Capricorn in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

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The third house is a source of useful connections. They relate to a close circle: blood relatives, neighbors, classmates, colleagues, and places of information communication: mail, Internet cafes, and schools (before the period of admission to college).

This also includes documents and everything that concerns them: bureaucratic instances, courts, notaries.

It is interesting that the relationship with the car, the behavior behind the wheel and on the road as a pedestrian also reflects the 3rd house.

In Capricorn, all of the above is associated with obstacles and limitations. The ruler of the sign Saturn is a wise teacher and strict mentor.

If you go through his lessons with dignity, you can get an excellent reward – education, thanks to which you become a status rich leader and experience that money cannot buy.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

As the characteristic of Capricorns says, they, rightfully considered the most enduring sign of the zodiac, do not rush in search of a better fate, but set a goal for themselves and move towards it confidently and carefully.

They do not know halfway rest and fear of difficulties, on the contrary – the more difficult the task, the more collected and energetic the “cloven-hoofed animal” becomes.

It is not easy for Capricorns to get close to people and let them into their circle, but at the same time even unfamiliar people can rely on them.

Representatives of this sign of the earthly element are proud, proud, selfish and stubborn – they mercilessly exclude from their lives those who once offended or neglected, do not return and do not give a chance to return.

Perhaps that is why Capricorns have such frequent unsuccessful and broken marriages, although the moral foundations of the family are deeply respected by them.

Work comes first for them, because without confidence in the future and without a penny in their pockets, they will simply disappear. It is important for them to stand firmly on their feet and not depend on anyone.

Capricorns are extremely patient, non-temperamental, do not tolerate recklessness, which can knock the soil out from under their feet, and do not climb on the rampage. They go to conflicts extremely rarely, more often they silently swallow grievances, move towards, adjust to those around them and try not to make enemies for themselves.

They are not eager for power and luxury, but they are not averse to taking leading positions and being among the winners. At the same time, the conquest of your place under the sun does not take place in full view of the others, but as if in the shadow.

Laziness is despised, because they have a firm conviction that wealth does not fall from the sky, and success is solely their handiwork. Unpredictable circumstances and future changes are a headache for those born from December 22 to January 20. Much more valuable is regularity, constancy, unhurriedness in all spheres of life.

If suddenly a close friend is in trouble, they try to help with advice, money, and a shoulder put up in time. They treat life’s difficulties calmly, even as a challenge, internally preparing for them and trying to overcome them in all possible ways.

The presence of horns on the head of this artiodactyl living in the mountains indicates stubbornness – it is difficult to move them and convince them if they have made a firm decision, and this does not always go a plus.

Capricorns do not tolerate sudden changes, therefore, they treat new things with their inherent natural caution, often brushing off opportunities that can improve their financial situation or life in general.

Another disadvantage is that in the pursuit of a stable income, they lose sight of the important things, for example, friends, family, children. Often it is only at a mature age that a sharp realization comes to them, and they begin to catch up.

But this negative trait easily becomes positive, because, taking into account the years lived and the personal experience gained, Capricorns are miraculously able to change and draw the right conclusions. Better late than never, as they say.

It is not easy for a representative of this zodiac sign to get close to people and establish contacts with the outside world, which often becomes a problem in personal relationships and the cause of their suffering and anxiety.

A man, according to the characteristics of Capricorn, is so open in love with his chosen one that she sometimes begins to suffer from his extreme straightforwardness and categoricalness. But in marriage, his beloved, chosen according to the main criterion – to impress others, can be sure that she will be financially secure, and the family strong.

3rd House – Meaning and Info

As I have said many times, Capricorn is a Sign of Overcoming and is generally responsible for the lack of something.

Therefore, in terms of school, he most often points to a poor school, a school remote from home, including boarding schools, boarding houses.

Among my Clients there were also people who studied in schools at hospitals (for health reasons, they were forced to stay in the hospital for a long time at some stage of their life, however, for this there must be additional indicators).

It can simply point to a school, far from home – where you need to go every day, wasting time and depriving yourself of the opportunity to do something more interesting. Quite often they complain about the cold school. Also, they regularly talk about an old or some unkempt, poor, neglected school.

