Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Astrological charts consist of many elements to consider.

The Sun and the Moon are the first to look out for in an individual’s natal chart.

Today we talk about an intriguing combination of the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Sagittarius.

Let us discover more about this fascinating personality.

Sun Sign

The Sun represents the center of our system and it has always been ultimate symbol of all life. In ancient times, the Sun was commonly identified with the most powerful deities, in various different mythological systems.

It was identified with supreme deities and creation gods. It has always been the most important element in Western astrology.

Our astrological system is based upon the Solar system, while there are others, based upon the lunar calendar, such as, for example, Chinese astrology.

The Sun represents creativity, vitality, conscious mind and will for life.

In a natal chart, it represents the most powerful guiding force found within one’s personality. The Sun sign is the way this guiding force is delivered in real.

The Sun shapes up one’s attitude and the way people perceive the world. It is associated with our own ideas about work, progress, success, authority and leadership.

The Sun represents one’s Ego and essential personal traits.

The Sun is about glory and authority, but also about honor, nobility and generosity. It marks the area of life one could find the greatest fulfillment in, but also the greatest challenge.

It rules the sign of Leo and also represents a masculine principle; it is closely related to ideal of a father and a guardian.

The Sun in good aspects supports ones noble ambitions, warmth of a soul, openness and positive attitude.

It supports one’s ability to create and to leave a mark on the world. In bad aspects, it makes vain, arrogant and spiteful.

Sun in Cancer

Cancer is one of the gentlest and the most emotionally fragile signs. However, it could be its advantage, as well. An ideal Cancer is a defender and a protector, but not an aggressive one.

Cancer lives according principles of love, care and nurture. He or she finds great fulfillment pleasing others.

Cancers are commonly very hospitable and caring, although not particularly open and approachable in emotional terms, as, for example, Libras.

This is because Cancers are more guided by their emotions than anything else is.

They are intuitive, but the know sensitive they are, so they keep to themselves, most of the time. They are cautious and tend to be suspicious.

Cancers rarely verbalize their true feelings. They are benevolent, protective and humanitarian people.

They usually channel their strong emotional energy through art or humanitarian work.

These people are oriented towards family and their few close ones. An ideal Cancer knows how to control emotions, even if they guide him or her.

Cancers usually respect tradition, are closely connected with their family and bound to their home.

Moon Sign

The Moon represents our guiding voice, our intuition. This night Luminary is associated with flexibility and adaptability, being of the water element group.

Ever changing and wandering that is how the Moon is.

The Moon is about you as an emotional being. The Moon nurtures one’s sentimental and caring nature.

It supports your imagination and allows you explore the wonderful world of emotions, memories and everything abstract and mysterious. It helps you discover your true needs and desires of your heart.

You should trust your Moon, but not let it seduce you with too much fantasizing. Harmonizing the Moon energy and the Sun principle is not easy, but it is possible.

Your Moon sign determines the way your emotional self will present itself. It will affect the way you feel the world, how personal you take situations you find yourself in and much more.

The field of the Moon sign is the sphere of life that brings one the greatest emotional strength, but also the greatest turbulence. It is about what affects you the most.

Moon in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a philosophical and intellectual sign, guided by ideals, very energetic and driven. The Moon in Sagittarius indicates a romantic idealist personality.

These people are highly intelligent and very open-minded.

They love learning and teaching. Passing the knowledge to future generations and to others in general fills their hearts with great pride and joy.

These people create their own set of values and try to live according their own principles.

What is important is that they are benevolent and their intentions are pure.

People with the Moon in Sagittarius always dig deep and try to find some meaning and purpose in everything. They see to enrich their soul with deeper insight into everything around.

They are of adventurous, explorative spirit, with one main goal. They truly believe their purpose is to find ultimate answer about the essence of all things. They are never discouraged by not finding it.

They are some of the most positive personalities. It is hard not to feel hopeless being an idealist, at times, but Moon Sagittarius find satisfaction in their search.

These people believe in one, ideal, fulfilling true love and see to connect with people on more levels. It reflects in other areas of life as well.

Moon Sagittarius love life on many levels, physical, intellectual and spiritual.

Moon Sagittarius keep their flame burning and are always hopeful they would eventually find the true purpose.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon is a personality of contrasting traits. Cancers are known to be deeply emotional ones, in need of love and deep connections.

They need coziness and warmth of home and family and someone they could please. Sagittarius is entirely different.

Sagittarius is philosophical, more thinking than feeling, adventurous and explorative. Cancers do not like exploration, Sagittarius are all about that.

This could make for an interestingly good combination, if these qualities are well-balanced, of course.

These people attend to nurture their free spirited nature and engage with exploration of the world. They are not as much as physical explorers, but more of intellectual ones.

For example, they love to travel in order to learn new things about different cultures, not to challenge their physical abilities; they would rather visit cities than wild nature.

With the Sun in Cancer, their nature is painted by emotions. The Moon in Sagittarius indicates a thinking nature, more reasonable than emotional.

Combined, these two give a personality that pouts an emotional mark on their adventurous nature.

It means they have developed empathy and more tolerance and understanding of everything they learn and they take it all more personally.

This makes them people passionate about other people and their habits and culture.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon go beyond general information; they feel what others feel about something. They are still very outgoing and less bound to cozy homes than typical Cancers.

However, they always take care about their roots and their family, always returning home, richer for new experiences and knowledge they could share with loved ones.

Good Traits

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon could present with some rather astounding traits, with good aspects.

These are people that explore the world and the people, but not only on pure intellectual, scholarly level. They can feel it.

Although it may make them less objective, it gives a special touch to their own experience. It can help them more relate to different people and their issues.

These people have great imagination that only inspires their adventurous nature.

They keep positive attitude, always ready to learn something new. They are capable of multitasking and have amazing memory capacity.

Sagittarius is ‘designed’ to memorize important things, while Cancer is associated with the past and memories in general.

Bad Traits

These people could become very impatient, because their Cancer moodiness only sparks up their need for exploration.

Sometimes they cannot wait for things to develop in their natural time, but they force it.

They could also become arrogant and pretentious about their knowledge and experience.

They are known for their know-it-all attitude and they are easily offended if someone tries to make them realize they do not know everything.

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon people like to be the ones to take care about others.

They think they know what the best is for their partner and, strangely, it often appears to be true. They are ready to listen to their loved ones, they have amazing intuition, and a sense of what is appropriate.

They are compassionate, but their intellectual, philosophical mind is what decides.

If their loved one is sad, a Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon will comfort them, but also quickly come up with some good reasoning about the situation.

This is the best thing about these people.

They offer both emotional and reasoning support. They know exactly what to say, when to say it and when to keep quite. They see to cheer their loved ones up and inspire them to follow them in their adventures.

It is the same about their romantic relationships, marriage and family life.

They are inspirational protectors. They feel great about being parents, because they feel the greatest pride and satisfaction about passing their knowledge on future generations.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon

Cancer Sun Sagittarius Moon need a partner that will let them fully present their protective and teaching nature. They enjoy taking care about one.

They also need intellectual stimulation, so someone with philosophical attitude and a wide view on the world would intrigue them.

They do not need emotional challenge and people that play hard to get, but someone who will challenge their intellectual capacities.

At the same time, it has to be someone steadier than they are, someone subtly to soften their restless explorative spirit.


These people are intellectual and decisive individuals, emotionally deep.

They can perfectly combine reason and emotions in a more intense way than, for example, Cancer Sun Libra Moon.

They are eager to learn new things and they invest emotions in their adventures.

These people are protective and love to take care about others. They truly believe their purpose is to gain knowledge and pass it on to others.