North Node in Sagittarius

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With the descending lunar node in the intellectual sign Gemini, you are naturally inquisitive. You are intelligent and educated, you know how to express yourself very well. Unfortunately, you cannot always be followed.

For too long you have studied theories in your ivory tower that you have lost your connection to the normal. Your learning task is to apply your theories to practice. Mingle with the “common” people and get back in touch with real people and real life outside of books.

North Node – Meaning

The lunar knot is a symbol for an important life’s work. There are descending and ascending nodes, also called dragon points.

This is based on the archaic idea that solar and lunar eclipses are caused by dragons that devour the sun and moon.

In astrology, moon nodes are seen and taken into account as reinforcing elements. The ascending lunar node is also known as the northern lunar node or Rahu, and the descending lunar node is also known as the southern lunar node or keta.

Although interpreted in this way, the lunar nodal axis is not a celestial body. Astronomically, it forms the intersection between the sun and moon orbit. The descending (southern) lunar node is opposite the ascending (northern) lunar node.

Astrologically, the lunar node axis is given a lot of weight in the karmic horoscope interpretation, because it describes the life’s task and can show the path that is planned in this life. In the horoscope mostly only the ascending (northern) lunar node is shown.

The ascending (northern) lunar node symbolizes the life’s work, the energies and properties that are to be developed. It is always the countersign and house to the descending (southern) lunar node.

The principles embodied by the ascending lunar knot seem strange and unlikely at first. If you accept this life task, you will have good experiences that encourage you to intensify.

If this succeeds, the wealth of experience associated with the descending lunar node can be transformed and used.

The descending lunar node symbolizes the origin and what is brought into life at birth. Children especially, are highly expressive of the Sign and House of the Descending Node of the Moon. People tend to hold onto these habitual behaviors.

Although the principles of the descending lunar knot seem reliable, it is often a question of coercion and is mostly inadequate for life’s situations. This tendency is particularly strong when one or more planets are at the descending lunar node.

When analyzing the lunar knots, the aim is to work out which tasks are given to people in this life and how they can grow into the new life task instead of obsessively clinging to old patterns. If this succeeds, old behaviors can also be made fruitful again.

Sagittarius – Meaning

It is a sign ruled by Jupiter, a planet that is related to abundance and joy. Sagittarius is a fire sign, expansive and cheerful in nature. Very optimistic and confident in the possibilities that life can offer you. For this reason, he sometimes sets exaggerated goals.

Entrepreneur and adventurer, he loves traveling and does not mind paying the price to achieve what he sets out to do.

Sagittarius is a stimulating sign, with an energy that does not go beyond being perceived. Good luck is always with him and they always know how to get out of all situations well.

In the sentimental field, being a sign of fire, when the man falls in love he does it quickly. He is extremely charismatic and tends to make women fall in love at first sight.

They begin their relationships with a lot of fire and passion, but the problem arises when it comes to maintaining that enthusiasm over time. The Sagittarius man tends to fade quickly.

He likes variety, and the woman who wants to be with him must adapt to that adventurous and social spirit. In the sexual sphere he is very intense, he likes the surprising and unpredictable. He many times sins of recklessness and runs great risks of unwanted pregnancies.

Outgoing and seductive, he is not a suitable man for the jealous. The Sagittarius man loves his freedom and does not like being bullied.

He is not romantic, affectionate or verbally expressive, but he likes to do things in a big way, he will show what he feels for his partner with facts, especially through a trip or a party.

He will be interested in an athletic woman, determined, courageous, lover of action and adventure. On her part, the Sagittarius woman knows how to enjoy life, she likes to feel free and dynamic, and she is of a sociable nature and a sports lover.

She knows how to make the man who is next to her feel good through his good humor and optimism. They are passionate about challenges.

She needs a man who can accompany her and surprise her. He hates routine and monotony. In addition, the person who is next to a Sagittarius woman must have a sense of humor because her melancholy or sadness repels her.

In the affective part of her, she needs to feel friend of her partner and share with her all her projects.

He is fiery by nature and likes to be surprised by various situations, he can enjoy a classic night by candlelight or an afternoon of adventure sports. She will look for a man who is predisposed to being surprised by life.

She maintains that jovial spirit throughout his life. He trusts his partner a lot, he doesn’t like to give explanations but he doesn’t ask for them either. The relationship has to be harmonious. He will say everything he feels up front and with a very particular sense of humor.

North Node in Sagittarius– Meaning and Symbolism

The Nodes of the Moon are points in a sector of the Natal Chart that mark the history and memory of the Soul. South Node – Past and in its opposite axis the Spiritual evolution in the figure of the North Node – Future.

The Nodal Axis according to the House or Sign in which they are located shows the Mission that in this passage through the Earth we must work.

This complementary polarity indicates the most comfortable and well-known sector from which it is difficult for us to detach ourselves (South Node) and the opportunity to heal or free ourselves from old customs or attitudes that we carry as psychic charges (North Node).

To know what your node is, you should check your birth chart or in a simple way I recommend this blog that by your date of birth you can find you’re Node.

Commit yourself only to what you consider unique and authentic, in this way you can be yourself, know your identity and true purpose, which is to share your wisdom with others, give light to the rest. Especially if you have sun in Sagittarius.

