it has to do with an inner sense, intuition and revelation.

The Square Aspect in Astrology

The square is one of the major aspects in astrology. It is not a particularly positive one, for the square aspect represents tension, pressure and obstacles.

This aspect is not a favorable one, because it puts an accent over the energetic imbalance between the planets. It amplifies the bad vibrations that induce a tense flow of energy between planets.

This aspect is not something to wish for. The square in astrological charts causes destruction; it destroys balance and harmony. It brings problems, difficulties and too much hard work.

The imbalance that already exists would be amplified if the square aspect affected it.

An active square calls for finding the most suitable and subtle solution that would bring things into balance, for as much as it is possible.

This aspect is a strict, serious, and ‘stiff’. There is not much of dynamic and flexibility with the square. Nor there is creativity, freedom and unrestrained energy.

Everything is tight and tense when the square is an active aspect. This aspect brings contrasts, oppositions, conflicted situations and stagnation.

It does not help energy to develop and flow, but restrains it. The square possesses great and powerful energy, but restrictive.

The square is responsible for arguments, conflicts, negatively toned discussion, fights and it does not allow compromises. However, even such a heavy aspect has its purpose, for everything in our charts has its celestial purpose.

The square makes us re-consider our convictions, it is related to self-examination, self-questioning.

This aspect should, in fact, make you find the balance in conflicted situations and make you find more tolerance.

Remaining the way it is, it brings on all the negativities of its restrictive energy, which could reflect on one’s life in the form of illnesses, conflicts, arguments, social rejection and loneliness.

Squares are something to pay special attention to and to try to understand how they ‘work’ in your case.

Synastry in Astrology

The term synastry could be best translated as closeness of the stars. In astrology, it represents the relation of astrological aspects found in two natal charts.

Astrologers use synastry in order to interpret a relationship between two persons, based on their separate birth charts and the compatibility of those two charts. All aspects between the charts could present as compatible or incompatible.

One has to bear in mind that astrology, regardless of the precision and talent for interpretation of an astrologer, does not give you strict answers, but reveals potentials.

In other words, if there were incompatible aspects between you and your potential partner, it does not have to mean that the relationship would definitely fail; however, it means you have to be cautious and you both have to try better to understand one another.

That saying, there is only one truth – there is no an ideal synastry! People are complex beings; complex characters and aspects between charts are in a complicated relationship, though not necessarily in a bad sense.

The synastry helps us better understand relationships between people. It could reveal areas in which people share interests, the segments of life in which they feel the closest to one another.

The same way, it reveals areas of life in which two persons cannot exactly find the common tongue.

Understanding synastry helps you understand why the other person acts and thinks they way he or she does and vice versa. This is the best path to building tolerance, understanding and compromises with a partner.

Of course, you are aware of your own limits and you know where to draw the line.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry – General Information

Finally, we get to our Moon square Pluto synastry analysis. This aspect is a challenging one, since, as we have learned, the square is not an easy one in itself.

Let us explain what this means. The Moon is the planet of emotions; Pluto is the higher octave of Mars.

In the synastry, the square aspect between these two brings tension, especially in terms of power struggles between you two. The emotional factor would play a big role here; this aspect brings in intense, though not pleasant emotions.

It is associated with jealousy, self-doubt, fear of losing a partner (usually, without any actual grounds). There is a great risk of developing the possessive, obsessive attitude towards a partner. The past plays its own role here. This restrictive aspect makes it hard to let go of the past.

This connection with the past is reflected in the fear of disappointment, abandonment and loss. It is probably about a negative experience from a previous relationship, which breeds trust issues.

You will have the sense of fighting with your partner for the dominance over the relationship, because you are afraid of losing him or her, if you were not in control. You have to work on these issues.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry – Challenges

All of it could go the other way around, of course. This aspect is very challenging and it puts your trust and reliance towards one another on test. This aspect would not be easy to overcome, as it provokes extreme reactions and causes very intense feelings.

What you have to do is to calm down and try to observe the situation from another perspective.

You have to think about whether there was an actual reason to doubt the relationship and try to control it. The best advice is to loosen your pressure a bit; it is a hard thing to do, but constant power struggles and that sort of competition would very soon exhaust both of the partners.

The main challenge the square between the Moon and Pluto is settling power struggles between the partners, because there is no actual reason for them.

You are in a relationship, or soon to be; you are not enemies. With this aspect, one has to keep it in mind.

You are on the same side and what you want is for the relationship to work, since there are definitely other aspects that bring you two close.

Try to understand the Moon square Pluto synastry. It will help you take a new approach to your relationship and understand why you constantly fight over the relationship itself, trying to restrain one another.