Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Astrology is a discipline as old as our civilization was old. It originates from ancient times and it has been in use ever since.

Today, in our technologically advanced world, astrology is put into corner, along with other similar approaches that are considered alternative.

However, keep in mind how old they are. Once upon a time, astrology was much appreciated, even on royal courts, not to mention that it was respected by many notable figures.

Not only they admired astrology, but also many notable scholars of the past were astrologers themselves.

Take Johannes Kepler, for example, or Nostradamus. They were quite passionate about astrology, just as many other before and after them.

Today, astrology is not considered an official scientific approach, but a pseudo science. Nonetheless, it is still being practiced.

People commonly associate it with horoscope and not with horoscope as a complex area of astrology, but only with their native sign. People usually cal it their ‘horoscope sign’. Well, astrology is quite more than that.

It is an entire system of methods, principles and practice, based on great knowledge of planets and stars.

Astrology is, as you probably know, based upon the observance of planetary movement.

Sun Sign

According to astrology, planetary movement affects our lives. In terms of natal astrology, it affects our lives on an individual level, meaning it affects people’s personalities and their whole lifelines.

Horoscopes are exactly that; they represent one’s lifeline, since the term itself could be translated as the ‘observance of time’ or ‘measuring time’. The terms itself originates from Greek.

Your horoscope is based upon your natal chart. This chart represents the actual image of the sky taken at the time you come to this world.

This moment is a defining point in each person’s destiny; planetary position at the time of your birth determines not only your potential lifeline, but also your personality.

Mark the term ‘potential’. Astrology is not fortunetelling or making pr4edictions.

Astrology offers you insight into your potentials. Therefore, we come to the Sun element and the Sun sign. It is the central place in your birth chart, the essence of your true self.

The Sun is the star of the day; it shines strongly and gives life to everything.

As an astrological element, it represents one’s drive for life, one’s creative potential and overall personal strength. It is the ego, the strength of the character.

The sign the Sun marks in your birth chart is that ‘horoscope sign’ we have mentioned.

It determines your core personality traits and your overall attitude towards life as it is. It greatly depends on various other factors.

Other elements, such as the Moon sign, for example, or numerous aspects found in a natal chart, affect your Sun sign vibration.

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun sign however, defines your basic characteristics. People born under the same zodiac sign will never be the same, but they would definitely share some characteristics and they could even recognize one another by such characteristics.

Someone would say something you do is so ‘typically Capricorn’, for example. If you have the Sun in Capricorn, yes, you would express some of typically Capricorn traits.

The Sun in Capricorn makes you a responsible, organized, courageous and strict personality. Capricorns are ambitious and they care for social status and recognition.

Being cool headed and analytical, they have no problem in being focused on their goals and determined to achieve them.

They would rather adjust the situation to suit their needs than to adapt to the situation themselves.

Capricorns do not like being controlled, but they respect some universally established roles and rules.

They are traditional and conventional; not much interested into innovative ideas. They are down to earth and extremely rational ones.

Capricorns are capable of being cool-headed and efficient in the most critical situations in which others lose their mind. Capricorn would think clearly and come up with a practical solution.

These people firmly believe one must earn their recognition. They work hard and are focused on their goals. They are true to their principles and moral.

Capricorn people care about norms and are dutiful.

They are not particularly flexible or tolerant. They are emotionally reserved and often have only few friends through their entire lifetime.

Moon Sign

There is another important aspect of persons’ astrological identity, besides the defining and obvious Sun sign characteristics.

There is a more mysterious side of each personality and the Moon affects it. The Moon is a water element planet, associated with flexibility, change and transformation.

Moreover, it is closely associated with emotions and emotionality of an individual.

Without it, your Sun sign does not matter a lot. Well, if you cannot feel it, what is it worth for? The Moon feeds your creativity, your will for life and your overall personal energy by your intuition, emotions, dreams and deep, inner, hidden desires.

It is everything you are unaware of in your waking life. The Moon guides us, with voice beyond our consciousness.

The Moon represents the Emotion, with the big E. It is not about how we presents and express ourselves in the world, but how we absorb the world around. It is about our impression and the emotional reaction to it.

The reaction depends on our Moon sign, because it defines our emotional nature.

That is the reason why some of us are more sensitive to certain things and others are not.

Moon in Sagittarius

As we have said, the Moon sign is about our emotionality and emotional perception of life, to say so.

The Moon in Sagittarius makes one an enthusiastic, curious personality who find the greatest emotional fulfillment in experiencing this world, learning and passing down the knowledge gained. These people are very positive and adventurous.

They cannot sit still and they need to think through everything, but not because of practical reasons, but out of pure curiosity. They are in search for the purpose of life and of their own existence.

They are great idealists and they are hopeful, even if life proves them thousands times that finding the purpose is maybe impossible.

They wonder if the search itself is the entire purpose and are intrigued by the idea it was not.

They never lose passion and enthusiasm for exploring the world and making connections.

They are philosophical, friendly and sociable people. They are very positive ones, high-spirited, open minded and youthful. They are straightforward and always honest.

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon Personality

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon is another complex personality that seems to be in conflict within.

However, contrasting characteristics of Capricorn and Sagittarius could turn into great advantage, if a person is aware of both sides and qualities of each one.

Strict and traditional Capricorn might start thinking more out of the box, thanks to youthful and curious Sagittarius.

These are outgoing Capricorns, quite an unusual combination. These people are still guided by their principles and morals and they follow social norms.

However, they are more open to others’ opinions, not being typical Capricorn stubborn.

They are rational, practical and more down to earth than Sagittarius, so they are more ready to settle down and take approach that is more scholarly to exploration.

They would still remain citizens of the world, wanting to know more about other people, so they could learn something from them and apply it in their own life.

They are even better in organizing others than typical Capricorns, because they understand people, not only because they have good organizational skills, responsibility and else.

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon are often versatile and creative people. They are motivated to do thing in their own way, never at the cost of others.

They have Sagittarius’ openness and edginess, as well as Capricorns marked lack of compassion, so they could be too sharp and brutal in expressing their opinion.

It is something they should try to soften, because they generally have no bad intentions.

Good Traits

These people are creative, with great capacities to work on various projects, open minded, but principled and focused.

They possess adventurous spirit, but still remain down to earth and practical.

They know what they want from their life, although they would always leave a window open to vent their enthusiasm and curiosity.

They could find amazing balance between adventurousness and steadiness in life.

Bad Traits

They could become tense and too edgy. Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon is a dual personality, so there could be many inner conflicts before they find a balance.

It is something that would make them re-question themselves thousand times. It is not something bad by itself, but it can lead to temporary insecurity.

They could be extremely hard to deal with when it such a mood or a phase.

They could become deaf to others’ advices and convinced theirs is the only right way, even if it proves it was very bad and inefficient.

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon are in conflict when it comes to love life, because one part of them wants a traditional, steady married life, family and children and the other, youthful one does not want to settle down.

Their Sagittarius Moon suggests them to wait for a bit longer, to experience more of the world before they settle down.

They tend to miss out the idea that it is possible to share an adventurous life with their family.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon

The best partner for this personality has to be someone patient.

Their lover has to understand the dualism of their character and to help them find a balance within.

It has to be someone calm, not easily upset and reasonable.

They need gentleness in romantic life, so that their inborn edginess softens.


Capricorn Sun Sagittarius Moon is an extremely interesting personality, but not the easiest one to get along.

They are in search for balance between their restless, adventurous spirit and their conventional, strict part.

However, most of them are aware that is something they should strive for and they remain optimistic about it.

They are honest and trustworthy people, with more positive attitude towards life than Sun Capricorns in general.