Leo in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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House XI represents the attempt to transcend our identity as ego, to become something greater than we are.

The main way to achieve this is by identifying ourselves with something larger than the self, be it with a circle of amigos, with a group, a system or an ideology. In this House you can see how we function as part of a system.

This House is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, since it is the natural house of Aquarius, ruled by these two planets.

From the point of view of Saturn, greater security and a stronger sense of identity are sought in this house through belonging to a group.

There is a certain attitude of exploitation here, since the rest of the world is put at the service of reinforcing or intensifying identity.

Leo – Meaning and Info

The energy and psychology of the Leo sign has as a fundamental key the discovery of the Self by the individual.

Leo is aware of his personal capacity and power, and this prompts him to want to show himself and transmit his strength abroad.

From here are derived practically all the characteristics that are associated with Leo.

For example, in the beginning, Leo will need to be the center of attention of the group, because that is where he bases his personal identification.

Simplifying, there may be two types of Leo: the egocentric who constantly depends on external recognition, or the person who knows and applies the power and ability of it inevitably influencing (but without seeking) the environment. All Leo will be between these two extreme poles.

Leo looks different, feels different. The word “I” regains a special intensity for him, as Leo’s energy is the result of a concentration of identity in oneself.

In this way, the Leo individual leaves the Cancer family with vitality and a desire to become independent.

In fact, the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun, symbol of life, enthusiasm and energy.

Psychologically Leo seeks to impress and be creative. This is what fascinates him the most: doing something that he has created, and that others value and recognize it. He emotionally handles drama like no one else, and knows how to exaggerate emotional reactions.

The problem that a person with many planets and energy in the Leo sign (Sun, Moon, Ascendant …) can have is to fall into dependence on waiting for a response or feedback from the environment – and of course it is a good one! – Every time they perform a movement.

Here Leo ceases to be master of himself and “remains imprisoned” by the image that he creates to be admired.

In this situation, Leo is at the mercy of others, in such a way that feelings of inferiority develop inside him, which he quite possibly wants to compensate through pride or arrogance (defense mechanisms).

11th House – Meaning and Info

House 11 is the place where we share with others who we are. It is there where the group energy is born, where each one of us contributes our bit to the group. It is, therefore, a transpersonal house: it does not matter the ego, the I, but what circulates between each of the individuals.

The sign and the planets located in the 11th House indicate our particular way of behaving in groups.

This is the reason why we are different when we are with our partner, or family, or when we are in front of 20 people. Aquarians know a lot about this.

In House 11 there is a greater purpose that guides us, that motivates us, that makes us give ourselves so that the water circulates, the common. Associations, clubs, political parties, foundations, NGOs, etc.

What can I contribute to the group? For example, those who often comment on Sermasyo’s posts surely have a strong 11th House, or the Aquarius sign is very active. They share information and experiences, participating in the collective flow.

To get a better idea of ​​this House, I present a brief interpretation of the planets in House 11. These descriptions are only indicative, since their full meaning will be given by all the energy reflected in the natal chart. The sign, for example, will particularize the qualities.

Sun in 11th House is the creative person with the ability to lead groups or participate in humanitarian social activities.

A Moon in House 11 has the quality of sensitizing the group and creating affection.

A Mercury in House 11 is a powerful communicator; his word perceives and transcends the particular.

Mars in House 11 is the person who moves the group; his action energizes.

Venus in the 11th House is one who loves to participate in meetings or associations; she there she usually finds the partner! Jupiter in the 11th House can be a strong idealist; the principles of it can move masses.

Saturn in House 11 is the individual capable of organizing and forming an adequate group structure where energy circulates.

Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in House 11 are people who can contribute to create especially transpersonal groups.

Leo in 11th House – Meaning and Info

The natives of Leo in the 11th house are social people. They know how to be seen and participate intensely in any collective event in which you are interested in being present. They are friendly and personable with the people they have just met. In no time these friendships will be strengthened.

However, this search for new friends is not selfless. Leo in the 11th house tends to put aside his lifelong friends a bit for those who can bring him some benefit. He shows an always brilliant staging.

Everyone usually speaks of him favorably when he is no longer around.

Despite a rather selfish attitude towards his lifelong friends, they still love him. He can count on old friends for any problems that arise.

When this happens he realizes who his true friends are and that he must take good care of them.

Leo’s background is noble and he ends up realizing what is really important in life.

In the 11th house, the movements that Leo makes are usually always of ultimate interest.

Both when it comes to interacting with friends or acquaintances, as well as with family or colleagues.

However, he camouflages the target from him in a subtle way.

Thanks to his sympathy and pleasant manner, you will know how to win the trust of those who interest you most.

Little by little he will manage to get what he is looking for without anyone making sure of it.

The new friends will allow you to consolidate his personal glory. What he has always sought from the beginning.

Leo in the 11th house always tries to be the center of attention in the various social or professional relationships that he maintains.

Let them talk about him, even if it is bad, but let them talk, as a well-known saying goes.

Being present in the minds of others helps you to be taken into account when they have an interesting project at hand.

However, he must be very careful about his constant desire to attract attention. Excess ego can destroy his social relationships.

A weakness that is often exploited by those who call themselves friends but are not really friends.

Leo must practice humility and be aware that he is not always the most important person in a meeting.

His continuous social exposure of him generally causes him significant emotional wear. He needs to measure his energies and allocate the appropriate amount as the situation requires.

For this he must strive to find his personal balance.

Knowing yourself well will lead you to master the situations in which he is involved.

In this way, he will never look bad in public when measuring his interventions, avoiding becoming a bore from which people flee at the first change.

Personal balance and social balance achieve the stability necessary for him to enjoy a full and happy life.

An objective that is not easy but that can be achieved with effort and perseverance.


This can be seen in people who manifestly care about having the friends that must be had, making themselves seen in the places where they must be and not believing anything other than what one must believe.

The most negative face of this influence of Saturn in House XI is manifested when one group is threatened by another, as when gypsies move to a neighborhood where they are rejected.

Let’s remember that this comment refers to the saturnine perspective of House XI, regardless of whether or not there is a planet located in this house.