Virgo in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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Virgo rules the sixth house of the horoscope which means profession, job, health, pain, illness, doctor, dentist, patient, pharmacy, servants, service, master, worker, pets, pets, tenant, business long trips, everyday life, army, military commitment, volunteer work…

Virgo – Meaning and Info

Virgo is calm, composed, and analytical with mature and logical thinking, eloquent, meticulous, precise, hardworking, reasonable, rational, and kind with the gift of serving and helping other people. A great organizer and collaborator you can always count on.

They like to keep everything under control, they don’t like surprises, and as they are too realistic and critical people know how to avoid them.

The negative trait of Virgo is hypersensitivity, pettiness, melancholy, egocentrism, lack of cheerfulness, quarrels, skepticism.

Their most important positive qualities are a sense of reality, observation and sharpness, and a deep intuition as well as a sense of trade, and coping in every situation.

In any case, the persons belonging to this astrological sign are complex but also very interesting. Health and work are most important to virgins.

They prefer to do their work in silence away from the public eye, and a job where they can hire their precise hands suits them best.

As analytics are very demanding in all spheres of life, including love, it is not always easy for Virgos to find an adequate partner.

Virgo aspires to a mature partner who has strong inner strength and a stable material and social position.

Before embarking on either an emotional or professional relationship, they analyze everything well. They may have difficulty establishing contact and maintaining friendships and what can keep them together are common interests and ideas.

Virgo is easy to recognize, she will not be noisy, too talkative, and she mostly keeps to the side and weighs everything.

Virgo Man is a mixture of sharp intellect and solid ground, precise, accurate, tactful, kind, clean and tidy. This is a man who values ​​money and will never squander it will always think twice before investing it.

Due to its practicality, it is not romantic, it seeks quality and not quantity in love, as quality is harder to come by, so there are fewer love relationships.

He is looking for a pure honest relationship, and in choosing a woman he is critical and a little careful, it is very difficult to move him emotionally. Most of all Virgos of all the signs of the Zodiac can live in celibacy.

As a parent, he is very responsible who will not spoil his child, and he will pay special attention to his child’s education.

This is a wise woman who excels in good organizational skills, runs her household well and very meticulously.

He treats money carefully. She has a belief that no one can do something as well as she does. When he needs to admit his mistakes he has a mental blockage. She strives for a discreet way of life, rarely lets anyone get too close to her, so she is often at a distance from both her neighbors and friends.

She is ready for the biggest sacrifices for her family. She is strict with herself as well as with others. When conquering this woman, men will have to work hard, but in the end it pays to win a Virgo woman.

This child is a strong mental activity suggestive and serious who likes to be useful. He analyzes everything that comes into his hands. Shy, reserved and distrustfully, he finds it difficult to accept new people.

The feelings of the little Virgin will not manifest in great outbursts of tenderness. They do not tolerate orders, conflicts, and the most important thing is to learn to be independent from an early age.

This child does not idealize anyone, does not admire anyone, and does not admire everything very realistically. Child Virgo accepts you as you are. He is afraid of risk, and he is attracted to everything that requires analysis and intelligence.

His school supplies are clean and very tidy. While she is a little, she doesn’t really like food, and especially she doesn’t like meat. Virgo children, although not passionate, often play some sports, mostly football and tennis.

In astrological medicine and anatomy Virgo rules the digestive system, colon and small intestine, rectum, arteries of the liver and bile, abdominal muscles, bile duct and bladder, urinary tract, adrenal glands, pancreas, lower abdomen, intestines, spleen umbilical cord, lungs, respiratory system, sinuses, shoulder girdle, hair.

As Virgo seems calm and a bit cold, she suppresses her emotions, so she usually has problems with her nerves and stomach.

Meticulous Virgos usually take care of their health and nutrition, which must be very important precisely because of possible problems with the stomach and intestines, whose problems we often find in their nervousness.

As a patient, they can be tiring because they ask too many questions because they have to be well informed about everything before they decide to take any therapy.

