Capricorn Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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When it comes to horoscopes and astrology, people have very firm opinions on those being a complete nonsense and a waste of time or something precious and given to us by some higher force and with a higher purpose.

Those who believe horoscopes literally tell about what would happen to you in, say, the following several years, are wrong, as well as in wrong are those who suspect horoscopes could give us any valuable information.

The truth is a mixture of both, in a way. While no astrologer is capable of telling you this or that will happen, with one hundred percent accuracy, he or she could, however, tell you what potentials you have. He or she actually presents you opportunities and possibilities that are written in your birth chart.

Your potentials are what is written in the stars, not every single detail of your actual life, past or future.

It is completely up to you, although your astrological profile affects your personality and the way of thinking and action, if we are to trust astrology. However, horoscope can definitely give you better insight into who you are and what could become of you.

Astrology chart, birth, natal chart or horoscope is a diagram that graphically presents planetary positions at the time of your birth. It is delivered from tropical or sidereal zodiac.

Tropical and sidereal zodiacs are terms that describe different types of year definition or different systems of ecliptic coordinates in astrology, which is important for an astrologer’s calculations. There are ongoing debates on which one is more accurate.

Let us get back to our birth chart. Your astrologer needs your date, place and time of birth to create your natal chart.

Each birth chart is unique. It is a scheme, divided into twelve houses that represent separate areas of an individual’s life, such as health, love, career and else. There are signs, planets and other points that are distributed in this chart, uniquely.

As we have said, everything in a birth chart defines you astrologically or, more precisely, defines your potentials.

You can get many answers and useful guidelines from your horoscope. Say you would like to know if the person whom you met is someone you should keep in your company or start a romantic relationship, if you are really attracted by him or her and there are some sparkles between you two.

Say you are in a relationship, but things do not go as lovely as expected and you wonder why.

Capricorn Man

Astrology could answer these questions by comparing two birth charts. An astrologer could say if you two have compatible natal charts and if your relationship has favorable aspects. Of course, not all this is written in stone, but it could give you some possible directions. Understanding basic zodiac signs compatibility could be the perfect first step into understanding more.

Today, we will see how compatible Capricorn man and Leo woman are.

Just to remind you, there are no zodiac signs that cannot develop a relationship, on any level; it greatly depends on personal horoscopes and aspects if the connection will be troublesome and difficult or easygoing and sweet. Let us now talk more of Capricorn man.

Capricorn man is very ambitious and persistent personality; many would instantly call him stubborn. He is fearless, courageous and daring. Capricorn man puts all of his efforts into being the best of himself.

He rarely gives up his ideas and plans. Capricorn man has incredibly inventive and creative mind that goes along with perfect sense of reality.

He is not a dreamer; he will do what he plans. Capricorn man is not afraid of making mistakes, firmly believing that he who dares, wins. Capricorn man has good intuition, but also amazingly accurate evaluation of any situation.

He is capable of seeing further and deeper, so mistakes mentioned are not to take place very often. Capricorn man could adapt to various situations, but he would not give up his cause at the cost of his head!

He will somehow find a way to make it reality, even if it requires a lot of hard work, compromises in other areas of life and so. He is moderately open to new experiences and for new life lessons.

He is ready to admit he does not know something and is willing to improve his skills and knowledge, but all of this only to achieve what he has on his mind. He rarely despairs and complains.

If Capricorn man finds himself in a difficult position, he is confused for a moment, but in the very next one, he has already started inventing new solutions and pathways. Speaking about love and romance, Capricorn man is energetic, seductive, passionate, direct, and very stable. In fact, he seeks for stability needed to ground his incredible amounts of energy.

Family and marriage are what Capricorn man is very inclined to. He does not like uncertainty in any area of life, so he prefers to have a stable, warm and loving home as a base. If you would like to get his attention, you have to be persistent and imaginative.

Capricorn man needs to make sure you mean it for real, in all types of relations, from business to love life.

If you appear to be inconsistent, indecisive or doubting, he would not be much interested in you, in terms of serious relationship and marriage. Capricorn man falls for clever, intelligent, creative and bold women.

You really have to catch his attention with an interesting story, rather than by fancy looks. Loyalty and honesty also matter a lot.

If he has any reason to suspect your devotion and love, he would be very disappointed. He, himself, is honest, straightforward and just. He seduces quickly and easily, with his natural charm, his intellect and usually wins a woman verbally. Capricorn knows many things and he is equally interested in art, work, and sports.

He is not obsessed with financial success and luxury, but he aims for a steady income and comfortable living.

Capricorn tends to be workaholic and he is organized and practical. Capricorn man feels excitement when faced with challenges. Just as the animal his sign is named after would boldly climb upon steep sides of a mountain, in search for rich grassy plains, Capricorn man will readily climb over obstacles in his life.

