Saturn in 10th House

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Have you ever looked into your astrological houses? Houses are a constitutive part of each natal chart. Natal charts are divided into twelve fields, houses, analog with zodiac signs. Each of these fields corresponds to a different area of life.

Of course, areas of life are complex themselves. Planets in astrological houses make your experience of a particular life area unique and more or less in focus. Each chart makes for a unique complex of various experiences intertwined in a native’s life.

Houses differ in nature and meaning. There were angular or cardinal houses, succedent and cadent. We could divide them by essential elements, as well, into Fire, Earth, Water and Air fields.

Angular houses correspond to cardinal signs, succedent with fixed signs and cadent with mutable signs. Fire houses are related to identity and the attitude towards life. Earth houses are about the material and stability in life.

Air houses are related to relationships, concepts, exchange, the social and the intellectual. Water houses are about the spiritual and the emotional.

Each planet presents with specific vibes and energy. They form aspects that create new energies.

The complex of all these elements and effects shape up a native’s life path. Isolated combinations do not offer the whole picture, but a precious piece of the native’s story.

Tenth House in Astrology

The Tenth House is by many characteristics an auspicious one, related primarily to job, career and professional status. Of course, you need some great planetary aspects so to experience its full potential.

The tenth astrological field is mainly associated with the attitude an individual has towards the work, career, and professional goals, steps that he or she has to take towards a goal.

In modern age, career seems to be a cornerstone of happiness, regardless of how wrong or right it may sound. Therefore, many are interested into their Tenth House and potentials it holds within. Many people seek indications for professional success inside the Tenth House.

The road to success is unique for each native and it differs depending on the tenth field planets and aspects, but also on the whole astrological chart of the native.

The Tenth House could emphasize good opportunities and offer you some clues, but everything else depends on you. There were examples of people who have built their own name literally from nothing.

They had no fortunate birth circumstances, no saved money, no financial base or a good start, but they have used their opportunities the best way possible.

Some of these people are globally popular celebrities nowadays. Some others, though, had all the privileges and, yet, they did not accomplish much in life. Some of them have lost everything.

The Tenth House could make things easier for you, since it could point out steps you should possibly take. It could indicate a favorable situation, circumstances or whatsoever.

Sometimes, there were things we do not feel like doing, not because they were difficult, but because they seem pointless. Sometimes it is needed to do things that seemingly make no sense, in order to achieve great success. The tenth field helps us to recognize those.

Many astrologers would say the Tenth House was one of the most important astrological fields.

Well, all fields were important, but if you focus on success and career, you should look into this one. This house has much to do with the native’s reputation and name, acknowledgments, rewards, praise, admiration and respectability.

This is an angular house and an Earth element field. It is analog with the sign of Capricorn. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.

Saturn in Mythology

Saturn was an old Italic deity, worshipped in Rome, as a deity of seedtime and all the agricultural works. In Greek mythology, we know him as the titan Cronus, though characteristics and traits of Cronus were not the original ones.

Saturn was closer to the Greek goddess Demeter, if we look into his functions and the cult. However, people commonly identify the two.

Generally, Saturn resembles different other deities related to earth and agriculture, those who personify a fruitful, rich harvest, rather than Cronus.

According to Roman mythology, Saturn had three sons, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, and three daughters, Juno, Ceres and Vesta. In Greek mythology, we know them as Zeus, Poseidon and Pluto, Hera, Demeter and Hestia.

Jupiter overthrew his father and took the reign, sharing it with his brothers. After the fall, Saturn fled to Italy and settled on the Capitoline, where he founded a small settlement.

The time of the Saturn’s reign was considered the golden age, aetes aurea; people have lived happily, without worries, free of diseases and peacefully, without wars.

The myth says that Saturn has taught people how to work the soil and grow wine and he also gave them some of the first laws to live by. Saturn inexplicably disappeared. Janus has built a shrine dedicated to Saturn and established a yearly celebration to praise his name.

Saturn was worshiped as a benevolent, caring deity, a one who brings people prosperity, happiness, peace and fruitful years. In Greek mythology, Cronus was not admired. He was a titan who devoured his children, in fear of being overthrown. The cult of Saturn was heavily Hellenized in newer periods.

There are many sources about Cronus and Saturn and each differs a little bit. All this is very interesting, since astrological Saturn in closer to Greek Cronus.

Cronus overthrew his own father Uranus and took his place as a ruler over the world. He was afraid of the prophecy that claimed he himself was going to face the same destiny. For this reason, he started to devour his children.

Zeus was saved by his mother, Rhea, and, eventually, he managed to overthrow his cruel father. According to some of the mythology sources, Cronus was imprisoned in Tartarus, along with other titans.

Saturn in Astrology – Planets in Houses

The planet Saturn is probably the most notorious astrological celestial body. Its nature is closer to that of the titan Cronus than that of the Italic Roman Saturn.

Planet Saturn is identified with misery, misfortune, poverty, illness, helplessness and despair, amongst other things. Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions; it rules the strict and calculated Capricorn.

Saturn is the strongest and the most threatening malefic in horoscope. Well, what could be said more about the planet known as the planet of suffering? Saturn is associated with the material, physical limitations.

