Capricorn in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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This person treats the world around him dryly, wary and does not expect any special benefits from him. He seeks to perceive the environment in accordance with the principle of reality, as he understands it, i.e. interpreting external events according to their direct practical meaning, although not limiting their perception to momentary benefits.

At a low level of elaboration, this person is prone to ruthless, purposeful consumption of the environment for personal purposes without the slightest intention to maintain a balance; the land appears to him as a set of mineral deposits and an assortment of soils of varying degrees of fertility, and people are impersonal carriers of social functions and potential sources of various services.

Accordingly, the outside world treats a person (in his perception) dryly, picky, sometimes ruthless and requires a great ability to manipulate circumstances, ignoring insignificant trifles like the emotions and interests of not too influential persons.

Here general ethics is the ethics of a particular case, the interests of which are subject to everything else.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiacal circle. This sign of the zodiac includes people born in the period from December 22 to January 20.

This is a female sign, its element is the earth, the symbol is the head and front of the body of a goat, and the back of the fish. The patroness of this zodiac sign is the planet Saturn. Mascot stones: rock crystal, blue aquamarine, black jet, black or dark blue sapphire, onyx.

The following basic character traits are inherent in Capricorn: practicality, dedication and diligence. This zodiac sign makes decisions slowly, but always deliberately. He is an excellent strategist, very careful and prudent.

The strong qualities of the representatives of this sign include dedication, perseverance and responsibility. Capricorn has the gift of not losing sight of the main goal. He is not afraid of loneliness and is ready to endure any everyday difficulties, to overcome even the most difficult obstacles. There is no such task that this representative of the earthly element could not cope with.

In communication, Capricorns are very secretive. They prefer to hide all their deep feelings, therefore they often find it difficult to get close to new people. They are proud and self-confident, which often causes conflicts with others and misunderstandings in relationships with loved ones.

A man born under this sign is persistent, ambitious and purposeful. He is disciplined and loves to control everything, does not tolerate disorder and irresponsibility in people.

Capricorn does not expect gifts from fate and knows that luck smiles only on hardworking people. Already in adolescence, he begins to confidently strive for the set goals, not wanting to be content with little, he needs to get everything and preferably quickly.

In love, this man shows seriousness and realism. In relationships with the opposite sex, he strives for stability. There are no unnecessary words, unnecessary actions, but only a solid approach to feelings and relationships in general.

Capricorn attracts the attention of women with its practicality. He is usually well versed in the practical life and likes to keep order. He will make a good husband and master, with whom life will be devoid of many everyday problems, since he knows how to solve them.

The woman, the representative of this sign, is reasonable and reliable. This is the foundation of the family, its heart and brain. They are so wise that they can easily lead any man.

Capricorn women rarely dream, and all their aspirations are associated with real achievements and financial well-being. They love to plan and calculate, carefully assess the risks both in the professional sphere and in their personal life.

These women are more erotic and amorous than the Capricorn sign. Although at first glance, a Capricorn woman may seem cold and unapproachable, strict and mysterious, but at the same time there is a volcano of passions in her.

The charm of such a woman is mysterious and ambiguous, and first of all it is aimed at ensuring that a man conquers and achieves her, making considerable efforts for this. Capricorn is a meek kid who understands his mother perfectly. As an infant, he does not give parents unnecessary worries. The Capricorn child can lie quietly for hours without requiring much attention.

This is a calm, balanced and obedient baby. At first glance, he may seem overly passive, but he is not. This kid has many interests, but he seems to understand that adults have enough problems even without his whims.

The Capricorn child loves his parents endlessly. He gets used to his home, to his bed, to toys. He will not exchange this comfort and peace for anything. In older age, Capricorn children show a strong will, and they firmly know what they want.

At the same time, they express their desires very definitely, and it is impossible to distract them from their plans.

The best compatibility in love and marriage in Capricorn with the zodiac signs of the earthly element: Taurus and Virgo. They can also have a fairly strong union with Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer.

For spiritual development, the partnership of Capricorns with Sagittarius will be fruitful. Financially beneficial for them can be an alliance with Aquarius.

2nd House – Meaning and Info

Such people are alien to prudence, they relate to money with greater respect, you can even say – with trepidation. This attitude is due to the great need for a sense of stability and confidence in the future.

The people of this group are stubborn strains, money is usually not easy for them, and therefore they are modest and unnecessary in their daily needs and extras.

These are little emotional people, dry in the manifestations of their feelings, inclined to a certain boredom and perceptiveness. In the negative development of personality, such people become art manipulators, who presume to use their environment for personal gain.

