Capricorn in 4th House – Meaning and Info

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The 4th house in astrology denotes parents, their position, affairs. Studying this topic always requires working with the Sun and Saturn – it is these heavenly bodies that represent the father.

It is not easy for people who are far from the mystical side of the issue to understand what relation the ideas of the Sun and Saturn have to the father.

To understand this topic, it is important to realize that everything has a vital and formal side. The spiritual inheritance pertaining to the “ego” comes from the Sun, while Saturn is responsible for fatalistic and physical tendencies.

Similarly, Venus and the Moon represent the mother and her environment. Venus is considered a symbol of nourishing, preserving abilities, while the Moon gives formative tendencies and specific hereditary inclinations.

The Father will live a long life if the Sun and Saturn have good aspects and at least one of these heavenly bodies is located in a corner.

If they are higher than Venus and the Moon, or the place is even better, this is a sign that the father will outlive the mother.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

As the characteristic of Capricorns says, they, rightfully considered the most enduring sign of the zodiac, do not rush in search of a better fate, but set a goal for themselves and move towards it confidently and carefully.

They do not know halfway rest and fear of difficulties, on the contrary – the more difficult the task, the more collected and energetic the “cloven-hoofed animal” becomes.

It is not easy for Capricorns to get close to people and let them into their circle, but at the same time even unfamiliar people can rely on them.

Representatives of this sign of the earthly element are proud, proud, selfish and stubborn – they mercilessly exclude from their lives those who once offended or neglected, do not return and do not give a chance to return.

Perhaps that is why Capricorns have such frequent unsuccessful and broken marriages, although the moral foundations of the family are deeply respected by them.

Work comes first for them, because without confidence in the future and without a penny in their pockets, they will simply disappear. It is important for them to stand firmly on their feet and not depend on anyone.

Capricorns are extremely patient, non-temperamental, do not tolerate recklessness, which can knock the soil out from under their feet, and do not climb on the rampage. They go to conflicts extremely rarely, more often they silently swallow grievances, move towards, adjust to those around them and try not to make enemies for themselves.

They are not eager for power and luxury, but they are not averse to taking leading positions and being among the winners.

At the same time, the conquest of your place under the sun does not take place in full view of the others, but as if in the shadow.

If suddenly a close friend is in trouble, they try to help with advice, money, and a shoulder put up in time. They treat life’s difficulties calmly, even as a challenge, internally preparing for them and trying to overcome them in all possible ways.

The presence of horns on the head of this artiodactyl living in the mountains indicates stubbornness – it is difficult to move them and convince them if they have made a firm decision, and this does not always go a plus.

Capricorns do not tolerate sudden changes, therefore, they treat new things with their inherent natural caution, often brushing off opportunities that can improve their financial situation or life in general.

Another disadvantage is that in the pursuit of a stable income, they lose sight of the important things, for example, friends, family, children. Often it is only at a mature age that a sharp realization comes to them, and they begin to catch up.

But this negative trait easily becomes positive, because, taking into account the years lived and the personal experience gained, Capricorns are miraculously able to change and draw the right conclusions. Better late than never, as they say.

It is not easy for a representative of this zodiac sign to get close to people and establish contacts with the outside world, which often becomes a problem in personal relationships and the cause of their suffering and anxiety.

A man, according to the characteristics of Capricorn, is so open in love with his chosen one that she sometimes begins to suffer from his extreme straightforwardness and categoricalness. But in marriage, his beloved, chosen according to the main criterion – to impress others, can be sure that she will be financially secure, and the family strong.

A woman, in spite of building a career and looking for additional income, feels incomplete without a spouse and children, home and the comfort of loved ones are above all for her.

But, as a rule, it is not easy for her to get married – the complexes and requirements for the second half affect, consisting in the obligatory strength of character and the ability to make her not need anything.

The Capricorn characteristic is ruthless to Aries – they are incompatible anywhere. Misunderstanding threatens both Gemini and Capricorns – according to the horoscope, the family will not work with them, but business development is possible. In sex, big problems await with Aquarius, despite the illusion of spiritual closeness.

Virgo and Scorpio are described in the astrological forecast as suitable partners in a marriage union.

Taurus, on the other hand, surpassed the latter and is recommended by experts as a spouse and a colleague. Cancer is drawn to Capricorn, but nothing long and serious will come of them.

4th House – Meaning and Info

At a low level, this position of the 4th house gives a completely pessimistic position in life. Capricorn is consonant with long and difficult tasks that require a lot of patience and self-denial.

But from the very beginning they come from the inside, from the depths of a person’s soul, and nothing promises him the support that will surely come with the study of the house; and while she is gone, he feels bad and lonely.

