Capricorn in 5th House – Meaning and Info

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The earthly element that governs the sign of Capricorn endows people born under this constellation with practicality and prudence.

It is not for nothing that this sign is called restrained and cold, however, after reading its characteristics, you will recognize many other features in the behavior of Capricorn people.

Capricorn – Meaning and Info

Due to external coldness, these people are able to perfectly control their behavior.

Situations are rare when Capricorn can publicly lose his temper, because he does not allow himself such violent manifestations of emotions, considering such behavior to be wrong.

But this does not mean that the Capricorn man does not experience deep feelings, he just got used to hiding them deeper. This sign is practical, has a down-to-earth outlook on life, he is not able to follow the lead of emotions.

Capricorns set goals for themselves, patiently and painstakingly achieving them. Despite the laconicism and restraint in behavior, they make the choice of their soulmate for a long time and carefully, carefully and imperceptibly looking at her.

Sometimes it is impossible to understand how Capricorn really treats you, because they are equally polite and reserved with the people around them. In a career, they can go for a long time, scrupulously towards the intended goal.

Capricorns are capable of making good leaders if they are ready to remove excessive passivity and detachment from the common cause.

Another, hidden character trait of the people of this sign is a tendency to tyranny, because they like to insist on their own, despite their own wrong.

Capricorns look unapproachable, they are not inclined to share inner experiences, but if you win their heart, they will be able to share their experiences and thoughts, but only slowly and gradually.

Capricorn gets used to keeping emotions in himself, so only the closest people know that this seemingly cold sign is capable of eccentricities and madness. But only in its own circle and in very metered portions.

Capricorn woman Smart, calm, outwardly restrained Capricorn women are excellent workers and good housewives. They can achieve career success, competing with men, because they have tremendous endurance and calmness.

Over the years, many Capricorns only bloom – a rare representative of this constellation looks at her passport age. Over the years, Capricorn women are only getting younger 10 gays who changed the world.

The hearth plays a big role for Capricorn women, they are ready to sacrifice their work to create comfort for their loved ones and children. These ladies are not inclined to openly show coquetry and flirt, preferring restraint and a certain coldness.

The thing is that even female Capricorns consider it inappropriate to openly and publicly demonstrate their feelings and emotions. Calm and confident women attract the attention of others, because they always demonstrate a decent level of manners and wisdom.

Restrained, but at the same time, bright Capricorn women are able to win the love of others with their inner confidence and inner magnetism.

5th House – Meaning and Info

I have already told you that this Cancer-Capricorn axis, where it is in our horoscope, gives a very characteristic feature – the distribution of roles “child-adult”.

If it concerns children, then the situation is not excluded that one of the children will perform the function of a permanent baby, such an eternal “lyalechka” for a parent. He will be “small and helpless for the rest of his life.

Fortunately, the card of this child and his general level can be very holistic and mature, and then, as an adult, he will take on the functions of a parent in relation to his mom and dad.

Although in this case, the soul of the parents is disposed towards them with special tenderness and a desire to patronize (even if the child is already spoon-feeding the parent).

A completely different situation is a child walking under Capricorn control! Such children are taught from early childhood to be adults. Very often, this indicator indicates that the parent, while cultivating independence in the child, has seriously distanced himself from him.

As a rule, such a parent performs all his parental functions – he cares, protects (in material terms), teaches, guides, etc. But in this case, as a rule, no tenderness or help on trifles is observed.

At the same time, the parents, for their part, say – “Well, after all, the child is so independent! Since childhood, he is such that he does everything himself, does his homework, collects his own portfolio (more mature and cooks for himself, if necessary), etc.”

In this sense, a Capricorn child is similar to a Virgo – there is no need to “hang over his soul”, he is very independent, very smart, purposeful, though, unlike Virgo, he is not chatty, and in general is often not sociable.

And here is an interesting thing, on the one hand, our horoscope “prescribed” for us OUR vision of his child, which, as it seems to us, is a response to his behavior and character.

On the other hand, there will probably be something in his chart that will confirm his description in our natal chart (in this case, he may have Capricorn or Saturn in the 1st house on the ASC, the Sun, Moon or stallion may be in Capricorn, or the Sun and the Moon conjunct Saturn, etc.). But with all this, the parent, by his behavior, does not bring the child closer to him.

A parent, by his behavior, does not allow the child to feel his “smallness”, his childhood, he does not allow him to get rid of high demands on himself. Moreover, it is important to understand that the parent does not do this out of any bad motives.

A normal, adequate parent in no way wants to harm his child. He does not always even realize how much he raises the bar, how much he demands from the child, how little he gives in return.

There is, of course, a category of parents who believe that you need to accustom yourself to life in advance, “hard in learning, easy in battle” and this is certainly a Capricorn type. But not everyone consciously chooses this type of interaction with the child.

