Chiron Conjunct Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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CHIRON basically stands for a mental injury in a previous life or for a mental injury to one of our ancestors that affects our lives.

Which principle this violation is to be assigned to and how this inner soul part is based our present life is influenced by the position in the natal chart.

Chiron – Meaning and Info

Important is to recognize where the pain lies within us. This pain that we feel inside is also a very great talent.

Where we can’t help ourselves we have the potential to heal and nurture others. Whoever recognizes the topic can do it in his private and professional life.

Properties like spontaneous, direct, straightforward, idealistic … are assigned to Mars. Its potentials include assertiveness, energy, fiery Enthusiasm. It also stands for one’s own will.

If there are tension aspects between CHIRON and Mars in a birth constellation exist, that can affect you in the form of your own.

Will, his assertiveness, his power potential decreases – out of fear about possible consequences.

Something in us longs to live these abilities and at the same time we are afraid to do it.

It is the injured warrior in us who Hero who was so badly injured in a fight that this wound was in is still saved in our present life.

What we cannot live in ourselves can benefit other people. Anyone who is injured in his or her characteristics has a potential to give other people the

To show opportunities for more assertion and life energy. The Taurus Venus are qualities such as persistent, economical, art-understanding, conservative, safety-oriented … assigned.

Your potential is persistence, stability, reliability. It also stands for intrinsic value, the ability to distinguish and money. If in a birth constellation CHIRON the sign Taurus, the Taurus Venus and / or touches the 2nd house, the living area of ​​livelihood security is violated. Fear of poverty can be felt as well as sensitivity to intrinsic value and at delimitation.

Characteristics such as thinking, speaking and representing themselves are assigned to the twins. When Chiron touches twin systems more, communication becomes one sensitive point.

The moon has qualities like romantic, soulful, nourishing, protective, familiar … assigned. Its potentials include security, motherliness, and feelings. It also stands for one’s own spiritual roots.

If in a birth constellation there are tension aspects between CHIRON and the moon exist, that part of the soul is injured in us, which relates to our security potential relates. We may have been in our past life / or one of our ancestors cast out of a human community.

The fears from this loss are stored in the soul and arouse a great longing for an emotional. A sense of belonging and at the same time a great fear of closeness.

People with this constellation adapt to their environment, to the painful experience to avoid separation…

Midheaven – Meaning and Info

The tenth house in astrology is under the sign of Capricorn and thus represents the public, achievement and profession, title and prestige, social position and career, influence, power, honor, gainfulness and business acumen.

It stands for the call to people to grow up and take responsibility in their place in society.

The middle of the sky, the medium coeli (MC), determines the beginning of the tenth house and thus marks an important factor in the horoscope.

Astrologically, the MC is the point that, next to the ascendant, most strongly represents the external effect.

That is why such important human aspects as reputation, career and social rank are assigned to the tenth house.

In fact, it depicts the social position someone occupies.

People who have planets in the tenth house are therefore often characters who appear in public: as entrepreneurs, as superiors, as political office holders.

Of course, it takes time before career plans can be realized and the tenth house only comes into play in the course of life.

Often the parents also determine the expectations of themselves and shape a career.

But a high office does not fall into the lap of very few. Consistent work and self-discipline are necessary to develop and embody authority.

The willingness to take on responsibility can also take the form of someone fighting for social goals.

In general, responsibility is a central concept in this House. Embodying authority is one side of the coin.

Especially at a younger age or when a professional position cannot be easily worked out, the tenth house also embodies conflicts with authorities such as superiors or authorities.

What others think is important to you. The desire for success could dominate your emotional world. You may hold a public office related to change, public relations, or women. Your special charisma enables you to influence others.

Many career changes are possible. You feel the need for a socially useful activity. You are striving for a responsible position in your professional environment. You attach great importance to individuality, which can go so far that no subordinate activity is an option for you. Keep your emotions under control.

Due to your constant friendliness and your balanced disposition, you are very popular both in your professional life and in your private environment. You make people want to do you good, but if you use this energy too much, your own energy can turn into indolence.

You are friendly, loving and with an optimistic attitude towards life. This setting predestines you, for example, for public speaking or singing. Use your voice to inspire people. This planetary position almost always brings secure financial circumstances with it.

Chiron Conjunct Midheaven – Synastry, Transit, Composite

The tenth house indicates occupation, profession, business, furnishing, special duties, business, effort, activities, inclinations, use, speculation, effort, labor, things, firms, interests, concerns, consideration, certificates, seals, authorizations, reasons, incentives, consequences.

This house talks about the father and his abilities, indicates bile, bones, skin, knees, hearing… This is primarily a house of action and action, success in endeavors and indirectly professions and occupations. From it we observe career, fame, honor, recognition, titles and high status.

All the responsibilities imposed by a career, and all the professional duties come from this house. Along with the 5th house, this is the primary house from which we look at the state, the powerful, the laws, influential and rich people, but also the status of the person.

Since this house is the opposite of the 4th house, it also refers to life abroad (along the 7th and 12th house). Precisely speaking, she also controls the skeleton, spine and knees. It is believed that each planet in this house directly describes the type of work that a person will do.

Signs at the top of the ten household at the top of the tenth house no one has ever dealt with it before – and none of it to bring it to an end. The tendency to be first and always right must be limited, otherwise he will fight the enemy and the fighting opponent on his way to success.

People simply do not like to be assigned and ordered by someone, especially not by the authorities. He wants affirmation in various fields, but his success is not stable due to conflicts with his superiors. To succeed, she must have enough strength and perseverance if she already wants to compete.

Success can thus be achieved with ease, although the problem of versatility and lack of perseverance remains. Failure can therefore come due to hasty actions, so he will start his career several times. Taurus at the top of the tenth house success in his career will come slowly, but only with the patience of a person.

It can have great benefits, happy circumstances and trades in the field of finance. It will be a good boss because it is not up to her to carry out orders, but she must learn to entrust one part of the work to others, instead of trying unsuccessfully to do everything herself. He does not like failures, he behaves generously, even wastefully.

Failure can come due to stubbornness. Gemini at the top of the tenth house of people with multiple occupations. Career change. He likes to work with others and has a talent for diplomacy.

A hardworking man who always has to do something. He is probably an outstanding speaker and should develop that ability because people enjoy listening to it. He can be a successful teacher, artist, and actor.

However, the tendency to be exhausted at work, which could lead to a nervous breakdown.

Failure is due to frivolous behavior. Cancer at the top of the ten house of people from whom much is expected.

It is difficult to establish yourself in your career, so there can be a lot of changes. Female career influences. It works well in management positions. Failure comes due to indecision and insecurity.

Lion at the top of the tenth house has the ability to lead others, trusts himself a lot, and has no self-control. He wants success, but he will have to make an effort because he encounters obstacles along the way.

He must learn to understand others, and it is best to rule with love and not by imposing discipline, which comes from a parent who tried to dominate him.

It acquires status and prestige relatively easily. With the help of charm, you can climb to the very top.