And changing in such a case is extremely difficult and probable. People of this type, in principle, have a very consumer attitude to the surrounding world. They perceive our planet as a source of useful prospectors, and people as a potential source of services and supplies. Social and emotional connections for them do not provide the main life value.

The moral principles of this type of presenter are limited by momentary needs and do not have a brightly expressed direction.

In order not to roll to the very bottom, you need to change your worldview and attitude to the world as a whole.

For better development, this type of person needs to learn the emotive perception of the surrounding environment. This perception may be directed by the group’s personal ethics.

That is, it is important to pump empathy in yourself, and it is the ability to feel other people’s experiences and get into the souls of other people.

Only a similar emotive sensibility will allow you to abandon the consumer attitude and start giving something in response.

Buying can also be shown in an emotive plan, because it leads itself extremely restrained and practical. It is not always possible to maintain at the level of feelings and emotions. She is constantly looking for new earnings, trying not only to grow smart, but to keep what she already worked for.

For the sake of money and material values ​​will always take the leading position in the list of basic needs. Without wealth, you will not be able to experience the full satisfaction of life and confidence in tomorrow’s day.

Experiencing greater insecurity about the actual future, often uncomfortable from the knowledge of poor longevity and lack of adequate financial resources. In general, the person is anxious and unstable, with a tendency to overstate personal problems.

Capricorn in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

In its purest form, Saturn is a money problem. For a long time and steadily, people have been trying to solve this eternal lack. Capricorn very often does not have enough money.

On the one hand, he knows how to plan his budget, and if he doesn’t know how, he will learn – his life will force him to learn to take good care of his money, plan his expenses, distribute his income and live “within his means”.

But these skills come to him not because he likes to follow the process, but because, as a rule, there are no other options left.

You have to write down expenses, control the amount of electricity spent, monitor how tariffs and prices in the store change – and all this NOT BECAUSE HE LIKES IT (as some more optimistic and lucky signs think), but because only in this way can he live in relative , at least, peace of mind for the money issue.

When we talked about Sagittarius in the second house, we noted that Sagittarius are in many ways lucky – having spent, it would seem, the last money, he will immediately receive a new influx. And in the case of the second-home Capricorn, everything will be different.

Why don’t they come to me right away?! “And the answer is simple – because they are going to the lucky Sagittarius! Sagittarius is simply better able to sell what he has. Interestingly, it is Sagittarius who will be preferred in more expensive orders, his terms will be better agreed, etc.

Perhaps this is corny due to the fact that according to Capricorn it is clear that he really needs money, which means that it is not in his position to dictate conditions. And Sagittarius always looks as if YOU ARE LUCKY that he is ready to take money from you. Perhaps the reason is different – but the fact is the fact.

It’s just that it’s arranged in our chart that where Sagittarius stands, we have bonuses and all kinds of help (unless, of course, there are some contradictions in the position of Jupiter or the corresponding house in general). And where Capricorn (Saturn) stands, we need to learn to overcome the resistance of the environment.

Therefore, if we compare the money of the Saturnine with the money of the more fortunate Sign, then we will see that in order for the Saturnine to earn as much as the same Sagittarius (not amazed) earns, he will need to work 10 times more. And if he works as much as Sagittarius, then, accordingly, he will earn 10 times less.

Without any serious supporting aspects from monetary indicators, the Saturnine can still earn, but as a rule, it goes through extra effort, or a decent salary comes closer to retirement. Saturnine money is never easy.


At a high level, this matter is included in the general plan of evolutionary development, and personal ethics are balanced with the group ethics, going under cancer, when the essential-emotional content of what is happening is important.

Practical, responsible and ambitious about money. He does not squander them on trifles or foolish quirks.

It is very economical and for personal use acquires things that are durable and have long-term value, moreover, they become more expensive over time.

The attitude to the environment is dry, wary and he does not expect any special benefits from the world.

The environment is perceived in accordance with the principle of reality, interpreting external events in a practical sense.

Prone to ruthless, purposeful consumption of the environment for personal purposes. People are perceived as impersonal carriers of social functions and therefore a source of various services.

Accordingly, the outside world treats him the same way.

Quite modest in his material needs. Can acquire a fortune despite many failures. In his life, the paths of love and the paths of money often intersect, and he has to work hard to satisfy his needs. In periods of lack of money, he looks unhappy, gloomy. By lending money

He will distinctly wait for it to please him. Honest. By itself, he will never engage in unclean deeds. Realistic in finance and does not take off the ground. He is quite successful in the finds that fate generously sends him.