Many parents simply have no time – he is at work and at the same time is infinitely glad that the child is independent and can take care of himself. And the parent gets so used to it that the child “can do it himself” that very quickly forgets that “he can do it himself” and “an adult person” are not the same thing.

And that because a child can take care of himself, he did not become an adult, those requirements cannot be made to him as to an adult. Hence – a very high bar grows – both for the parent in relation to the child, and for the child in relation to himself.

That is why it can be very difficult for such children to cry, talk about their fears, and share their inner problems, especially if the family has another child walking in the opposite Sign – Cancer. At the same time, it does not matter at all what kind of “number” or gender it is.

If the child is of the Capricorn type – the first – it means “he must”, because the elder, if the second – because the elders must be respected. If he is a boy – because “man!”, If a girl – because “helper!” etc. The reason would be, there would be a child.

Whatever it was, all the same, very great requirements are imposed on the child. It is good if he does not have serious defeats in the card (especially the Moon, the Sun and 1 house).

Then, in spite of all the parental “troubles”, he will find an opportunity to relax and relieve his stress, and so on. But if the card is affected, then the child may have serious psychological problems that have grown out of “dislike”, “growing up” too early and not being able to relax.

Parents may not even notice, but these children often live in a state of intense emotional stress. From childhood, they develop a “perfectionist syndrome” – he must be better at everything, and it is very difficult to endure his failures.

But if Saturn is also struck in the parent’s chart, then a parent who has Capricorn on the cusp of a responsible house is often not even able to understand the problems of his child. Not able to feel it, feel it.

Sometimes a parent may think that a child is unsuccessful, a loser, that he is not good for anything. And it can even be actively instilled in the child himself. To whom

Capricorn in 5th House – Meaning and Info

The fifth sector of pleasure and the inspiring joys of life affects issues of childbirth, creativity, love affairs before marriage. Here, a person manifests itself as an educator, creator of new worlds and a lover.

The sign on the cusp of the 5th house will help to find out. In Capricorn, all spheres of pleasure undergo restrictions imposed by its ruler Saturn.

It becomes difficult to express emotions and, as a result, cold, strained relations with children, the desire to impose their will and constantly control everyone, fear of the manifestation of sexuality and creative innovations.

Due to restraint and conservatism, a person misses the chance to be happy. Children and creativity Horoscope holders are attached to children with all their soul, they can even give their lives for them, but they rarely show tenderness through warm words and hugs. But they steadily demand discipline, obedience, strict fulfillment of duties.

This makes children feel unloved, tortured, and unhappy. The child is usually late. Conception is postponed due to fear of fatherhood or motherhood, but obstacles on the event plan are possible: workload, health problems, a suitable partner does not meet for a long time.

Emotional stress is the eternal companion of the native and his children. Because of him, they cannot relax and believe in their strength, feel creative impulses, ceasing to be afraid of condemnation and laughter.

The main difficulties on the path of children arise from the feeling of being unloved and devalued, which is read by others, not noticing their obvious talents and external individuality, because five-house Capricorns, with their striving for perfection, directly inspire the child that he is ugly and talentless.

Surprisingly, in terms of love, the native is like an ice statue in which a fire is burning. If you are lucky enough to meet a companion, sensitive and domineering at the same time, the flame of passion will heal all the complexes and psychological trauma of childhood.

Five-house Capricorns are incredibly sexy, although they carefully hide it, fearing to be rejected. A man will never approach a woman without receiving an advance payment at the level of flirting and a hint that he likes him. The woman, on the other hand, enjoys the conquest by a persistent admirer.

Despite the fact that they do not know how to stand on ceremony with the feelings of others, you need to be incredibly tactful and understanding with them, especially in terms of sex. If any desire is ridiculed, the five-house Capricorn will never trust and will not be able to continue living with this partner.

When childhood was difficult, the native is stingy with words of sympathy and is even afraid to give gifts and talk about love, despite the fact that he has already made an offer. He will definitely thaw out with the correct behavior of the partner.

Here salvation will be a kind and selfless Cancer according to the Sun, Venus for women, Mars for men, or the Ascendant for both sexes, which can melt the saturnine ice.

Working through the 5th house in Capricorn One of the ways to harmonize the fifth sector in Capricorn is to work together with children or even teach a common cause.

Success in this case depends on the native’s awareness, because you need to restrain your inclination towards tyranny and authoritarianism. When a person is unsure of himself, there is a fear that the child will surpass him.


Having learned to rejoice at the achievements of his continuation in this world, the five-house Capricorn will solve half of the karmic problems. Prosperity awaits in financial management, jewelry, industry, individual entrepreneurship as a chief, manager of any direction, producer, master designer, and architect.

In communicating with children, you should learn to express your feelings in words, without expecting that the child will understand everything anyway.

Material support for a child’s worldview is not a proof of love. It is better to spend leisure time together, play, walk and talk in different ways.