The soul is trapped within the physical body, the symbol of Saturn suggests. Saturn brings troubles and limitations into our lives.

Traditionally, Saturn is associated with concepts of form and structure. Saturn represents the matter in its firm, limited form.

This planet is associated with old age and old people, with strangers, with ascetic life, solitary life and loners, but also with our ancestors. This planet is the keeper of tradition and well-established traditional concepts and rules; this is not a planet of progress and change.

It is one of the social planets, along with Jupiter. Both of these planets are well understood if compared. Unlike Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion, growth, prosperity and optimism, Saturn is the planet of stagnation, restriction, poverty and gloominess. It is associated with dark and lonely places, such as mines, caves, ravines and prisons.

History, occultism, uneducated population, debts, chronic diseases are all associated with Saturn. Cautiousness and analytic approach are also associated with this planet. Everything chronic and lasting has to do with Saturn’s influence. Saturn is a cold, strict tutor, insensitive to our fragilities.

While many people are intimidated by Saturn’s possible effect upon their lives, let us not be too hasty when driving conclusions and deciding Saturn was a ‘bad’ planet. Without it, we would not know order, responsibility and discipline.

This planet is associated with patience, with maintenance, with past and with tradition.

This planet preserves and maintains established values in all their splendor and does not let everything wither away. Its lessons may be cruel and cold, painful at times, but they are necessary.

Saturn probably has something of both Roman Saturn and Cronus; one reaps what one sows. Saturn represents effects of time and our ability to preserve.

Saturn in the Tenth House – Saturn in 10th House

Saturn in the tenth field is a combination those who focus on their career and job fear the most.

We have said that Saturn was a troublesome planet, a great malefic that teaches us bitter lessons about life. Saturn’s effect is the most difficult to understand and even harder to accept.

No one wants a bitter, gloomy lesson, but a positive one. People think of Saturn as a threatening planet, so they refuse to accept its effects.

We instinctively reject what we instantly comprehend as negative. Saturn in the Tenth House brings difficulties and problems regarding interpersonal relations, mostly those related to professional circles and career.

Saturn is a social planet and, thus, associated with social relations, our position within the society and our attitude towards it. In this house, it brings problems in the working environment and wider circles related to work and finances.

The problem comes from the attitude of a Tenth House Saturn native. This native tends to be too judgmental towards people he or she works with.

This is an opinionated person, criticizing others too harshly, often unnecessary. This is an arrogant and strict native who judges everyone and does not allow for other opinions and flexibility, which is unfair, to say the least.

Naturally, it affects one’s professional and social relations negatively; others do not want to work, collaborate and make deals with such a person. This especially happens if aspects were not so favorable.

With positive aspects of the heavy Saturn in the Tenth House, the native becomes ambitious, persistent and patient. Such a native is dedicated to work and, through careful planning and strategy, he or she could reach high ground.

Harmonious aspects of Saturn in the tenth field make the native highly motivated. He or she is focused on professional goals.

Although such a person tends to become obsessed with work, this person is concentrated and detail oriented. He or she would invest great effort into their career and would not let anyone step in their way. Good aspects lead this native to introspection.

Introspection would help the individual better to understand own weaknesses and advantages and to find a way how to improve flaws and reinforce and grow positive qualities, all in order to get more control over life and to be successful.

Such a native eventually comes up with original and practical ideas that would help him or her achieve professional and financial goals.

Saturn in 10th House – Professional Issues

Saturn in the Tenth House could manifest in very different ways, depending on the aspects. If aspects were not as harmonious, the native becomes indifferent towards career path and professional success.

He or she may lack motivation or a clear idea on what they want to accomplish in life, in terms of career and finances.

Although this is typically associated with unfavorable, heavy aspects of Saturn in the tenth field, the result depends on overall chart. At last, one does not have to be obsessed with career goals, in order to lead a happy life and be satisfied.

However, the lack of a goal or an idea of purpose regarding this professional field, may leave the native anxious.

On the other hand, this position and heavier aspects may simply give a native whose focus lies elsewhere; such a native simply does not give a thing about professional or social status, but enjoys the life in another manner.

If aspects were good, the person becomes ambitious and highly motivated, often coming up with amazing ideas.

We would say such a native was unstoppable, when it comes to career and the professional and social ladder. However, since Saturn was generally a heavy planet, such a native is likely to face more obstacles or demanding circumstances than some other people.

Nevertheless, this native is persistent and he or she would not give it up.

Saturn in the Tenth House – Karmic Burden

Besides professional issues, a native with Saturn in the Tenth House may feel as if he or she was bound to the past. The native cannot let go of the past and often dwells on burdening memories.

He or she feels as if trapped within the past, which stops the native from progress; professional one, in the first place, since this was a house related to career, reputation and success. The native cannot get relief of a karmic load.

This native feels limited and as if in a cage. He or she often cannot explain why was that so. The problem is the acceptance of the Saturn’s lesson.

The native rejects to let go of the past on a sub conscious level, so he or she cannot progress. This could be resolved, of course, but it requires self-awakening and great effort.

Other aspects may help with this. It is likely that the native would struggle with the past throughout the lifetime, especially in some connection to professional life.