Venus in Leo

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Astrology we know today, Western astrology, has ancient origins and a very long history. It comes from far past, dating some couple of thousands of years ago, from Ancient Persia.

The exact date of its creation is still unknown; there are archaeological and historical data proving it was in use for millennia. Ancient Persians were familiar with all the Solar system planets, except Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which were discovered not that long ago.

Persians and other ancients mentioned all of these planets and they ascribed certain divine powers to them. Ancient civilizations associated planets with their deities. Planet Venus, we are about talk later, was identified with Ishtar, for example. Ancient Greeks and Romans followed the same example. Ancient Greeks inherited Persian astrological conceptions and ideas.

It is well known that Ptolemy, famous Greco-Roman mathematician, physicist, geographer and astronomer studied astrology, as well. Persian astrology came to Europe early on and it was spread around the continent by Romans. It was once much appreciated, yet mysterious discipline, worth of admiration and respect.

However, there were times astrology went very unpopular in Europe.

In time of the notorious Inquisition, astrology and practices considered similar were all forbidden. Inquisitors mentioned these as Devil’s works and were eager to punish everyone who has anything to do with it. Astrology was considered a very unlucky business at times, just as sorcery and witchcraft.

However, it survived and we still have it today. Moreover, some people take it very seriously, although it is not an accepted official scientific approach.

The name astrology, however, literally means ‘science’. Not any science, but that of the stars. This ancient discipline developed in other parts of the world, as well. At the same time with so-called classic or Western astrology, it also developed in China, India, Japan and on Tibet. Indian or Vedic astrology differs from Chinese and Japanese, but all of them associate astrology with medicine, which is quite an impressive notion.

Astrology, as associated with medicine, was always respected and admired in these lands. Astrologers were always people that were considered wise and who had the highest level of education possible.

In all civilizations, astrology was practiced exclusively on royal courts, by order of great rulers. It was very uncommon for ordinary people to deal with it. Not until sixties of the twentieth century (yes, you heard it right!), astrology was not present in press.

Since sixties, astrology has a regular place in press and in popular culture. Today, you have all sorts of people dealing with it. True, some are not ‘real’ astrologers, but frauds who want to earn money on behalf of others eagerness to learn about their future.

Well, such kind of trickery was most likely present in old times. We talk about regular astrology and its basics.

Venus and Horoscope

When it comes to planets in astrology, it is good to remind ourselves about well-known facts on planetary influence over life on Earth. Planets of our Solar system definitely affect overall life on Earth.

While the Sun and the Moon are not actual planets, in scientific terms, astrology sees them as part of planetary astrological scheme. That said, you know that the Moon creates tides and Sun warms up our planet.

You can see Venus, as the brightest one, beside the Sun and the Moon. There are many scientific facts that prove how and to what degree other planets and the whole system and cosmos affect our own home, but we are not into that.

According to astrology, planets affect each individual’s life. In fact, astrologers claim planets can shape up your personality and destiny. The association with deities is seen in modern day astrology; these conceptions are infiltrated into modern astrology as archetypes.

Therefore, planet Venus, we will discuss today, carries ideas associated with goddesses such as Ishtar and Aphrodite, Roman Venus. All are the same.

Planet Venus represents beauty and love. It is associated with one’s sense of these ideas; it determines the way you think about love and express your emotions of love. Venus is also identified with fertility, richness, money and abundance. It is the planet of prosperity, harmony and balance.

Venus is one of ‘personal planets’. Personal planets are those that are said to determine or temperament, character and overall personality traits.

Other personal planets are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Mars. Venus is considered a productive planet, feminine and passionate one. People who have this planet as their ruling one are often very kind, loving and lovable, friendly and generous.

They love arts and are extremely good-hearted. They rarely think bad of people and generally have a protective, caring and benevolent attitude.

Venus is the planet of artists, lovers, creators, entertainers. It is delicate, clean, feminine, fertile, kind and tender. However, this does not mean Venus makes you easily seduced and submissive.

Its energy is very strong and its place in your natal chart will determine how would you handle its incredibly strong energy, especially that in the field of love and profession.

Venus in Leo – General Info

Today we talk about one of the most passionate Venus aspects and that is Venus in Leo. Let us remind you of the basic characteristics of the Leo sign. Regardless of your ruling signs, an accentuated Leo will definitely show up in your character.

Leo is ambitious, royal, proud, protective and strong. Leo people are always in the spotlight and they enjoy it. They tend to be egoistic, but not from ill intentions. Leo is bold and protective of what or whom he or she holds important.

Leo people rarely ask others for help. They are, however, caring, loyal and reliable protectors of others. A Leo man or woman would do everything to make their loved ones feel safe and secure. They are astounding and they care much about their own reputation.

These people would work hard to get what they want, but they are also prone to laziness, if they can afford it.

They are open, charismatic, the loudest in company, shining and positive. What if you have Venus in such a strong sign?