And physicists, they are good professors, teachers, successful in the fields of chemistry, medicine, economics to politics. Analytical and practical Virgos love languages, philosophy, accounting, writing, and can do well in real estate.

They prefer work that is not on the front line, so we often find them among assistants and secretaries.

Mercury as the government of their sign gave them a sense of trade.

11th House – Meaning and Info

The person creates identity in the group and not by himself, taking ideas and habits that are not necessarily born from his particular interest. She feels that she is an individual in the group and not separated from it, which creates a lot of anxiety and the need to belong.

What is good about it is the natural detachment that comes with this position, but depending on the type of alignments to which the sun is subjected, it can transform into mere coldness and lack of emotional contact with his peers.

Another plus point is the ability to relate as equals to anyone (as long as they do good things, if not, no). Adopting children can be a topic on your mind.

These beings are governed by the law that the more you love the world, the less you love individuals. They need to connect with ideals and like-minded people in order to open up emotionally. If you try to enter them through attachment, you will probably be rejected. You are likely considering adopting.

Now, if this star is intense alignments then it is likely that you will see traits of coldness, aversion to the maternal / family, aversion to the traditional / local / national, lack of empathy and the need to fit into a social environment at any cost. Cost.

Mercurial energy is very comfortable in this house, and it displays much understanding and potential to rethink the world from an innovative angle.

It’s also great for art because you’ll always find a way to break the mold and stand out.

It may involve having siblings with whom there is no blood connection (stepbrothers, adopted children).

Virgo in 11th House – Meaning and Info

Virgo in the 11th house likes to socialize, although he avoids large groups. She prefers to meet few friends.

These friends are often a part of her life because they are interested in them for some reason.

The practical nature of the sign is therefore also reflected with regard to friendships.

He may get close to certain people because they in turn know others in whom he is genuinely interested. They are only a means to reach the desired end. He does it subtly, hardly noticeable. She just has to spend some time and a few smiles on him. And they usually work quite well for you.

In cases where she goes deep and seeks personal significance, she will choose the right people as her friends. That is, those with a similar feeling that help you project her intense emotion.

The most common is that Virgo in the 11th house does not like to mix the various friendships that she has. She prefers to be separated with one or other friends.

Keep them in watertight compartments to always be clear about the reason for the appointment and the time to make it. She is not interested in them mingling with each other and establishing new friendships as well.

His ability to create and maintain friendships that can be of use to him pays off. Thanks to the good services provided, these friends will help you out and protect them professionally. Both parties win then.

The key for Virgo is to always detect those people to befriend and who in the future can return the favors they have given.

Virgo natives in this house do not stitch without thread. When he is associated in a project with more people, he knows how to manage his own and other people’s ideas well.

If any of his partners proposed an approach that he likes, he will subtly shape it until it seems that the idea has been his. He does it with such delicacy that the rest of the partners are often deceived.

At other times, he does discover the cake and may have a hard time. If this happens, it is because he has not managed to hide the other people’s idea well.

Despite his passion for perfection and the dedication that he dedicates to each job, he from time to time therefore also makes a mistake. This makes it more humane.

Without a doubt one of his favorite hobbies. What for others means a nuisance on the road or something that does not interest them at all, for Virgo in the 11th house it is a very interesting challenge. He has to focus on the mystery, analyze it to the fullest until discovering his secret.

On an intellectual level he turns her on. Hours of study, research, practical trials to draw conclusions …

The reward is the satisfaction of having unraveled something that others were unable to solve.

The more mysteries they find throughout their lives, the greater their interest will be.


Virgo as a sincere need to serve humanity, or any other organization that one is a part of. This is the person who volunteers to be the group’s secretary or accountant. He is also someone whose eye for pragmatic details can be extremely helpful when it comes to planning any financial situation in groups or organizations.

For the person with this sign / cusp combination it is important to know that they have a definite place in any job that requires organization, or in the lives of their friends.

When situated in this aspect, Virgo on the cusp of the Eleventh House is an excellent position in the natal chart.