Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Horoscope is an image of skies, frozen in time, in the moment of your birth. It is a diagram that shows position of heavenly bodies, constellations and other important elements at the time you were born. This graphic representation is called natal chart or a horoscope. Each birth chart is unique or, more precisely, each life, affected by such a chart, is the story for itself.

Two people, born at the exactly same time will not have the same destiny. Place of birth is also to be considered. Personal horoscope does not tell you when and why something is going to happen in your life, at least, not concretely. It does not tell you you will get a dream job this year or get ill this or that month.

It does not tell you are going to meet someone special or get married on a certain date or in determined period of time. Many people accuse astrology of being a fraud, because they expect precise answers of this sort.

Astrology is not exactly about that, when speaking of personal horoscopes. Your birth chart actually tells you what potentials you have in your life. It follows your lifeline and could predict events that are possible to happen.

There is much more to it than blindly following your astrological destiny. You affect it, just as it affects your reality. It is up to you, for the greatest part. However, birth chart is a special and valuable destiny guideline, to say so.

If you are interested in your romantic future and you are anxious to know if you have met someone who is actually good for you, you could have your birth charts compared.

An astrologer would analyze aspects in both of your horoscopes and tell you how many things you have in common, what could be weaknesses and advantages of such a connection. Love compatibility is definitely one of the most interesting practices in astrology. Many people are particularly interested especially in that.

They would like to know if someone is good for them or try to find out is there any reason more to explain why their relationship does not go as smooth and pleasant as they would like it to go.

Compatibility of zodiac signs plays an important role here. Compatibility of zodiac signs is also an interesting part of astrology, although it is simplified and general.

Compatibility of zodiac signs analyzes relationships between ideal representatives of zodiac personalities. While, in reality, there is hardly a phenomenon such as typical Capricorn or typical Pisces person, they certainly possess some important traits given in basic descriptions.

How two zodiac personalities fit could greatly explain the nature of your relationship. This time we focus on an intriguing connection of an Earth and a Water sign. These elements are known to be compatible, so let us find out more about this relationship, between two very different personalities.

Before we move to compatibility analyzes, we present you Capricorn man and Pisces woman separately.

Capricorn Man

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign, ruled by planet Saturn. Capricorn people are known for being workaholic, ambitious, extremely rational, calculated and not particularly sensitive, in emotional sense. Capricorn man definitely responds to this description.

He is self-confident, dedicated to his ideals and goals in life. He is responsible and serious about every aspect of his life.

He has an attitude of a leader, but does not prefer actually to lead others, but to take initiative in what interests him the most. His goal is ultimate stability in every aspect of life. It means he wants to be successful in his job and his hobbies, to have a stable family life and to be in control of everything.

He is introverted and focused on his own well-being, in terms mentioned.

Capricorn man is not a compassionate and warm personality, but strict, reliable, responsible and trustworthy individual. He is protective and defensive of what he deems important in his life, Capricorn man values true friendship, family bonds and relations of mutual admiration and respect, when it comes to acquaintances, colleagueship and other social connections.

He is not particularly sociable person, so do not expect him partying from dusk until dawn.

This type of spending spare time is a complete waste for Capricorn man. There are much more practical, useful things to be done. Capricorn man hates being unoccupied; if he has finished his work for the day, he would quickly find some other occupation that requires his full concentration and dedication.

He could be a real geek, in terms of hobbies. However, this man is very energetic person and he needs action. Capricorn man is ready to absorb all kinds of new knowledge that could help him master his talents and improve his skills. It is important to present him new things as free opportunities and something closer to a suggestion than something he should do.

Capricorn does not like to be pressed to do anything, even if it is to his own benefit. His personal integrity and independence are of essential importance to be maintained. He is definitely one of the stubbornness zodiac personalities.

He would not give up his causes, even when faced with difficulties that would make others retreat or abandon their plans.

Capricorn will fight until the end. If he faces failure, he will invent another solution. Capricorn man appears bold and stone cold serious, but he has his weaknesses. Fear of failure is amongst them.

However, he is both intuitive and pragmatic, so Capricorn man would not despair over lost opportunities, mistakes or failures.

He knows there is no one to blame but himself. He accepts the lesson and moves forward. Although Capricorns often seem reserved, cold and even depressed, their attitude is everything but pessimistic. If it were not so, Capricorn would never have so much strength to boldly face all sorts of challenges and stand his ground.

Capricorn man is not a romantic seducer. He is charming, daring and straightforward. In addition, he would not approach a woman unless he really sees possibility of future together.

He is determined to find a lady he would marry and have a family with. Capricorn man is quite conservative when it comes to love.

Partially, he sees marriage as an honest and important duty. The role of a husband and a father suits him well.

Pisces Woman

This emotional and gracious human being is one of the most mystical zodiac ladies. Pisces are calm, peaceful and deeply intuitive individuals, men not less than women are.

However, lady Pisces is particularly sensing and sensitive, both fragile and strong. She is an enigma you could find difficult and complicated to solve. Pisces woman’s nature, attitude and emotions are all puzzling to other people.