At the same time, Capricorn in terms of money is one of the most controversial Signs. Responsible in general for shortage and poverty (even in the old books on astrology, the poor walked under Saturn), he also controls an unattainable status, a very high social position.

Therefore, although much less often than the first group, you will still meet quite regularly people who studied in very expensive, prestigious schools. At the same time, these can also be remote schools – when a child is sent to study abroad or he lives at a school, etc.

Sometimes they talk about schools with separate education for boys and girls. In addition, it can be closed schools, something like a “school for the children of members of the government.”

The point is that even in the case of rich schools, the child’s internal attitude to the learning process will be associated with some kind of detachment, constraint, disconnection from the familiar and comfortable environment.

Naturally, the Native’s 3rd house can be supported by the influences of benefactors, and in this case, the situation will be significantly mitigated, but Capricorn itself gives just such conditions when it comes to the affairs of the 3rd house.

Relationships with other students are also rarely replete with affectionate bonds. The situation of detachment from the group as a whole is noted quite regularly, and it happens that boycotts are also remembered.

Although many owners of the 3rd house in Capricorn remember that they had someone reliable friend (for some, a “comrade in misfortune”) in the yard (this is also the 3rd house) or at school, with whom they kept in touch for a long time.

Capricorn in 3rd House – Meaning and Info

It can also be a relationship with teachers based on strict chain of command. At the same time, it must be said that if the card does not contain serious defeats (the 3rd house in particular), then such a model is perceived by the Native as acceptable.

As for the study itself, the third-house Capricorns and Saturnine most often study well. The ability to organize oneself, to be collected, to fulfill the requirements, to observe subordination, to see one’s goal (not the fact that it is later realized in adult life), often it is “to learn, so that later you can make your own life” – all this helps a lot in learning.

Although it cannot be said that it is very easy for them to learn, that they grasp everything on the fly, or have a charm and talkativeness that works well for teachers. Their assessments are their work, daily and painstaking.

They are suited for orthodox teaching, strong teacher logic, structure and consistency. Most of the classic excellent students are botanists, just among the expressed (including third-domed) Capricorns and Virgos.

Popular among classmates, whimsical or fashionable, beautiful and bright excellent students are represented, as a rule, by Fire Signs or Planets in the 3rd house, sometimes there is also Venus.

But the children, absorbed in study, aloof and a little scared, are most often Capricorns or Virgo (in this case, by the way, Scorpio or Cancer is most often at the ASC, which very well explains both the school situation and vice versa, the typical manifestations of these Signs on ASC).

A woman, in spite of building a career and looking for additional income, feels incomplete without a spouse and children, home and the comfort of loved ones are above all for her.

But, as a rule, it is not easy for her to get married – the complexes and requirements for the second half affect, consisting in the obligatory strength of character and the ability to make her not need anything.

The Capricorn characteristic is ruthless to Aries – they are incompatible anywhere. Misunderstanding threatens both Gemini and Capricorns – according to the horoscope, the family will not work with them, but business development is possible. In sex, big problems await with Aquarius, despite the illusion of spiritual closeness.

Virgo and Scorpio are described in the astrological forecast as suitable partners in a marriage union.

Taurus, on the other hand, surpassed the latter and is recommended by experts as a spouse and a colleague. Cancer is drawn to Capricorn, but nothing long and serious will come of them.


That is why the learning process in elementary school takes place in isolation from normal life. Communication at school and with relatives Depending on karma and the level of development, the 3rd house in Capricorn manifests itself in a difficult or mild form.

These can be schools at hospitals and prisons where a child is not of their own free will, home schooling due to illness, or a prestigious boarding school for privileged members of society, but with strict rules, like the Suvorov School or the Institute for Noble Maidens in pre-revolutionary Russia.

Saturn is not only the planet of the poor, it is also an indicator of high status, therefore it is possible that the native will study at the school for the elite thanks to work and perseverance, for example, having passed exams brilliantly, but financially not matching the “golden” youth, which is why it will not accept it as their own.