In a harmonious version, a Spartan upbringing does not break a person, they set feasible goals for him, and he asserts himself, experiencing the first glimpses of religious feelings, reaching them.

This position at home gives a kind of religious feeling that comes from the depths of a person’s essence with the correct implementation of his karmic program.

At the middle level, a person asserts himself, confirming his life position of the type “if a person really works, knows how to adapt and does not show off, he will always ultimately achieve his goal.” At a low level, the typical attitude is pessimistic: “All my plans always fail.”

This person’s home is most likely uncomfortable. For him, there are no problems of re-gluing wallpaper or cracked glass in the window: he will live calmly and so. With his inner asceticism, he can spoil his family, which will deprive him of his livelihood or, conversely, lead her to poverty if his life attitudes are not sufficiently defined.

It is unlikely that he will achieve comfort and harmonious relations with his family before the age of 30-40, and especially in this case. Probably, on the phone from work (X house-Cancer), he speaks to children much softer than at home.

Usually a difficult situation. Firm and solid life positions, sometimes a pessimistic attitude is possible. The foundation of the personality rests on the concept of duty, a certain self-restraint, and asceticism. The study goes along the path of developing soulfulness, emotional qualities.

The motivation of the Soul for this incarnation could be associated with the desire for power, high social status, perhaps – a sign of a very ancient karma, a deep past.

Capricorn in 4th House – Meaning and Info

The 4th corner house is associated not only with childhood, but also with fate, because it denotes the atmosphere that will accompany the native both in his own nest and in his own home.

In society, a person manifests himself along the line of the Sun and the Ascendant, and only among close people, among personal space, he shows his true face, needs and reactions hidden in the depths of his soul, transmitted along the genetic line.

Hereditary talents, karmic tasks and the result of old age are also visible here. House 4 in Capricorn symbolizes innate asceticism, when ambitions are directed to the outside world, and home improvement does not bother.

The native’s childhood is sure to pass under harsh conditions and restrictions. This can be a strict religious family, upbringing in a boarding school, the lack of a stable income from the parents. In severe cases, not only love and attention from the mother is absent, but also she herself.

Depending on the position of the Moon and karma in general, this may be due to constant wear and tear, but sometimes the 4th house parent dies after the baby is born, although in this case there are many other factors aggravating the situation. In 90% of cases, the mother is strict and categorical, prohibits a lot and brings up through the carrot and stick.

It is difficult to agree with her, she does not compromise, and in an effort to teach discipline, she easily violates the personal boundaries of children and breaks their individuality over the knee.

Of course, if the Moon in the native’s horoscope is in water and air signs, the situation softens a little, but even in the best scenario, parents disappear at work, trying to provide for their children, and forgetting about tenderness and heart-to-heart conversations.

The owners of the 4th house in Capricorn are emotionally defenseless inside and are afraid of an early encounter with the cruelty and categoricalness of the world.

They always strive to get out of the dark labyrinth of fears to the love and nepotism of Cancer. For healing, it is important to strengthen your Moon, showing the qualities of the sign where it is located.

Place of residence, problem solving, old age Native is proud of his origin, studies the history of the clan and will never part with inherited antiquities.

Antique furniture in his house is not uncommon, even if it does not belong to him. Intuitively, a person is drawn to old things associated with certain dates, events, eras. In an extreme case, they are bought out of savings and a lack of desire to decorate housing.

A native is quite capable of bringing a dilapidated discarded sofa or table to him and using them for many years. His apartment is most often state-owned, received from the state or on duty.

Nearby are administrative buildings, military facilities, but with a harmonious Saturn, he lives not far from ministries, in a comfortable government dacha village or an elite complex.

At a low level of elaboration – a working district, an old hostel. In old age, the native almost always becomes a respected authoritative person, even if his environment is far from the elite social circle.

Working out the 4th house in Capricorn Given the harsh childhood, the greatest courage and the main karmic task is the ability to express your feelings openly, not to suppress internal conflicts, not to take revenge, but to forgive, understand and love.

It is important to establish a good relationship with your mother, it is possible to teach her to recognize her emotions and show how to transform them into confidential conversations, and not just actions.

The second line is to allow yourself to be a warm and cordial parent towards children without repeating the mother’s scenario. You can adopt the upbringing of strict discipline, the habit of performing duties, but at the same time be mentally close people.


A good position, elevated signposts are factors that favor the parent. In the western part of the map, the planets promise longer life than in the eastern part.

However, it allows one to come to general conclusions about the established relationship between father, mother and native.

Often, fairly accurate results can be obtained by viewing the 10th house as ascending for the mother, counting the houses clockwise in the usual order, and perceiving the 4th house as ascending for the father.