Venus in Leo means you are bold and open when it comes to expressing your feelings. Venus in Leo makes you a passionate personality, one demanding in love, one who wants it to be explosive, overwhelming, grandiose and glorious. Venus Leo people expect and accept nothing less. In this personality, the ideal of love is embodied purposefully.

For Venus Leo, love is on top of the ladder of essential values in life. Love is ultimate and the most precious treasure for Venus Leos. These people tend to express their love in an open, direct, warm and romantic manner.

They are natural in love, because love itself is the most essential ‘ingredient’ of such a personality. They could literally burn out in the feeling of love and they need it passionate and romantic.

Venus in Leo makes you dependant of physical, sensual part of love, in a way. For Venus Leo people, physical contact and romantic gestures are of essential importance in a relationship or while dating.

They would openly show their affection and would expect the same in return. They need fulfillment on all levels and their need to have a physical relationship does not make them enter an affair exclusively because of that need. They need more.

Good Traits

People with Venus in Leo are positive, charismatic, passionate and they praise love above everything else. All the Leo qualities shine with this aspect and make them people with good taste and great respect for art.

They are creative and ambitious and they often succeed in making wonderful things, usually something in the area of art and entertainment. They could be amazing performers, as well as successful dramatists.

Venus Leo people are very self-confident and they are proud of their qualities and achievements. On the other hand, they have enough self-esteem that they are not ashamed of their flaws.

They feel natural and relaxed when given the attention to express themselves, which make them influential and inspiring people, but also good friends.

Speaking about friendship, they are warm, protective, helpful and loyal.

They are good hearted and they do not waste time on small trickery, deceit or anything like that; that is simply far below their level.

They are usually well educated, polite and with good manners in total. Venus Leo are not afraid of showing their love. They are passionate, romantic and they would do amazing things to win someone’s heart. The emotion love shapes up their life.

Bad Traits

Bad traits of Venus Leo people are actually bad sides of proud Leo, accentuated by burning Venus.

They could become too demanding and self-obsessed. They want to be admired, praised and adored, as they were royal. They tend to put their love for themselves above everything else. They could even play a victim’s role only to be given an amount of attention they strive for.

They are not vengeful people and one would say this is a good trait. It is, of course, but it mostly originates from their narcissism. They tend to neglect others and they often think others do not deserve a piece of their attention. They want to be the best in everything, including the game of love, which is good, but it could be very tiring and exhausting for others.

Venus Leo are extremely passionate and they could literally burn out in the flame of love.

They cannot control it and their relationships could be turbulent and dramatic, because of that. They could feel dull and as if they have lost the point of life, once such relationship is over. They surrender themselves to the fullest, seduced by their own desire and they burn out, consumed, like moths to the flame.

Venus in Leo Man

Venus in Leo in men signs make an irresistible charmer. He is bold, self-confident, with an attitude of a king. Venus Leo man knows what he wants from his life and especially, what he wants from his love life. He is a good, loyal and reliable friend. Honor is his second name. He is gallant, polite and he does not let anyone spoil his impeccable reputation.

He is demanding, that is for sure. Venus Leo man is passionate about everything he loves and he invests his feelings to the fullest. He is competitive and sometimes his need to be in the center of attention seduces him to do things he does not actually feel. He is in struggle between his feelings of love, his sense of reputation and beauty.

Often he would like to be seen in public with a woman others die for, even if there are no sparkles of love between them.

However, when he loves, he gives his whole heart away. He easily wins others’ hearts. People like Venus Leo man, because he is open, direct, charismatic and he would always cheer you up. He is easy going, confident and trustworthy guy.

Venus in Leo Woman

Ladies with Venus in Leo are passionate and helplessly romantic. They are also very ambitious and proud women, protective and caring. Their motherly instincts are particularly strong, as well as fatherly protective attitude is present in Venus Leo men.

Venus Leo women are fearless when they want something. Their passion for things is their ultimate fuel.

Venus Leo women are relaxed in public and they like to show off. They enjoy glamour and attention and are often admired for their taste in fashion. They enjoy arts; they are commonly artists or performers themselves.

Venus Leo women are persistent in their goals. They put love above everything else, meaning everything they do, they do in the name of love.

They need a man who is equal to them. They have high standards and they are competitive.

Although they show the same level of interest in mere reputation, like Venus Leo men, they are more likely not to choose a partner only because it is someone with a name in public.

Venus Leo women are protective, caring and self-confident women.


Venus in Leo makes a glorious astrological combination. People with this aspect praise love above everything else. They idea of love is the core of their being, although it could turn into various shapes. Some Venus Leo people love themselves too much, to say so.

Others love others too much and would sacrifice themselves in the name of love. They are prone to such extremes, but they are capable of finding the balance, as well.

Love is the fuel to drive them through life.

They people are passionate about everything and they invest themselves to the fullest. They do not calculate feelings, but surrender to their passions. Venus Leo people are known to be honorable, trustworthy, loyal and reliable. They are certainly worth of every respect and admiration.