Capricorn Man and Libra Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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In practice and in common speech, astrology is usually understood as a synonym for horoscope or, more precisely, personal horoscope. Whenever someone mentions astrology, you have horoscope on your mind.

This is one of the most common misapprehensions of astrology, because it is much more than simply a horoscope.

Astrology is, as its name suggest, the science of stars or, speaking in contemporary tongue and according to scientific definitions, it is a pseudo science. The core of astrology rests on the idea of celestial objects, planets and stars, having an impact over people’s lives. The whole universe is a game of shared and mixed energies.

Stars and constellations, the whole ‘image’ of the skies above, have a great influence on our own planet, its nature and objects, its whole living life. Therefore, all these heavenly bodies and their distribution in the cosmos affect people on Earth and each individual personally. In academic terms and simply put, it is an influence of macro cosmos over micro cosmos.

The very term ‘horoscope’ literally translates to ‘observing the clock’; this refers to astrological technique of carefully observing the skies, in every hour and a minute, in order to create unique astrological schemes. These schemes are birth or natal chart or – horoscopes.

Horoscope is, basically, an image of skies, frozen in time. Sounds magical and exciting, right?

Each one of us has their own, personal and unique ‘frozen image’ of planets and stars. There are several types of horoscopes, depending on what branch of astrology we are following.

Astrology, just like other (pseudo) sciences has various branches, paths and approaches. We will neither list nor analyze them, but focus on what interest us here. Otherwise, we could endlessly talk about wonders of astrology.

One of the branches is natal astrology and one of its sub-branches is natal horoscope. It is focused on life of an individual and its main goal is to create a personal horoscope or a birth chart.

This chart is also called natal chart and it is delivered by an astrologer, based upon your exact date, time and place of birth. The purpose of natal horoscope is to tell an individual about his or her own life.

People are usually interested in knowing the basics, such as what will their future be like, in terms of their health, material resources, love and family life. They are also commonly interested in all the same for their dearest ones.

Some of the most common questions are related to their love life, marriage, relationship and so on.

Capricorn Man

To understand whether your relationship stands a chance, in terms of astrology, you should have yours and your (potential) partner’s birth chart analyzed and compared. Basics to understanding this are hidden in your zodiac signs.

Since we do not have any additional data about neither you nor your partner, we simply analyze compatibility of zodiac signs.

It is a good and valuable first step into finding out more. This time, we interpret zodiac compatibility of Capricorn man and Libra woman. Let us first meet our incredible Capricorn man. He is a person you would definitely remember!

Capricorn man is an ambitious and very energetic personality. Capricorn man is not prone to hesitation or prorogation. He likes things to be well planned and done.

Capricorn man has a calculated and very systematic mind. He is a rational personality, but the one with great visions of his own future. He would make sure his dreams come true.

Capricorn man is realistic and capable of adjusting to circumstances. However, he would not abandon his goals, even if situation requires temporary retreat or delay.

He is highly capable of evaluating the situation and acting according to circumstances gives.  If he fails, Capricorn man will not despair. He will invent new ways of getting into control of the situation. Having control is very important to any Capricorn.

Capricorn man is not particularly into experimenting, but he is a daring personality.

Once he sets his mind onto achieving something, he becomes fearless. There is neither a barrier he deems impenetrable nor an enemy invincible. Capricorn man has strong intuition, but also effective business logic.

He rarely makes false evaluations and mistakes. Even if he has made a mistake, he will take it as a lesson.

He is open to new knowledge and discoveries that can help them grow in every sense. Capricorn is an intellectual and he loves to learn new things. His mind is inventive and creative, but very grounded and realistic.

There is rarely a hopeless situation for Capricorn man; in dire circumstances, faced with disaster and danger, he will most definitely come up with an effective and applicable plan and solution.

He does not like surprised, although he is generally resourceful and adaptable. However, uncertainty is not his thing and you could rarely meet a Capricorn who lives like there is no tomorrow and by the motto ‘you only live once’.

No, Capricorn man loves his life structured, in order, comfortable and stable. He is a family man and he would like to get married and start a family.

His values are conventional and traditional. Material stability is very important to Capricorn man. He is persistent, independent and courageous. He is well known for being an overachiever and a workaholic. Capricorn is a temperamental personality and he does not like to be manipulated or told what to do.

He always knows best and there is no way you can change his attitude. He is an intense and stubborn personality.

However, Capricorn man is communicative, charming and direct, in all sorts of relations. He is a colleague you can rely on, a friend who will never turn his back on you and a lover and a partner who is devoted and loyal. His morals would never let him cheat on his woman or behave in a rude manner.

He is tactful, intelligent and open in his intentions. You know where you stand with a Capricorn.

In love, traditional values matter a lot. Capricorn man seeks for a woman who shares his visions of mutual life. He would be attracted to a beautiful lady who dreams about having family and a stable, cozy home.

Capricorn man falls for intelligent women who know what they want from life.

He is not generally a romantic person, so do not except fairytale dates or rose petals in your bed with our Capricorn. However, he would most definitely astound you by his daring attitude.

