Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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According to astrology, mystical forces of the universe shape up people’s individual destinies.

Planets play an important role in each one of us life.

The Sun and the Moon are bright ones, the Luminaries. They both shine on our lives in their peculiar ways.

Today we talk about an intriguing, passionate and extreme astrological combination, a Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon personality.

Sun Sign

Of all planets in the Solar system, the Sun is the first one to consider when analyzing one’s natal chart.

True, the Sun is not a planet, but in astrology, all the main heavenly bodies on a Solar system are simply labeled as planets. All of them play a role and all of them are important.

They are, however divided into several categories. The Sun is one of so-called personal planets.

The Sun represents the essence of one’s astrological personality. The spot it dwells upon in one’s natal chart determines one’s ruling zodiac sign. This is the sign that shapes up your basic nature, character and personality traits.

However, it not the only element you should have in mind, thinking about your horoscope. Nevertheless, it is the core and is the first to consider.

It requires a lot of expertise, knowledge and practice in astrology to analyze one’s birth chart.

This is why natal charts and personalized horoscopes are something quite different from those daily newsfeed predictions for each one of the zodiac signs. Natal charts interpretations are complex and precious.

They reveal your true self, your potentials and give you an insight into opportunities and possibilities.

The Sun reveals who truly you are. The Sun is your Ego and your personal strength. The Sun represents rational self and self-awareness. It is associated with life; will for life, motivation and ambition.

The Sun has always been associated with ideals, glory, pride, nobility and generosity. It is your bright, shining self. It is how you present in the world and how you are seen.

Sun in Cancer

Sun signs tell us about our essential nature, our Ego and our manifesting personality. Your Sun sign is the one you tell about when someone asks you about your horoscope.

Most of people simply tell that they are a Cancer, for example, without taking into consideration all the complexity of their horoscope, probably not knowing about it.

It is because your Sun sign is the essence of your personality.

Cancer people are known as the most emotional representatives of the Zodiac. The Moon, the emotional planet, rules the sign of Cancer so its effect is very strong here.

Cancer people are sensitive, empathic and compassionate.

They are of servile nature and they feel good pleasing others, rather than being pleased. Their nature is humanitarian, protective and caring.

People born under the sign of Cancer possess great emotional depth and strong intuition.

They are guided by intuition, rather than reason. Cancer people are thoughtful and protective.

They are highly imaginative and creative, so they often use art to express their emotions. They rarely express their feelings verbally and openly.

Moon Sign

Astrologers claim the Moon is equally an important element of a birth chart as the Sun is.

True enough, because the Moon is like the other sign of a coin, in relation to the Sun. While the Sun is about your Ego and our rational self, the Moon is about your inner voice and your emotional self.

The two are inseparable, but it takes time, experience and favorable aspects to have them balanced. The Moon plays with your emotions and imaginations.

The Moon represents your deepest needs that are beyond of those you are aware of. It represents your need to develop on an emotional level.

The sign the Moon matches in a natal chart is like a mold for your emotional energy. It determines the way the Moon’s energy is going to manifest in your life.

The field that the Moon occupies in a natal chart represents an area of life susceptible to emotional ups and downs.

It is believed that there is no true happiness without harmonizing your Moon energy with other aspects of your astrological personality. All of us accomplish a task sometimes, for longer or for shorter periods.

The Moon is of changeable nature and not easy to follow.

Positively, it nurtures our compassionate, adaptable and caring nature; negatively, it makes us insecure, moody and capricious.

Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the signs that are very susceptible to the energy of the Moon, being a Water element sign. Scorpio is an emotional, mysterious and deep sign.

Having the Moon in Scorpio amplifies already emotional nature of this sign.

It is a complicated combination; many would often describe it as dark and mystical. Moon Scorpios are, indeed enigmatic.

These people perfectly cover up their true feelings, rarely letting anyone enter their cave of emotions. They appear intriguing and magnetically attractive, without saying any words.

They appear cold and distant and yet magnetic. Their emotional nature is complex and not easy to understand.

Moon Scorpios are intuitive and they carefully choose whom they would let into their world.

One should feel honored to be allowed to step closer. Moon Scorpios love fatally and faithfully.

They would sacrifice themselves for love or ideals. They are loyal and devoted. They tend to be obsessive, possessive and manipulative, if aspects are bad.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon Personality

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon is a personality of extremes. Both of these signs are under a strong influence of the Moon itself and the element of water.

They are both deeply emotional signs. They embody the emotionality as it is, in its good and the bad. This makes one a person of incredible emotional potential.

On one side, they are emotionally vulnerable and gentle as sensitive Cancer; on the other, they are emotionally deep and powerful as mysterious Scorpios.

These people have a naturally magnetic aura. They do not even need to talk much, but they instantly attract attention.

They feel well if they catch eyes of others, not insecure and shy as typical Cancers might feel.

They have amazingly powerful intuition and are rarely wrong about people. Their evaluation of the situation is commonly flawless.

These people are hearty, but emotionally closed. One needs to earn their trust first. Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon have well determined principles of their own and they would never cross such limits.

They are loyal, honorable, devoted and dedicated. They have strong imagination and are usually artistic people. They are very independent and never manipulated.

Influential powerful Scorpio restricts their sensitive Cancer. Scorpio is determined and focused, emotionally deep, but not as vulnerable as Cancer. At least, no one get to see their frailty.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon open up only to few chosen ones. They appear outgoing if in mood or mysterious and distant if not. No one can ever tell about what these people think or feel for real.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon keep their word. Betrayal and deceit is what they despise. If you ever betray them, be sure they will never look at you again.

They are not of forgiving nature; their Scorpio does not allow for that. They do not change their minds, if emotionally hurt.

These people are passionate and fully dedicate to their causes and to few people they deeply care for.

Good Traits

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are guided by knightly principles, although they may appear as they do not care about anyone.

They appear as people bound to their causes. They never break oaths or deceive people.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon people may play games, but it is always a fair play. Of course, if aspects are good and their personality shows its best sides.

They are known for their passionate dedication to anything they find interesting. It also applies to their bonds with people.

They are imaginative and creative people, but they are not only fantasizing and dreaming.

In fact, they are ambitious ones. They see to stand out of the mass and they rarely have to try hard for it.

They are serious about any of their intentions. They have peculiar sense of humor and are very intelligent.

Bad Traits

Such an intense personality easily goes to extremes. If this happens, all their qualities could become dangerous and excessive.

They could become arrogant, manipulative, domineering, demanding and dramatic. They attract attention by overreacting to minor inconveniences.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon individuals are notoriously possessive, jealous and obsessive ones.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon in Love and Marriage

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are devoted, passionate lovers. The best term to describe them is faithful.

They do not fall in love often, but once they do, it is fatal. They are often ready to sacrifice much for love.

They are obsessive and possessive in a relationship, emotionally demanding.

They want their partner only for themselves and could become very jealous, even if they are actually not distrustful of their lover.

In fact, they would never enter a relationship or maintain it if they think their partner is not to be trusted.

Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are known to be amazing lovers. They know how to please their loved one on both physical and emotional level.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon

They need full commitment. They need fatal attraction and a romantic, mind-blowing tale.

They will accept no less. They need to find someone they are ready completely to surrender to and who is ready to do the same.

They need someone protective and committed as they are. There is certain tragic touch they are often attracted by in people.


Cancer Sun Scorpio Moon are intense personalities that easily go to extremes.

Their emotional self is strong in all senses.

They are people who keep their word and maintain their integrity, even if emotionally fragile. They do not let others see their weakness easily.

They trust only few and they choose well. They have almost flawless intuition, great imagination and are ambitious and determined to get what they want.