Midheaven in Gemini

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The Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC) is one of the most important angles in our natal chart beside the Ascendant. It is literally translated as “the middle of the sky”.

This point in our chart indicates our status and career, our reputation, our goals and aspirations in life. It describes our career path, but also our life path. It is one side of an axis which is always aligned with the north and the south.

On the other side of this axis is Imum Coeli or IC, which means “the bottom of the sky”. The other equally important axis of the natal chart is the one made of the Ascendant and the Descendant.

While the Midheaven describes our public personality and the way we behave publically, the IC describes our private behavior, one which we have when we are alone or in the presence of the people we consider very close, like close family members and friends. The IC describes our private personality.

The IC indicates how we feel and behave when there’s no one around us. The sign on the IC and the fourth house describes our behavior in the presence of our family members and close friends, which are people who know us best.

They represent our attitude and feelings when we are spending time at home, in our bed, our bathroom, sitting at our table, watching television, reading a book we don’t want to talk anyone about, thinking about someone who no one knows about, etc.

This house and the sign on its cusp also symbolize our family and people who live with us. It is the most private area of our lives and not everyone can enter it freely.

The Midheaven on the other side reveals our public personality and our image of how we desire to be perceived by the public. The sign placed on your Midheaven describes how you are perceived by the people you work with, the people who see you on stage performing, or giving a speech, or when they hear you speak, as well as how well you organize other people.

This sign indicates how you want to be perceived by others and usually describes the areas you admire and respect and want to be a part of.

The Midheaven point reveals not only your professional and career goals, but it also describes your personal and spiritual goals. Most people are delighted by the qualities of the sign which is on their Midheaven.

That sign describes our life path, our career path and vocation, but also the reputation we will be seeking and receiving in life. In most cases, it indicates the profession we will most likely choose to make a living. This sign also indicates the person’s reactions in stressful situations.

Another thing about the MC/IC axis is that it describes our parents and our relationship with them. That is also why it is a very important spot in our natal chart. Usually, the Midheaven represents our mother, and the IC represents our father, but it can also be reversed in some people’s charts.

The MC and the IC, especially the IC, are related to our childhood, our growing up, and the process of our upbringing. They are related to the authority figures which influenced our development and understanding of good and bad and right and wrong.

These figures were our parents and grandparents, our teachers, for some our priests, for others they were also the actual community leaders, or other adults who influenced us during that time. Their influence, among other circumstances, shaped our personality.

The Midheaven is a spot which reveals our visible accomplishments, and it also rules our public appearance. It represents the highest point above the horizon at the time of our birth, as well as the highest point in our natal chart.

To determine all the angles and house cusps of the natal chart, and the Midheaven among them, we need to have the exact time, day, and place of the person’s birth.

Another important thing to note is that the MC and the IC are not separate. They represent our personality both the public and the private one. Both these personalities are genuine and represent who you truly are.

Midheaven in Gemini Man

Men with Midheaven in Gemini appear very open and curious.

They are the center of every social gathering, mingling around people and collecting the latest news and gossip. They enjoy being informed just for the sake of it.

These men are very intelligent and usually choose a changing and dynamic career where they can expand their knowledge and enjoy the variety of new experiences. These men are fun to be around because they seem to know a bit about every subject, just enough to make people intrigued.

They can be considered superficial, and they often are when it comes to people they have just met, or they don’t know well.

These men are very sociable and love meeting new people, which is why they have a lot of acquaintances.

They are very communicative and creative, and often choose a career somehow related to communication and expressing their thoughts and feelings creatively and in a public manner, through writing, speech, etc.

Midheaven in Gemini Woman

Men with Midheaven in Gemini are interesting and make a fun company.

They appear shallow in their relations with other people, and it is usually the quantity than the quality which interests them in the interactions with the public.

These women are privately very different and very much involved in their relationships with the people they care about.

In public, these women love to mingle around and meet new people. They often do it as a part of their career which is usually in the field of communication.

These women love to communicate and enjoy expressing themselves in some creative way, usually through spoken or written words. They are very good at marketing, writing, advertising, and similar fields.

These women love to talk and that is obvious from the moment you begin talking to them.

They have the ability to detach themselves emotionally from situations where they need to be calm and thoughtful about their actions.

Good Traits

Some of the good traits of Midheaven in Gemini: open, easy going, relaxed, communicative, talkative, adaptable, deep thinkers, intelligent, knowledgeable, sociable, spiritual, curious, good at multitasking, calm in difficult situations, prone to changes, adventurous, creative, etc.

Bad Traits

Some of the bad traits of Midheaven in Gemini: superficial, emotionally detached, prone to gossip, easily get bored, etc.

