Cancer Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Endless mysteries of the universe hide knowledge about our individual destinies.

At least astrology says so. Being a very old practice, astrology is not to be taken for granted.

Natal astrology is especially interesting to us. It tells about direct planetary influence over one’s destiny and personality.

Of all planets, the Luminaries are the first to consider. They are the glorious Sun and the mystical Moon.

Sun Sign

The planet Sun is essential element in astrology. Of course, the Sun is technically not a ‘real’ planet, but astrology lists all heavenly bodies in our system as such.

Each of them is important and all of them are called planets.

The Sun is the center of our little universe, as seen from the perspective of Western astrology, which is based upon the Solar system.

We would gladly remind you that there are other astrological systems that are based upon the lunar system.

One of the greatest astrological systems works on lunar calendar; it is the magnificent and fascinating Chinese astrology.

In Western astrology, however, the Sun is the center. Thus, it also represents the core of birth charts.

The brightest of the stars, which the Sun is to us, represents all life. It is one of the oldest symbols of life in the world. In horoscope, the Sun represents one’s life energy, one’s will to live, one’s creative capacities, drive to progress, to develop and to grow.

It represents one’s true self, self-awareness, self-confidence and motivation.

The glorious, golden Sun is who you are. It is your native sign. The place of the Sun in one’s natal chart matches one’s ruling zodiac sign.

This is why we often say we are this or that sign, overlooking all other elements, in a common talk.

Your Sun sign is your manifesting personality. It shapes up your character and temperaments. People, thus, commonly say he or she is a typical Cancer, for example.

Sun in Cancer

What about this typical Cancer, then? The Sun in Cancer makes one a Cancer person.

However, people usually forget that there is no such thing as an ideal Cancer (or any other), because there are many other elements to consider. However, Cancer is your essence, in this case.

Being a Cancer means you are one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac. Cancer is ruled by Moon and it is associated with Moon’s qualities.

Cancer is a cardinal sign, Water element sign and the one of a great emotional depth. People born under the sign of Cancer have strong inborn need to protect and care. They are family oriented, loving and gentle people.

Cancer people are commonly interested in mysterious subjects; they love exploring spiritual and emotional realms. That is what their nature is.

Cancer people feel the world. They are emotionally extremely sensitive; one would say they are fragile and vulnerable. It is so, indeed. They are very cautious and do not like to attract attention.

They are aware of their frailty, so they rather retreat and wait until there are happier times. They are of peaceful and gentle nature.

They have strong intuition and imagination. While they often find it difficult openly to express their emotions, art is an amazing channel to do so. They would also likely express their need for caring and love through helping others.

They could be possessive, because they tend to for strong emotional connection with people.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents the other side. It is your emotional self and not your conscious self, represented by the Sun. the Moon is who you are on the inside.

It is about impressions, rather than perceptions.

The Moon is associated with mystical forces, with nocturnal activities, transformation, emotions in general. It represents imagination and intuition.

This strange calming Luminary represents one’s intuitive self and sub-conscious plan. It rules over one’s emotional response. The Moon is associated with memories, past, nostalgia and melancholy.

It also strengthens one as a being that feels. It is very important, because reason without emotions is empty, hollow and unfulfilling.

The Moon supports one’s imagination and nurtures one’s intuitive nature. It affects our mood and our impression of the world around. The Moon is responsible for how you react to different situations and people.

It represents flexibility, transformation and changeability, all needed in life. The place it occupies in a natal chart is a source of emotional fulfillment.

It is also a place that represents the area of life that would possibly bring you the greatest emotional challenge and vulnerability.

The Moon always represents the deepest inner needs. Your Moon sign shapes up the channel for your emotional response, imagination and intuition.

Moon in Virgo

Virgo is one of the coldest and the most reserved signs of the Zodiac. Virgo is about perfection, order and strictness.

Virgo has ideals and is not very likely to make any compromises.

It seems very different from the nature associated with the Moon. What happens, then, if one has the Moon in Virgo? The Moon in Virgo indicates a personality that rationalizes their emotions.

For Moon Virgos, everything should make at least some sense. These people cannot think outside of their reasoning personality. They have to find some logical explanation to any sensation or emotion.

Moon Virgos see not to fall for their emotions. They are perfectionists, so emotional flexibility does not fit in their idea of the world.

They have to put some reason in it. They are intelligent and practical. They are rare ones that could put their emotions aside when it comes to making important decisions.

They are capable of maintaining common sense even in the most critical or tragic situations. They are not very empathic and sensitive overall.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon Personality

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon combination indicates a personality that invests much into self-care.

These people have all perfectionism of a Virgo, but still it is soften by Cancer’s emotionality.

It makes them less self-centered and less inhibited. These people are trustworthy, calm and serious about things they do. They like order and discipline, but they take it more flexibly than typical Virgos.

These people are responsible and confident. Although not very emotional and compassionate, they are not emotionally isolated, as it often happens with strong Virgo trait.

The Moon in Virgo does force them to put some sense into every single emotion, but their Sun Cancer tells them to take it more loosely, to surrender to their emotions, at least at times.

This brings them great relief, if aspects are favorable.

If they are not, they become confused, because they cannot decide whether it is better to trust to their reason or their emotions.

However, they usually find balance between the two. They remain reasonable, organized and tactful, but more spontaneous overall.

These people invest much into their health and physical appearance. They are great aesthetes.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon are thoughtful people. They will consider what their inner voice has to say, but they would always make their final decision upon their reasoning. It is an amazing quality to have, a perfect combination of reason and intuition.

They can keep cool in critical situations, coming up with practical, efficient solutions.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon plan things and stick to their visions. They are imaginative and often idealists.

They are improvers by nature and they would never lose hope that things can be better. They work diligently on their cause.

They could get emotionally upset if they fail, but their strict Virgo perfectionists would help them put themselves back together and not to surrender to despair over loss and failure.

Good Traits

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon are excellent at organizing and planning. They are reasonable and responsible, very mature in thinking.

They are trustworthy and confident people. These people are patient and love to think things through.

You will never have them making any hasty decision, let alone risking.

They plan well and believe in slow, steady progress. They obey rules, but they are not blind followers.

Bad Traits

These people could sometimes be too strict and insensitive. They tend to behave mechanically and artificially.

It happens when they get afraid of their own emotional fragility, so they quickly put up icy walls around.

They tend even to become hostile, very arrogant and unpleasant. They are not cruel, but could become emotionally inhibited and cold.

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon in Love and Marriage

Cancer Sun Virgo Moon people tend to have difficulty in openly expressing their emotions, so it takes time to get to know them. They need fully to trust one, in order to let them in.

However, they rarely appear mysteriously distant as, for example, those with Scorpio Moon, but only cold and reserved. In a relationship, they are more dutiful than romantic.

However, they are loyal and honest partners. They see marriage as something that is expected of them.

They see it as a duty and obligation. Their Cancer makes them a bit softer and warmer, so they do show gentleness towards their lover.

They are often protective and strict parents that invest in talents their children possess.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Virgo Moon

The best match for a Cancer Sun Virgo Moon person is someone warmer, more passionate, more emotional than they are.

They need someone who is flexible enough to accept their strictness and to show them nothing bad could happen if they relax a bit more.

They need more laughter in their life, so someone positive and cheerful is a perfect match.

It should be someone intellectual and practical and yet just a bit more playful than they are.


Cancer Sun Virgo Moon people are individuals who nurture their sense of seriousness and responsibility.

Their Virgo is usually very strong, so they do not fall for emotional provocations easily.

However, they are softer and more flexible than typical Virgos.

These people have high standards and high morals. They are patient, thoughtful and dutiful overall.