Part of Fortune in 9th House

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In the Ninth House we try to relate the knowledge acquired with personal experiences to achieve a comprehensive vision of the world.

The location of Fortuna in this house indicates that you feel happy when you have the feeling and certainty that you have come a little closer to the truth.

You are a seeker trying to find the answers to fundamental questions like, for example, the purpose of earthly existence.

Part of Fortune – Meaning

You want to progress, develop your consciousness and understand the laws that govern your life, both natural and man-made. Your goal is to acquire wisdom in your thoughts and actions, and although it may seem like a very high goal and sometimes unattainable, it is worth pursuing, as the mere attempt will provide you with immense inner satisfaction.

You are aware of your imperfection, but this should not prevent you from continuing your search with enthusiasm.

It is important for you to establish deep bonds with other people through meaningful conversations that go beyond the trivial matters of everyday life. Your gift for teaching – so closely related to Sagittarius and the Ninth House – will help you convey your ideas clearly and awaken an interest in your thoughts.

Perhaps you will make your ideals about a more humane society come true, within the margins of what is possible, and that your words, supported by your own example, will encourage more than one, to live more in harmony with the laws of the world cosmos.

Do not forget, however, that patience is a requirement to see how what is sown bears fruit.

There is no doubt that one of the priorities in your life is the search for the truth, but you must be careful not to become “obsessive”, since the truth cannot be found out with the brain and pure reason – at the cost of the heart , that is to say of spiritual feelings.

9th House – Meaning

It is commonly referred to as the “House of Philosophy” or even the “House of God”.

Thus, the search for a greater meaning of yourself and everything is the focal point here.

It deals with the most noble and philosophical questions of the human being and it is here that people will make their spiritual choices and seek a more intimate connection with something higher.

The scope of the ninth house also covers grandchildren, as well as in-laws. It is a house philosophically directed to the search for meaning, purpose and truth.

In addition, it also deals with immigration, article publishing and import and export multinationals.

As we explore our world, we begin to understand everything that is available to us.

It all comes down to understanding, the act of understanding what we see, feel and perceive, hoping to assimilate and experience the true meaning of everything.

Box 9 deals with the search for meaning, a broader and less trivial or banal direction, a greater purpose than the individual

Being, something that transcends one’s own personality. It is the total knowledge of the identity that started to form in house 1.

Being the next house after the eighth (which deals with endings and end of cycle), house 9 comes to incite curiosity and inspire questions about life after death and everything that comes after something that has died, disappeared or is hidden.

It deals with our ability to move forward and enter the beyond and tends to show the direction we have to go in order to free ourselves from any fear of change.

Every time we look at the ninth house on our birth chart, we also need to deal with our 8th house, as we cannot have a broad perspective on things if we are afraid or stuck with something.

Even if it is well configured, we will not be able to connect with your themes if our eighth house is not well taken care of, therefore, fears and attachments must be resolved so that there is a good fluency of House 9 on the map.

This feeling undermines the quality and the expansive potential of our lives, themes governed by the ninth house.

Each barrier and fear we leave behind is able to lead us to new horizons, experiences, relationships and knowledge.

If you’re native Sun is positioned in house 9, its essence tends to be very bright and happy, as this is called the “house of joy and contentment” for the Sun.

The star tends to feel comfortable when positioned in this sector of the map. House 9 is governed by the sign of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter.

Part of Fortune in 9th House – Meaning and Symbolism

When one performs some good deed in a past existence, it manifests itself in the present life as “good fortune” or also “luck.”

But here we are explaining that it was meritorious activities that created certain auspicious conditions that one receives in his present life.

The birth chart of one is the result of all the experience of previous actions that we had, currently we take the result of decisions and actions of the past to through this condition, carry out our life and make decisions that, at the same time, will condition our future lifetime.

For this reason, the Vedic Astrologer advises people to always try to perform virtuous actions towards others, towards themselves, because it is one of the main ways that will lead us to blissful experiences.

Thus, doing good deeds for others and for oneself is the way to forge our good fortune.

To analyze what is related to good fortune, it is necessary to analyze the force of the 9th house, through its ruling planet, in which sign / house it is located, what aspects this planet receives.

The planets that face the 9th house, the planets located in the 9th house, and also the planet Jupiter itself, its strength and disposition in the natal chart.

The ruler of the 9th house can be said to be like a Jupiter. It is the most beneficial and auspicious planet in the natal chart.

The house where it is located will flourish, as well as the planets with which this ruler is related, either by conjunction or by aspect.

In a similar way it happens with planets present in house 9. These planets flourish in their own natural indicators and the houses that govern these planets placed in house 9, will make their own houses flourish.

And the Trichina houses are controlled by the Shakti (power) of Shri Vishnu, who is referred to as his consort, the goddess Lakshmi. Shri Lakshmi is the goddess who represents prosperity, opulence, happiness. Thus the 9th house is a house controlled by Shri Lakshmi.

For example, if Venus is in the 9th house, one after she is married, she can have abundance, prosperity, and increased spiritual interest.

If, for example, the ruler of the 12th house is located in the 9th house, one must go abroad, or dedicate oneself to charitable institutions, or work in hospitals.

The person does that and gets the blessings of the 9th house for his life.

One must carry out the activities of the planets present in the 9th house and also the activities of the houses that govern such planets.

Also, the house where one has the ruler of the 9th house will be auspicious activities that can attract fortune and general well-being.

They are two planets that are related to the 9th house. One is Jupiter, as a natural indicator of good fortune and spiritual inclination.

And the other is the Sun, as a natural indicator of the dharma and the father.

In Jyotsna, it is the 9th house that relates everything related to the individual nature of the father.


Through the advanced teaching proposed by the ninth worldly house, we hope to understand concepts, insights and theories that will improve our world and generate a greater sense of purpose and personal direction in our lives.

Whether through philosophy, astrology, theology, psychology or other path, house 9 reminds us that we are on a journey of discovery and self-knowledge, these things being very important and that should also be part of our journey as living beings.