Black Snake in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

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For some, dreams and their meanings serve as funny things to do, not giving them too much meaning and importance.

For others, dreams can be something remarkably important – they could base a decision based on the meaning of dreams, even some really life-changing.

So, if we look at the dream symbolism from this perspective, in that case, the dream world is the one that represents the chance to take the right action at the right time and make important changes in real life.

There are numerous statements from the people who claim that they base their life decisions leaning on the dream world and its impact on their lives.

There is training for those who do not remember dreams to start recollecting what they have dreamt about – so that they could extract meanings and use them for the decision making process.

For example, those people, when they have to make some important message, carefully examine the dream world and observe what that world speaks to them. They monitor motives and their meanings and then make decisions.

Now, as it is a known fact, snakes are a very common motive in dreams, even much more common than you can presume. And this is for a good reason, and such dreams have a very important, layered, and mystical significance.

When you have such a dream, you may be scared, as you will first have to discard the old way of thinking what the purpose of a snake is; knowing the fact that what does snake means for you, in reality, does not have to be its purpose in dream symbolism.

In general, as it is seen in some dream symbolism books, dreaming about snakes usually has got to do with freeing yourself from old habits and behaviors that have oppressed you.

Or, depending on circumstances, such a dream can suggest that you need much more freedom for personal growth.

The more open you are to these new possibilities, the better you will feel in your own skin. And the fact that snakes sometimes in dreams changes their skin is another way of how the symbolism in dreams makes sense.

The change of the skin, in literal and also in a metaphorical sense, is really important. It is the representation of a process of a total modification, change of a person when he or she comes from one stage and goes into the next.

Even more, we can say that snakes are symbolically present in almost all cultures, and they take such a high position in society. They are most commonly associated with medicine, and because of their ability to change constantly and are very adaptable, they are a symbol of transformation.

Of course, the color of the snake in a dream changes its meaning – here we are speaking of a black snake.

Meaning and Symbolism

First of all, the symbolism of the snake in dreams is associated with the mother’s womb – where we are, in fact, reborn. We leave one skin and are changed, reborn.

Before we leave the mother’s stomach and are born, we are connected to the mother by an umbilical cord resembling a snake.

So, the dream about the snake can be connected to our origin, to our life, and its beginnings. When a snake appears, such a dream could mean that we are starting something new.

If the black snake in a dream is seen in a cave or lying on the ground, it means you need to take certain steps and seize the opportunity for change.

While you worry about getting lost among multiple options, which could be disastrous, your confidence is growing, and this will help you move forward.

If in a dream, a black snake climbs up and shows their fangs to you, such a dream could be the symbol of your worry about the criticism you might receive if you change.

If that snake is presumably dead, in that case, such a dream could mean that some people from your surrounding area are trying to restrict your freedom and narrow your space of action on the way to a new future.

The dream about the black snake can show that you are, in fact, very afraid of change because, like snakes, you perceive them as a threat to their existence.

If the black snake in a dream is trying to bite you, in that case, such a dream suggests fear of abuse or deception by a friend.

In the case that the black snake is successfully biting you, such a dream suggests a struggle for wealth and repentance.

If you manage to kill a black snake in a dream, then such a dream speaks of your belief that you have used every opportunity to pursue your own interests or that you value such feats in others. You enjoy defeating enemies.

If you are stepping on a black snake, such a dream is a symbol of life in constant fear of illness and of these certain selfish people trying to replace you in your partner’s life.

In some cases, such a dream can show that you are in direct danger of succumbing to evil influences. Enemies can harm your work rather than the personal life.

If the black snake is luring you, and you are attempting to run away from it, then it turns into something else.

Such a dream situation suggests that you live in the belief that they are not listening to you and insulting you. You live in worries that things will get worse. Illness, discomfort, and unkindness will increase to horrific proportions according to your perception; but have adapted to normal frames over time. You will put the problems that seemed huge to you at first on the sidelines and masterfully take on tasks that will calm you down and repay you for everything bad.

If the black snake is wrapped around your head or body, or both, such a dream means that you feel powerless in the hands of enemies. You will be able to deal with a person who will do you harm. You are also afraid of illness, and such dreams can also mean anxiety related to sexuality.

If you see more than one black snake, it means that you are dealing with a strategy to beat the competition. And in a case that something regular in a dream changes into a black snake, such dreams may show that seemingly insignificant events make you very worried, making you unable to make changes and become something else, better maybe, different in any case.

Decoding Dream about Black Snake

So the process of decoding the dream about the black snake has everything to do with you and your inner beings, along with the ability to change.

In any case, the snake and also the black snake show the giant power that we have in order to protect us from evil.

It could mean that your rights have been curtailed, but friends and marriage are on your side to protect you.

