Chiron in 2nd House

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People have always used astrology to discover important information about themselves and other people, like their personalities, interests, personality traits, beliefs, and the events they could likely experience in life.

Astrology can also give us answers to many other questions, such as outcomes of different situations and relationships.

Usually, astrology is used to analyze natal charts of people to determine their character and future.

The birth chart is created using the date, exact time, and place for someone’s birth or event. The birth chart has 12 houses which rule different areas of life, with planets’ placed within these 12 houses.

These are the planetary positions for the moment when the chart is made.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

The creation of a birth chart is the start of astrology interpretation. In the past, making a birth chart was a task that required both time and knowledge; also, the charts, weren’t as accurate.

In our times, the creation of a birth chart is a matter of seconds after inserting the data into a computer programs.

Sophisticated computer programs can do many advanced astrology calculations which were almost impossible to make.

Everyone can make their birth cart these days, but in the past, not many people were skilled enough to provide you with such a service.

The analysis of the birth chart is still time consuming and requires knowledge and skills. Only an astrologer with such qualities can give you accurate interpretations.

Most people are not aware the fact that astrology can help them make some important decisions in life as well as to prevent them from making huge mistakes in their life.

The basic astrology analysis consists of analyzing the houses of the natal chart and their rulers, the rulers of the birth chart and their aspects, the planets in different signs of the Zodiac, the aspects between planets, the planets inside the houses of the chart, etc.

The houses of the birth chart containing the planets are the most significant, because they give additional details about the areas ruled by these houses; these planets also influence these areas with their meaning and energy.

By analyzing the meaning of planets in different houses, the astrologer can make conclusions about the personality traits as well as future events.

The houses in the birth chart rule various areas, such as our ancestors, family members, parents, children, brothers and sisters, our friends and social circle, communication skills, our enemies, neighbors, profession, education, work, coworkers, career, business, interests, hobbies, talents, travel, health and physical state, finances, etc.

Chiron – Basic Qualities

Chiron is not a planet; in fact, it is a mix of a comet and asteroid.

At first, Chiron was considered an asteroid, but it was later discovered that it exhibits both the traits of asteroids and comets.

It is actually a hybrid, hence the name of the mythical hybrid being from mythology, centaur named Chiron. Centaurs were half human half horse beings in Greek mythology.

Chiron was a famous centaur, son of god Cronus and nymph Phylira, who abandoned him because of his odd appearance. Chiron was adopted by Apollo the god of poetry, music, art, healing, prophesies, archery, etc.

Apollo taught Chiron many skills, among others the skill of healing. Chiron saved others with his healing ability, but he wasn’t able to save his life. It is often referred to as “wounded healer”.

In the birth chart, Chiron’s position shows us where we need to be healed and what are the areas of life we need healing. In these areas we often experience disappointments and failure, and we need some lessons to learn.

These are areas where we don’t feel comfortable and not successful. In these areas we often feel hurt or ashamed.

The causes for these experiences are usually some wounds from the past we are not aware of; sometimes these hurts come from a previous life.

Through Chiron experiences we become aware of the wounds we have and look for their roots so we can confront the issues we have and be healed.

Chiron requires healing so we can be successful in the areas that are causing us issues and move on with our lives.

It is essential to discover the areas where we have issues that need resolving.

We can discover them through the house and sign where Chiron is in the birth chart; we can also discover them by searching for areas where we feel insecure, ashamed, lack confidence or self-respect and self-love; in these areas, we try more than usually to achieve something, and we often experience disappointment and failure, despite our efforts.

Our healing begins when we finally accept the issue we have and the fact that we need to resolve it.

The most important thing is to ignore our ego and our shame we have in regards to these issues, and when we manage to do that, the healing begins.

We tend to ignore the Chiron issues even though they are causing a lot of problems and damage into our lives. It takes great courage to finally accept them and start resolving them.

We usually keep repeating the same mistakes and experience the same disappointments until we finally learn our lessons, and that fact concludes the healing process.

Second House Meaning

The second house is the ruler of material possessions, money, gains and expenditures.

This house and the planets inside reveal the person’s attitude towards these matters, especially towards money; it shows how the person earns money and what they tend to spend their money on.

It can give information about the financial status of the person, and whether it is likely that the person will be rich and have the opportunity to earn money.

The natural ruler of the second house is Venus and it naturally corresponds to the sign Taurus. This house shows the person’s financial situation and movable possessions.

It can reveal the things the person prefers buying. It shows whether the person is a spender or tends to save their money. It can also show whether the person is generous or not.

The 2nd house also reveals whether the person has fears over their material security. If there are planets inside the 2nd house they reveal additional details about the spending habits of the person.

If, for example, the planet Venus is in the second house, the person could be prone to spending their money on luxury items, clothes, jewelry, decorative items, etc.

The second house is also related to the sense of self-esteem and self-worth. It often happens that people related their sense of self-value with the amount of money they have or their material possessions.

This house shows the ability of their person to use their abilities to make money or gain some possessions.

It can describe the person’s ambition in relation to money and wealth as well as the amount of energy the person is willing to put into achieving their material goals.

The 2nd house also describes our food preferences and the money we are prepared to spend on the food we eat.

Chiron in Second House Meaning in Individual Charts

When Chiron is in the second house, this could reveal issues with financial security and fears the person has whether they will be able to financially sustain themselves or not.

Chiron in second house is often a sign of financial struggle and failure to provide enough, regardless of how much the person tries.

In some cases the person could earn enough money for their financial security, but they are never satisfied and no amount of money can make them feel proud or secure.

Many of these people have inferiority complex related to their financial situation which is completely ungrounded.

In some cases, the fears these people have in relation to the second house issues stem from some previous bad experiences, but often their origin is in a past life, where the person has experienced some kind of shame or hurt regarding their financial situation, or they were forced to work hard to make their ends meet.

In this life, the person’s role is to face their fears of poverty or not having enough, and sometimes their sense of guilt for spending money and relax.

They need to become open to prosperity and gain an abundance mentality. They need to relax their fears and begin expecting only the best to happen.

Chiron in Second House Meaning in Synastry

When Chiron is in the second house in synastry, this could indicate a relationship where the Chiron person might make the second house person aware of some deep wounds and disappointments in relation to the matters of the second house, or it can be vice versa.

The second house person could make the Chiron person aware of their wounds.

Their role is to help each other in facing these issues and overcoming them. this usually happens through events they might experience together, healing them from their hurtful past which created blocks that are preventing them from achieving what they want.


Chiron in second house is often a sign of issues related to the second house; it reveals the person’s subconscious fears and insecurities related to their finances and financial security which usually have their roots in the past or some past life.

The main task for the person is to detect these issues and confront them so they could heal.

When Chiron is in the second house in synastry, this is often a sign of a relationship where the partners become aware of some issues they have in relation to the second house matters and help one another resolve these issues.