Midheaven in Gemini – General Info

When your Midheaven is in Gemini, your public appearance has the qualities of this sign. You also choose a career in some of the Gemini ruled areas.

Gemini rules accounts and accountants, airplanes, vehicles, books and bookstores, booksellers, broadcasting, broadcasters, bus travel, bus drivers, clerks and clerical work, all means of communication, conversation, neighborhood, neighboring countries, debates, drivers, editors, educational institutions and education, gossip, information, intellect and intelligence, journalism and journalists.

Gemini also rules lectures, lecturers, libraries, literature, learning, literary people, literary critics, magazines, mechanics, trade, traders, messages, news, newspapers, publishers, novels, novelists, office workers, post offices, printing, radio and television broadcasting, reports, reporting, schools in general, stockbroking, stockbrokers, storytelling and story writing, telephones, translating, translators, traveling, writing and writers, etc.

People with Midheaven in Gemini are perceived as very sociable, intelligent, optimistic, and very communicative.

These people seem to know something about every topic mentioned. Because of this ability, they fit well in different social groups, but they don’t involve in deeper conversations on the subject because their knowledge is usually superficial.

These people can talk with almost anyone because they love being around different people and socializing.

They are easy going and open and cheerful in their interactions with others. These people love to talk a lot. They have a great ability to adapt to different circumstances. They love to gather news and information, and can be prone to gossip. They often have a flirtatious nature as well.

These people have the sign of Sagittarius is on their IC, or the beginning of their fourth house and these are the areas where these people exhibit the qualities of the sign of Sagittarius.

They use their home and the company of the people close to them to indulge in deep thinking and contemplating about the Universal truths. They love to spend time in discussions with people whose opinion they value, about their impressions and beliefs about the deepest subjects of life.

They also love to spend time alone reading their favorite books, and expanding their knowledge on the subjects which interest them most.

These people deep down are very spiritual and they enjoy deepening their spirituality further. They enjoy exchanging and sharing their knowledge with other people with similar beliefs, usually the ones who are close to them.

To the public, they might appear shallow but deep inside they are very deep thinking and conscious beings. They usually have their unique view on religion, philosophy, and the truths of our existence and the Universe in general.

These people often change their place of living at some point in their lives. They feel a strong bond with foreign cultures and often adopt one or more of them as their own. They were most likely very curious and excited about learning even since their young age.

They probably didn’t have difficulty in performing their tasks at school and were eager to learn as many things as possible, and that trait remained with them. Their interests were also foreign cultures and different beliefs.

In public, these people are seen as communicative, interesting, full of action, flaky, inconsistent, superficial, intelligent, adaptable, etc.

Privately, these people are deep thinkers, focused on discovering the secrets of the Universe and our existence on this planet.

They are very adaptable and can change their career focus more than once. These people are even prone to doing multiple things at once and having two successful careers instead of one.

These people are very capable of multitasking and have a sharp eye for details. They don’t get disturbed easily and can detach their emotions in situations where they estimate that reacting emotionally could harm them.

These people have a gift of remaining relaxed and calm in difficult situations and crisis which enables them to go through things with more ease than other people.

People with Gemini on their Midheaven are prone to making changes and accept them as a natural part of life. These people often make career changes because they enjoy the excitement which new things and experiences will bring into their lives.

They often choose careers related to communication, travel, writing, teaching, performing, publication, advertising, etc. Their job needs to inspire them and mustn’t be static and stagnant.

They need to have the opportunity to grow and expand through their work and constantly experience and learn new things. They can easily get bored with their job.

These people instinctively know when it is time to change something about their career or change it completely. They are usually very creative and need to have a space to express their creativity through their career.

They are very curious and most people first notice that about them.

They desire a career which is mentally challenging, and gives them the freedom to express themselves. They also need their career to be related to the public and involve many people.


People with Midheaven in Gemini are very communicative and sociable.

They love being around people and are quite adaptable to different social circles. They have a lot to talk about because they have a variety of topics they know a bit about. They can appear superficial and disinterested, and they easily get bored.

That is the reason why they need constant mental stimulation and challenges.

They are often changing their careers or something in relation to their careers because they cannot stand stagnation and the status quo.

Many of these people have two careers at once. Nothing is difficult for these people as they manage to maintain their calm during difficult and challenging situations.

They love to hear the latest news and gossip and can be prone to gossiping themselves. They almost never do it out of malice, they just need to exchange information and have something to talk about.

They are prone to talking a lot. Although they appear shallow in public, privately, these people are deep thinkers and contemplators of the subjects in the Universe.