In some cases, the black snake shows the fear that you will be betrayed by a loved one whom you trust very much.

It can also mean that you, because of your uncontrolled passions, will betray a personal belief or even some person who represents that belief.

But, as you know, the dream about the black snake has everything to do with the sexuality of the person who dreams it.

In some instances, it is an indication of a fear of sexuality or of an unknown need that you consider harmful—the longing for security and protection.

If the dream about the black snake makes you feel uncomfortable, sad, scared, etc., is an unpleasant dream, it can mean that you are hiding an unknown, unsatisfied sexual desire that you perceive as threatening.

In more pleasant dreams about the black snake, it could mean spirituality, entrepreneurship, great ideas, which, despite the positive sign, can be harmful if you do not know how to direct your reason.

When it comes to pleasant dreams, such a dream can mean wisdom in making decisions, taking into account your own premonitions and emotions.

Keep in mind that when you see a black snake while you sleep and you do not feel scared or excited, such a dream suggests a decrease in sex drive or a stagnation of life forces.

If there have been frequent dreams about dangerous snakes before, this can also mean the end of danger. It means sexual desires or the memory of them.

More gruesome dreams that involve a black snake, like in a case that it is eating some other animal, such a dream shows that you can be under the threat of some unknown forces of your mentality, especially in the emotional realm, and they take away your peace. It is up to you how you will accept the invitation to grow and mature.

The dream of glaze can be an invitation to stop wasting time-solving small problems and immediately start the biggest one. Problems will be solved if you do not give them too much importance if you solve them with calmness and strong will.

You sense problems in genuine pleasures, and you are really afraid that you will, by acting according to those pleasures, hurt someone you love really much (hurt or criticize a friend or a lover). It is like you have neglected other needs and put yours in front of theirs.

In the case that the black snakes are just babies, small and seemingly cannot hurt you, such a dream shows that you will amicably host a person who will secretly slander you and your work to ruin your growing prospects.

Such a dream can have additional meaning, showing how you are very confused at distinguishing friends from enemies.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

Dreams in which snakes appear foretell a foreboding of evil in various forms and degrees; from which certain can come out of you – it can show the dark side you did not know to exist.

The fact that the snake is associated with sexuality comes from the idea that rumors cultures associate the snake with the penis.

However, the snake, in addition to sexual power, also symbolizes psychic and spiritual power. If you dream of it, depending on a dream, your relations to sexuality are seen, as well as the psychic and spiritual power you have or lack.

In this sense, do not be alarmed just because you had one of those dreams; they can assist you in changing or modifying what you feel you should change.

If the black snake has appeared in a nightmare and the dream scares you, you might need to consider your attitude toward sexuality, which is probably not satisfying (as it should be when things are normal and healthy more importantly).

Such a dream is the one that comes at the moment when your spirit is stirred up in an unpleasant way.

However, such dreams can also reveal some deep mental problems that you have been neglecting for a long time.

And these dreams occur to those humans that definitely have to deal with the “snake.” If you are haunted by the black snakes a lot in your dreams, you may need professional advice, especially if such dreams are repeated many times during the night, often during the week.

But, such dreams can have more positive connotations – they can be the symbol of wisdom and knowledge, fears, repressed sins that you are finding a way to move in a better direction.

Dreams about snakes and also about the black ones are just as walking through an unfamiliar area and encountering a multitude of serpents crawling in front of you or wrapping around your legs. You are afraid that you will stumble or that they will start crawling after you and attacking you.

Some passers-by open their mouths as if they want to bite you, and others crawl towards you to wrap themselves around your legs.

It seems like you are in a living hell, but dreams are not literal and should not be understood in such a way. They can foretell that you have many opportunities for change in waking life and that you are so afraid of them, just as they are snakes.

The black snake illustrates the point where the inner and outer worlds meet and shows our actions and behavior.

Just as a snake sheds too little skin, it is left; we also contribute to our own healthy growth if we give up behavior that no longer serves us.

The fact that the snake in a dream is black, someone will think that it is the most problematic part, but the black in a dream is not the color of death, rather the color of the end of the color that changes.

In the end, we have to say that just because most people have no contact with real snakes in everyday life, they are often shown to us in dreams as a symbol of opportunity for change and a sign of our ability to grow and mature.

And as far as the snakes are the representation of some enemies around you and inside you, such dreams shows that you are convinced that you are leaving your home for your own good, later realizing that you have been seduced into a conspiracy set by your enemies to torture you.

But, have in mind that sometimes, you are the enemy, not someone from the outside, and this is the hardest dream to understand.

Most of all, such a dream shows your inner worry about a conspiracy that was organized to hurt friends and you too, you may be a part of it, and now you feel guilty.