Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

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Have you ever wondered why some things happen in your life and cannot find an answer to it? Do you believe our destinies are written in the stars?

Many people are suspicious about that and yet, we all find ourselves starring into heavens above our heads, wondering if there is an answer. It has been that way since the dawn of human civilization.

We wonder if some forces from out there dictate our lives or affect us as individual personalities in a way. Astrology claims they do, just as some other spiritual approaches, spiritual and religious systems.

There has to be something in it. Astrology is an old discipline, based on the belief that planets really affect our lives, destinies and even individual personality profiles.

According to this old science, which is now considered a pseudo science, positions of planets at the time of a person’s birth affect that person’s life; not only his or hers life path and course of events there, but also that person as an individual.

Planets make us people we are, in a way, if we are to trust astrology; an interesting suggestion, if nothing more.

Sun Sign

Astrology is not fortunetelling, though. It is an old discipline featuring all elements that constitute a scientific approach; it has methodology, principles, knowledge and all else.

It takes time and dedication to master the ‘art of astrology’. However, the nature of astrology is too abstract.

It remains under the label of ‘alternative’ and ‘pseudo’. However, many people put great trust in it.

We are mostly interested in one particular branch and this is natal astrology. It is what we usually identify with horoscope. Horoscope sign of yours is actually your Sun sign. The Sun is crucial point in Western astrology.

It represents the base of your natal chart and your horoscope. The Sun is your potentials and the idea of their maximum.

The Sun represents a flame that burns within yourself and drives you to progress, to grow and to develop. It wants you to reach your maximum and realize your potentials in real life.

The place it holds in your birth chart represents the area of life in which you have the greatest chances to achieve your maximum and prove yourself in a way.

It stands for authority, ambition, personal strength, personal goals, glory, nobility, generosity, warmth and openheartedness.

They Sun sign is your attitude, temperament and your manifesting nature.

It is who you are. The Sun sign could be in bad and good aspects, just as any other sign in your natal chart.

Sun in Capricorn

The Sun sign represents your Ego and your attitude towards life and everything in it.

There are no typical and ideal Sun sign personalities, because the Sun sign interferes with other ones.

People born under the same one would, however, share certain qualities. Today we talk about the sun in Capricorn and Capricorn people. This is an earth element sign, cardinal and of negative polarity.

Capricorns are known to be some of the most serious and strictest people of the Zodiac.

Their personality is full of inhibitions, since Saturn, the planet of restriction, rules the sign. Capricorns are traditional, conventional and of high morals.

They establish principles to live by very early on and they would hardly change those. These people are calculated and organized.

Capricorns do not like to follow others’ original ideas, although they faithfully respect and follow rules ones they find in agreement with principles they live by.

A Capricorn is not a rebel; they follow social norms and conventionalities.

However, they seem to be in charge in their closest environment. They would see always to make things ‘right’, according to what they firmly believe it is right.

They are not very emotional and empathic people. It makes them excellent in any business they are interested in, because they never mix pleasure and work.

Moreover, they do not find it restrictive; they enjoy the work as it is. They are persistent, enduring and dedicated to their work. They are practical, reserved and trustworthy.

Moon Sign

While the Sun represents your Ego and attitude, everything you are aware of and that others can see about you, the moon represents what lies behind all of that.

The moon represents the world of imagination, dreams and intuition.

You could never reach your Sun-offered potentials, without it. Even if you remain completely unaware of the moon’s influence, it still works for you.

The Moon is your guiding voice, the whisper in the darkness, but not darkness seen as a negative principle, simply as something mysterious. The Moon is the subtle light of the night. Its voice comes to us in our dreams and else.

The moon is about impressions and emotions. It is our intuitive self; you should never ignore it and focus solely to your reason.

It is associated with the element of water, it is flowing, it changes frequently and makes you change and adapt to various situations in life.

The Moon sign is like a channel for your emotions.

If in bad aspects, that channel might be blocked and your emotional response disturbed. If in good ones, your emotional being grows and develops.

Moon in Aquarius

Something about Moon Aquarius people makes them special and very intriguing. The thing is, their emotions work on a big plan, rather than on a minor, personal one.

These people believe in humanity, not only in one person.

They feel the whole world and needs of all people. They truly believe it is their mission to help the humankind. It makes them great idealists, great revolutionaries, people meant to leave a mark on the world.

Moon Aquarius feel at their best if they can contribute to the idea of a better and peaceful world that would welcome everyone.

They believe there is a place for everyone. They are humanitarian and philanthropic ones.

However, this idealism could make them emotionally distant for their closest environment and people in their private life.

Aquarius Moon is someone ahead of his or her time. These people often bring up original ideas, all meant for the better of everyone in this world.

They feel as they do not fit in conventional frames, but they do not worry about it. They possess a special kind of bravery and nobility.

Moon Aquarius feel the best if their noble deeds help others; their heart is full when they see they have made at least one person’s life better.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon Personality

It appears as if Capricorn Sun Aquarius moon is a personality made of contrasts.

Free spirited, liberal and idealistic Aquarius, driven by the idea of a better world for everyone.

It seems in contrast with traditional, conventional and restrictive Capricorn. It all depends on aspects, though.

These qualities could be combined in an amazing way. If aspects are good, it indicates a down to earth philanthropist, who brings out original, but practical ideas.

These people could really make a change. If their philanthropic potential were developed, they would use their Capricorn organizational and rational qualities to make their ideas come true.

They would be the ones to lead and to act. They could possess all the idealism and humanitarian spirit of an Aquarius, but also seriousness and rationality of a Capricorn.

Moreover, they are capable of controlling their emotions.

They could be engaged with stressful and emotionally exhausting calls, such as any that is related to helping people who are endangered in social or any other way.

They do not let empathy overwhelms but are focused on goal of helping people. It is likely they would make a business out of it, but not at the cost of any victim.

Good Traits

They are practical and efficient. They are people with great ambitions and with strength and skills to achieve their goals.

They think carefully about steps they take and they are always honest in their intentions.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon are attentive and caring.

They truly care for the humankind. They are capable of thinking out of the box, which is surprising for Capricorns in general.

Bad Traits

Their ideals might cloud their reason and they could become difficult to deal with, considering all the stubbornness found in Capricorn and all of the sense of personal importance that could develop in an Aquarius.

Although their intentions are meant for the good of everyone, they could see themselves as too important.

They are susceptible to egocentrism and fanaticism.

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon in Love and Marriage

Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon definitely loves to be in charge of everything and does not want anyone to question his or her reliability, faithfulness and devotion.

They could be very offended if their partner expresses any suspicion about their behavior or activity. They are indeed loyal and faithful, but they do not like that to be questioned.

These people are ritualistic and they would like somehow to mark their romantic relationship, to make it stronger and give it an element of uniqueness.

They are romantic in an original way, while following general social norms.

For example, they would have a traditional church wedding, but would make a themed wedding party or so.

Best Match for Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon

The best match for these interesting people has to be someone who shares their enthusiasm for social activity, because it is very likely they would be socially active, in order to contribute to their humanitarian principles and ideas.

It should be someone who at least understands his or her cause.

Their perfect partner is someone spontaneous and yet aware of the importance of rules and principles.

They would never fall for an authoritative and confronting person.


Capricorn Sun Aquarius Moon are people of great capacities for working on a big plan.

These humanitarian idealists are seriously devoted to their causes. They might become emotionally distant from their closest ones, obsessing themselves with those grandiose causes.

They are at risk of making fatal decisions. They could sacrifice what is not theirs to sacrifice for the greater good they firmly believe in.

Overall, these are spirited and practical humanitarians with noble intentions.