Capricorn Sun Libra Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Human civilization is thousands of years old. Through ages of history, we have been wondering about why we are here and what our purpose in life is.

Once in a while, someone asks him or herself about that, but most of us wonder about our individual purpose more frequently.

However, all of our achievements, discoveries, technological and scientific progress remain silent when it comes to that.

Our ancestors were asking themselves the same and so many approaches and patch we today consider alternative developed. Astrology is one of those alternatives; today, we call it a pseudo science.

However, astrology was much appreciated at times. Even kings and princes and other figures of significance and authority relied on their astrologers’ analyzes.

Astrological analyzes are complicated and serious business. It is not only your ‘horoscope sign’ that matters.

People usually identify astrology with natal astrology and personal horoscope in which your sign seems to play the main role.

It is more complex than that, as well. Your sign is your Sun sign and it is, indeed, the core element in your natal chart.

Sun Sign

However, it is not the only one, although it is very important. The Sun in natal astrology represents one of the ‘personal planets’, which are also the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

They are called ‘personal’, because astrology claims these planets are responsible for a person’s basic qualities, such as personality traits, character and temperament.

Each of these affects one part of someone’s personality, with the Sun being the base.

The Sun is the Ego. It is who you are or, more precisely, who you might become, if you use your potentials the best way possible.

The Sun gives you motivation and will for life. It is a creative principle and one that drives your inner strength. The Sun is the flame that burns inside you.

The Sun is about personal energy, strength of the character, temperament and attitude. The nature of a personality depends on a native sign, which is the sign in which the Sun sits in one’s birth chart.

The Sun energy takes the shape of the characteristics of that particular sign. That is the reason why we identify people with their zodiac signs.

In a natal chart, the Sun stands for fatherly figures and generally male figures of authority, being a masculine principle.

The Sun rules the sign of the glorious Leo, inspiring one’s creative energy, positive thinking and nobility.

The Sun also symbolizes glory, success, ambition and all of the sort. In good aspects, these qualities are seen in their best light and vice versa.

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorns are perhaps the strictest and the most emotionally restricted representatives of the zodiac.

They are punctual, organized, intelligent, hardworking and stubborn. Capricorns feel at their best if they control the situation; they could be great, just and honorable, but inflexible and inconvincible leaders.

Whatever they are in control of, be sure they would never ever use trickery or deceit to progress.

These people are conventional, traditional and honest.

They are true to their values and principles and these are family, honor, work and achievement. They are ambitious and very determined to reach their goals, whatever they are.

They are not afraid of failure and they endure it in silence. Capricorns do not complain; they somehow believe hard work is unavoidable.

No pain, no gain is Capricorns’ motto. These people are determined, focused and dutiful.

They see their goals in their mind and would do their best to make it real. They are not particularly emotional and sensitive, so their feelings rarely cloud their reasoning.

They keep cool in difficult situations and come up with efficient solutions. They are capable of making radical decisions, if needed.

Moon Sign

The Moon is something different. It is not about how you express yourself, but about how you react to impressions from your surroundings.

The Moon represents one’s emotional capacity and emotional nature. It is inseparable from the Sun sign.

The Sun sign does not worth much if you cannot feel it, right? The Moon is not only about that, but also about intuition and inner guidance.

It has always been associated with mysteries and magic. The Moon is a traveler, a wonderer in between the worlds. It changes frequently, travelling through the Zodiac very fast. That is the reason why it is considered a principle of transformation and change.

The Moon defines you on a different, deeper level than that of your Ego and the Sun sign.

It is a feminine principle, associated with the element of Water. It has great power over Water element signs, even more than the Sun has.

The Moon is an inner guiding voice you should always pay attention to, even if it sometimes sounds as nonsense. Ti trust your logic, while still considering what your soul says is the greatest balance a human can achieve within their personality.

Moon in Libra

The Moon sign in your natal chart represents your emotional being and your emotional response to the world around.

The Moon in Libra is perhaps the most balanced and harmonious Moon.

Libra itself symbolizes balance, so people with the Moon in Libra seem to find it very natural to harmonize their reason with their emotions. They are mostly calm, patient and peaceful personalities.

Moon Libras believe in justice and peace above everything else. They would always stand in the name of justice, passionately defending those who cannot defend themselves. They are natural born mediators and diplomats.

Their great advantage is that they could keep cool and calm in different situations, being empathic, but not letting their emotions overwhelm them.

The Moon in Libra indicates a person that has an inborn need to find peace and harmony in life.

A Moon Libra would always try to resolve problems peacefully, for the benefit of all involved.

They are pacifistic and generally laidback people, whose company is enjoyable and pleasant. They are friendly, polite and kind towards people. They would always listen to what others have to say.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon Personality

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon are not overly ambitious, but they have their standards and goals.

They are moralistic and they care about people; their heart is full if they have managed to make someone happy, by defending their rights. They are diplomatic and calm, although tend to have some strict rules they live by.

They are still Capricorn like dutiful and conventional, but their Libra Moon allows them more flexibility.

They mostly rely on their reason, living according to their own principles, but they do not stick blindly to their opinion. They are open to hear others.

They are warm hearted, not cold and reserved as typical Capricorns.

These people are focused, responsible and serious when it comes to biog things, bit capable of relaxing if situation does not require strictness.

They are good at evaluating situations in these terms. Capricorn Sun Libra Moon are creative and have good intuition; their hardworking Capricorn would make sure their ideas come into life, but never at the cost of anyone else.

They are practical and they know what they want in life. They are more approachable than typical Capricorns.

Good Traits

They tend to be balanced personalities, who can keep cool and reasonable in dramatic situation.

They are often the voice of reason, always coming up with a peaceful and yet practical solution.

They know they cannot handle everything, but they would still try. They are not prone to self-disappointment as Capricorns generally could be.

They are kind, empathic, but not overly sensitive. It makes them productive.

Bad Traits

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon could become insecure and literally fall apart, when in bad aspects.

It happens so because strict Capricorn follows firmly established rules and principles.

Once things get out of balance and Libra starts calculating and doubting everything, including major guiding principles, the chaos enters. They could start losing self-confidence and have hard times getting back on track.

However, they usually succeed in it, growing strong and better people, although it could be a long road and hard time for everyone involved.

It is tough for those around, because this could make a Capricorn sun Libra Moon everything the opposite than they were; they become unreliable, moody, irritable and lost.

Others suffer, because these people are rarely solitary; they need to be around people, even with all of this.

Capricorn Sun Libra Moon in Love and Marriage

Capricorn Sun Libra Moons usually have no problems in love life.

They are traditional when it comes to ideas of a relationship or a marriage. They are diplomatic by nature.

Their Libra Moon helps them accept people the way they are, while their conventional and dutiful Capricorn has an inner need to do it all by the book, to get married and have a family on his or hers own.

They are open to compromises and their romantic bonds grow stronger with time.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Libra Moon

The best match for these people is someone who is tolerant and patient.

They need someone to make them laugh and to feel comfortable with. They need a person who shares their ideas about love life and marriage.

It has to be someone ready to commit to this relationship, even more than to a person itself.

They need someone romantic and kind, but also serious and responsible; someone who understands the value of an institution of marriage.


Capricorn Sun Libra Moon are people with great predisposition to achieve harmony in life, despite the contrasting personality.

They are the Earth and the air bound together. Strictness and responsibility of a Capricorn could fit very well with peaceful and diplomatic nature of Libra.

Libra Moon allows for more flexibility and empathy, making these Capricorn natives understanding and more open towards people’s opinions.