She is changeable, flexible and trusts her instincts and intuition. Pisces woman is of dual and mutable nature, which is a common characteristic of Water element signs.

On one side, she is shy, introverted and distant, while on the other, she is adventurous, temperamental and romantic. It typically makes her unusually mysterious and hard to understand.

On the outside, she is tranquil and cool, but there are turbulent waves inside. She is actually lively and playful personality, although she appears as timid and quiet.

However, Pisces woman dares to say what is on her mind, if she is in mood for sharing her thoughts and emotions with the outer world. She is direct in her desires and does not hesitate to reach out for them.

She is flexible and capable of many transformations, which makes her an incredibly resourceful personality. Pisces woman is intuitive and instinctive. Pisces woman is characterized by almost prophetic insight.

She is capable to understand people, before they have said a single word. She is compassionate and supportive of her loved ones.

Pisces woman is sensitive to suffering of others and would always be there to comfort you. Pisces woman is not impulsive in reactions, but she is not a person to give up her dreams and causes easily.

She trusts her intuition more than her reason; she rarely makes a mistake, because her intuition is something exceptional and rarely seen in other people.

However, she is confused by her own inner turbulences and dualities. It happens that she literally cannot decide how she feels about particular situation, which drives her crazy. Her mood swings could be sudden and equally confusing to others.

Nevertheless, Pisces woman can motivate and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Her charisma is felt miles around and her aura is magical and positive, although enigmatic.

Pisces woman shows great empathy and love for others. She is loyal in both friendship and love life. She is a romantic person; Pisces woman needs a man who could tolerate her changeability and treat her with kindness and devotion. She is selfless in love and she expects the same from her partner.

Pisces woman is delicate and emotionally sensitive. Although not self-seeking in general, Pisces lady would use her mystical charm to seduce a man. She is skillful in that game.

Pisces woman is elegant, caring, passionate and romantic. Pisces woman dives deeply into feelings of love and seeks for a lover whom she could rely on and trust, who is dominant, but understands her strange nature.

Love Compatibility

This is a connection of two very different zodiac personalities. This relationship has equal chances to succeed and become harmonious and fulfilling and to turn into complete disaster. This is a common scenario for relationships featuring very contrasting individuals, in terms of temperament and personal traits.

Earth and Water need one another, but they also represent oppositions, so this is a tricky match, especially in case of Capricorn man and Pisces woman. Capricorn man is oriented towards mundane things, focused on reality and practical things.

Pisces, on the other hand, is a master in avoiding to face the reality. She is a dreamer, a romantic soul, deep in her thoughts and fantasies.

She is changeable and prone to mood swings, while Capricorn is strict, firm and rarely changes either his opinion or his attitude. Compassionate and emotional Pisces and cold and reserved Capricorn have completely different ideas about life.

Their temperaments, ideals and goals in life are different. Their physical connection leads nowhere, because they fail to find a common tongue in bedroom.

However, both of them are persistent and do not give up easily, so it is not likely they would split apart because of unfulfilling intimate life. They do not despair over it, but they are not particularly happy about it.

Both are loyal and are unlikely to seek for pleasure out of the relationship, as long as they are together.

Fortunately, many things they could learn from one another and this could improve their connection and make it satisfying and interesting to both. Dreamy Pisces could inspire realistic Capricorn and spike his imagination; he will become less skeptical, which could bring him more success on his personal plan.

On the other side, rational Capricorn would learn Pisces how to keep in touch with reality and find a balance between her confusing emotions.

Marriage Compatibility

Pisces appreciates lessons from Capricorn and vice versa. This connection could work fine, if they recognize these potentials. Their intimate life could get better, as well, although never perfect.

However, this relationship is not going to be turbulent or dramatic. If these two realize they are not meant for one another, they will break up in peace.

If they decide to get married, it means they have both accepted one another the way they are.

They could make an exceptionally balanced relationship, because their differences are complementary and could be useful to both. Their family life is quiet, cozy and pleasant.

Capricorn man and Pisces woman would make great parents, who teach their children both strictness and compassion, inspire them to pursue their dreams and always protect and support them.


Capricorn man and Pisces woman could make wonderful friends.

They are one of those couples to stay in friendly relations after a breakup, if that is the scenario of their relationship.

If not so, they could build up wonderful friendship from the beginning.

They are different, but, on some specific level, they understand one another and realize there is so much they could get from this connection.

Cool Facts

There are examples of Capricorn man/Pisces woman couples amongst famous ones, such as Ralph Fiennes and Alex Kingston, Henry Miller and Anais Nin.

Although intriguing, these two are not the best proof of a lasting connection between a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman.

This should not discourage you, for a harmonious relationship between these two zodiac people is definitely possible.


Capricorn man and Pisces woman make a wonderfully balanced connection if they initially realize the potential of their relationship.

If their ruling planets are in good relations, there are great chances this connection would become something beautiful and fulfilling.

If it were not so, that does not necessarily mean a disaster, but require a lot of tolerance and willingness to understand one another and make it work.