Libra Woman

If King Solomon were a woman, he would definitely be a Libra woman, some would say. This metaphor refers to Libras’ inborn sense of justice and balance, which is especially characteristic for Libra ladies.

Libra woman is sensitive to injustice and dishonesty. She bravely stands for those who are helpless in defending their own rights.

She is a diplomat and a mediator. Libra woman is of a pacifistic nature and she would see the justice executed. Libra woman is very intelligent and persistent in her dreams, although she sometimes lacks motivation to keep in her track.

She is definitely a positive and optimistic person, generally laid back and relaxed.

She is charmingly irresistible; she would shamelessly take it into her advantage. She sees it as a game, but would never cross the line and hurt anyone. If it happens so, she would be sincerely and deeply sorry and would find a way to make things right.

Libra woman is brave, but she is not ambitious and energetic as, for example a Leo woman.

Moreover, she is modest and does not suffer from any type of complexes. Libra woman does is an open and tolerant personality who sees people simply as people- She does not care if you are of a royal descent or a peasant child; she understands people the way they are and accept them. She has incredible intuition.

In addition, she does not bother herself about her current social status. If she would like to be more successful or prestigious, she would see to achieve it. If she were satisfied with her life as it is, she would simply enjoy it and be proud of it. Libra woman has, perhaps, the most natural approach to life, in terms of evaluating it.

Actually, she does not exactly ‘evaluate’ anything, except justice and injustice.

Libra woman is a fascinating mixture of both yin and yang energy, of rational thinking and unpredictable emotions. Her mind is open to new horizons, but she is not particularly adventurous. She usually finds a call that fulfills her needs.

Libra women are typically artistic and gifted for natural sciences. She is creative, imaginative and charismatic.

This incredible lady does not care if you have fancy suit or expensive car; she would love you if you show her affection, if you are a warm and compassionate personality. Libra woman falls for all kinds of romantic gesture.

She is usually attracted by men who are caring and gentle, but self-reliant and realistic at the same time.

While not exactly an embodiment of determination, in terms of starting a relationship, Libra woman is a bit more decisive.

Love Compatibility

An Earth and an Air zodiac sign, these two are astrological opposites. Capricorn man and Libra woman together embody all sorts of dualities; sharp and soft, fast and slow, active and laidback and many more.

This relationship is burdened by polarities and it is complicated and difficult.

However, there is potential for this relationship to become harmonized and stable, particularly if there is a balanced and harmonious connection of their ruling planets, Saturn and Venus.

Capricorn man and Libra woman do not have many things in common and their temperaments are very different. They could share some ideas and even values, but Libra is often too laidback and unorganized for a strict and calculated Capricorn.

They both are creative, inventive and rational, but their point of view is completely different and there are no matching spots in it.

Sadly, but they rarely realize they actually have something in common. Their intimate life is not particularly rich and fulfilling, because they simply have different taste and expectations.

Libra is more romantic and emotionally sensitive, Capricorn sees it conventionally and as something that is expected from a relationship.

He likes everything planned and organized, in a way; Libra is more about surprises and unpredicted course of events. This never changes and usually brings tension into this connection.

However, both of them are proud and do not give up easily. Both would do all in their power to somehow make things right.

Capricorn does so, because he is determined to have things well settled and because he does not like doing what he deems against conventional values (of a proper relationship that is supposed to end with a marriage, for example). Libra does it because she has a positive mind and does not believe things are lost until everything is tried.

Sometimes, they succeed in this and actually harmonize their relationship.

They are capable of finding compromises in practical daily living and so their relationship survives. They would not lose love for one another and end this relationship in drama, if they realize things just do not work.

If they manage to stay together, with time, their differences soften. They learn about one another and get to understand one another’s needs better.

Marriage Compatibility

While this is a questionable connection, it is possible it survives initial turbulences and misunderstandings and turn into a marriage. However, this is a marriage that will never go smoothly.

These two have to be much aware of their differences and try to make use of them.

The best-case scenario is that Capricorn man takes the organizational and financial management role and Libra woman takes the role of communications and social relations.

This could balance their differences and make them both feel comfortable and actually enjoy one another’s company.

It is essential that each one of them have their space and their own world. Only that way they could share everything else in peace, love and harmony.


Capricorn man and Libra woman are rarely friends.

This connection is generally turbulent and, if there is nothing as strong as honest and deep love, accompanied with shared family goals and values, there are poor chances it could survive for long.

Cool Facts

This connection is definitely interesting and kind of a fifty-fifty chances scenario, but here are celebrity couples that prove it is possible in long term: Woodrow Wilson and Edith Galt, Marilyn Manson and Dita von Teese, Denzel Washington and Pauletta Pearson.


Capricorn man and Libra woman make a highly polarized connection and it takes excellent planetary aspect and personal individual effort to make this work.

It is not impossible, but self-awareness and the awareness of the other one’s traits and characteristics are essential.

If these two were interested enough in making this work, they would try their best to understand their partner and to try to bring their differences into balance.