Clouds – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Clouds are, in a symbolical sense, never seen as just a meteorological phenomenon.

Instead, they are seen as the motive that has some more spiritual aspect to them.

It is because we believe that something Higher is up there, among clouds, and that we cannot reach it, but we can see them (clouds).

It is the reason why they are associated with the Highest spiritual belief that a person can have; it is what lies above and what “rules” us.

In dream symbolism, clouds can appear from time to time, they are not the most common motive, but they have an interesting meaning.

There are two important aspects that we need to discuss here; first, in general, and theological symbolism, clouds are the symbol or a sign of God that is invisible.

Another aspect is that clouds in dream symbolism are an important sign, which meaning depends on their color in most cases.

In some other cases, the meaning of the dream about the cloud depends on the actions in the dream itself.

Usually, clouds predict disagreements with other people or inner peace.

In some way, the cloud is your inner peace and the core of your spiritual being, so everything that occurs in the dream is related to it.

Depending on the other aspects of a dream, and your feeling in the dream itself shows what is your current status with the spiritual being and your peace.

Meaning and Symbolism

If a dream that you are having is connected to the big black clouds, just like those that occur right before a storm, such a dream implies that you will quarrel with someone.

It is possible that you will be in bad relations with people from the environment because you will not accept any suggestions and well-intentioned advice. You will be convinced that no one wishes you well and that they do not understand why you will distance yourself from everyone and withdraw into yourself.

If you see small whitish clouds in a dream, it symbolizes peace of mind – you are just in the right place and you feel just right. Do not let anyone ruin what you feel.

If you are flying among the clouds in a dream, and this is one very common motive, such a dream is the symbol that you are craving for romantic; or that you want to travel to the most pleasant place where you can enjoy people you love.

If in a dream you are in a plane and fly above the clouds, such a dream shows that you are looking for new ways to maintain the peace of mind that you have wanted for a long time.

If the storm is breaking and there is even some rain from those clouds, such a dream signifies some transient health or social ailments. Mild illness or disagreements with friends are possible.

Keep in mind that in the majority of cases, clouds are symbols of your closest and most beloved friends, but also the idea that you are carrying loads of problems that you want to share with someone and make yourself feel better.

Clouds can also symbolize ships that sail the sea, that is neither on earth nor in the sky, that carry loads, and that is driven by the wind.

Of course, the ship is your life, and the clouds are the path you are taking.

A cloud can also symbolize wrath or punishment if you have a dream that the clouds are black, stormy, rainy, with a lot of lighting.

Decoding Dream about Clouds

Some say that very common dreams that are connected to the clouds as the main motive show that you are very naive, but that you like to keep it in that way because you have peace of mind in that case.

If you are floating effortlessly with some friend in clouds, in that case, such a dream shows that you love to assist others without asking for anything in return, you love that kind of relation.

Yet, it is your quality that makes you different from others.

An alternative meaning is a long and happy life that you will have if you continue having that peace of mind.

For example, if you dream that you are on the top of the mountain and that you are looking at the clouds from above, it means uncertainty not related to the future but to the present moment. You may go on a trip or wait for a loved one to have an important conversation with him/her that will decide your future. You will not know what to expect, which is why the thoughts in your head will change at lightning speed and take you back to the conclusions from which you started.

If in a dream there are numerous clouds and all of them have a different shape, form, or color, in that case, the meaning is that you are expecting people to return to the relationship that you had before, but you are aware that it is not possible always.

Sometimes, relations with others are ruined permanently, and they cannot (and should) not be repaired. It will bring you so much harm, even if you are not able to see it right now. Stay in peace.

In some cases, the dream about clouds is the symbol of life itself and the salvation that comes when you have found peace. In some cases, such a dream is the symbol of knowledge, prudence, wisdom, and eloquence, since sophisticated wisdom lies in the fact that you have moved so high in life (spiritually) that no one and nothing can harm you or disturb your peace.

There is a chance that you either are in a search for it or that you have found it, and there is no way you will let it go.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If these clouds were accompanied by a lot of rain, or even snow, in any case, if they are black, and the sky is not blue, in that case, the dream indicates concern or something undesirable in life that you are dealing with right now. Think of what it can be for you at the moment.

If clouds in a dream are accompanied by some fierce wind, or fire stones, snakes, or scorpions, it symbolizes an enemy attack, or the return with news of the death/bad news, etc.

But, in the majority of cases, this dream appears as a good sign – clouds are a representation of your state of mind – the saying “your thoughts are a reflection of your life” has never been more true.

Think of the clouds that you have seen in a dream, and they show a lot of your current state of mind, your relation to peace, and what it takes to reach it.

If the cloud was beautifully and fluffy and you felt great, such a dream shows that you are maximally focused on the beautiful things that are happening in your life.

Also, you are aware that there are problems that you must not push under the carpet, but you have to face them.

One more interesting thing – some say that cloud is the symbol of pregnancy because both woman and cloud carry water in their wombs that they must not drop or release if the timing is not right.

The symbolism of such a dream is understood as the birth of great ideas that have the power to change your life, and they are waiting for the right moment. They have been in development for a long time, and there is no way that you can rush them.

For such a task, you must acquire knowledge and wisdom, go on a spiritual journey, enjoy this mission.

The cloud takes various forms. Its nature is rather obscure and is, therefore, an adequate means of describing the formless strength who always remains to man somehow incomprehensible, mysterious, immersed in the cloud.

As for advice for the end, there is some version of these dreams about clouds, and in some cases, they show how you are convinced that no one wishes you well and that they do not understand why you will distance yourself from everyone and withdraw into yourself. You should not do it, and you should always listen to your intuition and respect the opinion of others.