He is definitely one of the most courageous and fearless zodiac men, very enduring and pretty stubborn in his goals and ideals.

Leo Woman

Leo woman is a fearless lady who bravely walks through life, without any complaint. When times get hard, she will readily face all the obstacles. There is nothing that could break her. Leo woman is determined, beautiful and ambitious.

She does not control, she rules everything. Leo woman is a good planner; her attitude is firm, but relaxed, at the same time.

There is not much rush in a Leo’s life, although there are focus, determination, organization and hard work.

She is a person capable of making something out of nothing, because Leos are born to be on top. She does not need others to tell her what to do and she does not like to be controlled. She is brave and self reliant, but she is not cold and reserved.

Leo woman is very passionate, caring and protective of those she holds dear. She would do anything to protect and help those she cares for, especially those who are weaker and more vulnerable.

She is a loyal, trustful and devoted friend, mother, sister, lover, wife or whatever role she has taken in your life. Be assured Leo woman would never turn her back on you, if you were important to her.

She would never let anyone hurt you. On the other hand, she is a great narcissist and she has a very high self-esteem, which could be tiring and ridiculous to other people. She talks exclusively about herself and her achievements. However, she simply shines and her aura is irresistible. Leo woman is usually the one with the loudest laughter and endless stories to tell.

She dominates whatever company she finds herself in. That said, we have to mention reputation is very important to all Leos. Leo woman loves money and luxurious lifestyle, but she would rather work hard to provide it than simply to accept what is offered.

She has to be in control of it all. When it comes to love, Leo woman seeks for a man who is stable, strong and determined.

Leo woman needs someone who is worth of admiration and with a good reputation. Outer shine is important to Leo woman, but also the abundance of inner energy and emotions.

Her ideal partner is someone successful in his own business, someone daring and proud of himself.

However, she would see him as a rival, all the way. Her man should not be much more successful than she is; Leo’s are particularly sensitive to that.

Love Compatibility

This is a problematic combo, although it looks like these two have many things in common.

They are a Fire and an Earth sign, which, typically, is not the best match. They problem is, their similarities turn to oppositions; they are likely to be confronting about everything. They have some shared values, goals and traits, but they approach to life from a different angle.

Capricorn man and Leo woman feel each other’s immense energy, but they usually keep distance. They rarely manage to get closer to each other, emotionally, in the first place.

There is rarely a thing they would agree on, without arguing. The greatest problem with these two is deciding roles in shared life. Neither of them is likely to accept subordinate position and both are stubborn about that.

Leo woman acts here more like a lion than a lioness, demanding her rightful ‘throne’. Capricorn proudly shows off his magnificent horns and does not want to bow before anyone, even someone he loves and cares for.

This is a very intense connection and there are no bug chances it could survive long enough to become something more than a mere affair or short-term relationship. Eros is not consistent here; after initial sparkles, they soon realize the other one cannot answer to their appetites.

Their intimate life is not satisfying enough to keep them together, but something else maintains this relationship as long as it is bearable.

Both are very proud and do not like to give up without trying everything possible to save the day.

They simply refuse cards their destiny has placed in front of them and would stay together, even if the situation were really tough.

Marriage Compatibility

Fortunately, and this is a rare situation we could say this, Capricorn man and Leo woman usually do not even think about having a relationship.

They typically recognize one another easily and early enough. They in confrontation in every single sense and there are poor chances they would ever start a romantic relationship, let alone get married.

The most likely scenario is that they feel physical attraction, have an affair, but instantly realize they are simply not meant for one another.

They could, however, find a common tongue when it comes to settling down and having family, because both are inclined towards having a safe haven and firm ground in traditional family values.

Only this can save this marriage and actually make them realize how important it is to try to find more understanding for one another, if they are to succeed.


While relationship and marriage are unlikely for Capricorn man and Leo woman to develop and to keep to it, there are chances they could be friends.

However, this is a turbulent type of friendship.

If they realize another one can actually give them precious advices on matters they find difficult to handle, they could value this connection more and nurture this friendship.

However, it is more likely they would get into an argument and stubbornly defend their stance.

Cool Facts

This connection is anything but cool, as we have seen. However, there are several celebrity couples that prove such a connection is possible.

Moreover, it is all about prestige and glory!

Here they are: David Bowie and Iman, George Burns and Grace Allen, Ari Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy.

These are truly remarkable famous astrological couples, by all means.


This strange connection has some chances to work, of course.

We have already said that there are no zodiac signs that are completely impossible to get along with one another.

However, this is a dramatic relationship. Both of these people are strong, independent and ambitious characters that literally cannot stand being subdued in any sense.

If there is enough love between the two, they could work on their attitudes, so that of them feels neither less important nor controlled by the other.