The memory of the Gemini Soul is the duality and lightness of lack of commitment. We cannot call it irresponsibility, but the esteem to be tied to lasting responsibilities does not agree with his soul as a child.

The mental indecision born of this Air Sign does not allow it to sustain long-term obligations.

This attitude has served as an influential instrument on his true wishes, for some people or situations. A certain tendency to distraction reflects the lack of patience to develop a topic, so they jump from one experience to the other without waiting for the result.

Their brilliant mental quickness leads them to accumulate knowledge that their curiosity needs more than the need for continuity to achieve. They are generally attached to the close environment but the routine dislodges them, they feel like incarcerated. They enjoy changes in love, work, etc. and the freedom of schedules.

The North Node as Mission of the Soul, gives you the opportunity to elevate your thinking and connect with your spirituality. Transform your thoughts of trivial content and take advantage of that great intellectual capacity easily assimilated, to nurture a new channel of superior information.

Sagittarius as a Fire Sign will facilitate enthusiasm and perhaps the direction to seek new horizons from intuition, creativity.

Abandoning narrow schemas and dependent thoughts to defend their convictions will allow them to discover themselves, and feel that their inner strength is what will give them the tools to transcend in life.

This meaning is a small summary, much depends on the Aspects, Signs and Astrological Houses where the Lunar Nodes are located.

You may be living in a period of stagnation and uncertainty, feeling that you are blocked and that you cannot move forward, but do not allow hopelessness to overwhelm you. Think that life is a battle that we must prepare ourselves to fight or compete for our desires.

Sagittarius philosophy and faith will allow you to view every obstacle as a growth challenge and put persistence to the test, allowing you to celebrate the success to come. Year of achievements through tenacity and continuity.

When energy and courage are put into a project, whatever it may be, love, respect and cooperation must be united that taking advantage of the fertility of this number, we can say that Victory is decreed.

Do not get disorganized and do not get demoralized by the stones that you find in your way, perhaps the brake of those stones is to evaluate, adapt or accept opinions of others.

Join efforts and ideas when you consider it necessary. In legal, emotional and financial matters, do not restrict yourself but do not overflow.

This year is not to project castles in the air, but to measure every step they take, but keep moving forward without stopping. The end of this path is prosperity.

If your nodes are in Sagittarius – Gemini it means that in another life you had serious problems to make decisions, usually developing within duality.

The Gemini card is the Arcanum of «The Lovers» which is also known according to the tarot you use as «The two paths» and is interpreted in a generic way as «decisions to be made», thus your other life was marked by indecision in important aspects to such an extent that right now this is your south node.

The south node in Gemini implies even more indecision if your sun is there since the south node is how we act when we are acting “by default” or on “automatic pilot”, because we unconsciously tend to behave as in past lives, especially when We are young, and your sun there is that your conscious behavior and your personality are also Gemini, therefore, you have to resist that uncertainty and indecision even when your sun tells you to do otherwise.

It is possible that your instability and problems to focus on a single thing prevented you from striving to obtain a good economic or professional position, so your evolution was slowed both physically and spiritually.

You could be something superficial and some even saw you as hypocritical because you changed depending on the moment, without making firm decisions, many times behaving in a certain way because it was what others expected.

This is why loyalty can be the first step in aligning yourself with your life purpose and beginning to repair your soul. You must be loyal to others and to yourself, stay true to your ideas despite whoever it may weigh, justice and integrity should be your guide.

Commit yourself only to what you consider unique and authentic, in this way you can be yourself, know your identity and true purpose, which is to share your wisdom with others, give light to the rest. Especially if you have sun in Sagittarius.

Life may give you everything, and open all the paths for you to have to decide. Whatever you decide, it will be fine as long as you take reliable and stable determinations over time, if you do not decide the circumstances or fate will do it for you and you will not like the result, you will have the feeling that you are not directing your life.

The node in Sagittarius is giving you the opportunity to define strong goals and achieve them, to be determined. Responsibilities, obligations and commitment are your tool to put aside that past and face reality. Especially if you understand your natal Saturn.

At a general level, the circumstances when the nodes are in these signs are uncertain. There are usually two-sided situations, such as wars, conflicts, divorces … in which it is a question of reaching agreements or intermediate situations, although the duality / superficiality of Gemini in the South Node can make us try to please everyone instead of being fair in the decisions.

The nodes in these signs are an invitation to make long-term plans based on commitment and responsibility, firmly, and in the search for stability.


The points at which the orbits of the sun and moon intersect when viewed from the earth are called lunar nodes.

With the ascending lunar node, the moon changes from the south to the north side of the sun’s path, with the descending lunar node it is exactly the opposite.

Astrologically, these points provide information about a person’s fate and character traits. What exactly do the lunar nodes mean in astrology?

A lunar or solar eclipse is only possible when the full moon or new moon moves through a lunar node. In the past, the moon nodes were also known as “dragon points”.

The reason for this was the image that presents itself in such a darkness: With a little imagination, it looks as if the sun is being devoured by a dragon.

While they play a subordinate role in astronomy, the lunar nodes are assigned a high priority in the natal chart.

In their astrological meaning, the lunar nodes are treated like planets that migrate from zodiac to zodiac.

Special attention is paid to the lunar knots in karma astrology, because they provide information about life’s purpose and life path, i.e. about the karma of a soul.