Moon In 3rd House – Meaning, Synastry

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Astrology analyses can be very useful, giving important information about individual’s and the world around us; they can predict the outcome of situations and longevity of relationships, and can provide info about many other subjects.

Especially important are astrology analysis of individual charts, because they give us details about personal traits, interests, attitude, appearance, beliefs, etc.

Planets in houses – individual charts and synastry meaning

When doing astrology analysis the first thing that should be done is making a birth chart.

The birth chart is an image of the sky and planetary positions in one moment in time. This moment is usually someone’s birth, but it can be done for any other moment.

The planets placed in this chart and the 12 houses, can give all the information we need.

The houses with planets are the most important ones, because they reveal where the focus of attention is. The energy of the planets and the energy of the house merge giving unique traits and the areas ruled by that house will be colored by the energy of this planet.

The planets in houses in synastry analysis, a technique in astrology which analyses relationships and their potential reveal the influence of the relationship on the partners.

In this technique, the planets of one partner are analyzed placed in the natal chart of the other partner.

The houses in the charts where the planets are placed reveal the areas of life where this partner will influence the owner of the chart.

The natal chart consists of 12 houses. The houses of the natal chart all have different areas of rulership.

They give answers about our personal appearance, our character, our relationships with people, individuality, personal relationships, our surroundings and neighbors, our parents, children and siblings, our business or romantic partners, friends, travels, education, health, social life, etc.

The houses are divided in different categories depending on their influence on our lives. For example, the houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are considered personal, and 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 are considered interpersonal houses.

The houses 1, 2 and 3 are houses of personal identity; the houses 4, 5 and 6 are houses of integration in environment; the houses 7, 8 and 9 are houses of our awareness of other people, and the houses 10, 11, and 12 are the houses of integration in Society and social expression.

Houses can also be divided on angular or cardinal houses (1, 4, 7 and 10); succedent or fixed (2, 5, 8, and 11) and cadent or mutable (3, 6, 9, and 12).

Moon – Basic Qualities

The Moon is an astronomical body and the Earth’s natural satellite. In general, it is believed that the Moon’s formation dates back 4.5 billion years ago and that it formed from debris produced by a collision of the Earth and asteroid.

Many people don’t believe that the Moon is a natural occurrence and in fact believe that the Moon was artificially formed by aliens.

This astronomical body is very important for our life and life of every being on Earth; it is the brightest body on the night sky. It moves very fast and it takes it only 27.5 days to go around the Earth. While circling the Earth, the Moon goes through all 12 signs of the Zodiac.

In astrological sense, the Moon is the ruler of sign of Cancer, and is exalted in the sign of Taurus. The detriment of the Moon is in Capricorn and Scorpio is the sign of its fall.

The Moon is the ruler of our feelings, emotions, our subconscious content, our inner guidance, intuition, and our memories.

The Moon rules our mother and women in general; it is also the ruler of femininity and its placement in the natal chart reveals how well we embrace it. The Moon also rules our motherly instincts.

People who have Moon as their ruler are usually sensitive and emotional. They can easily be hurt and they often misinterpret other people’s reactions towards them.

They are usually reserved and tend to keep their emotions private. They are also shy and don’t relax easily in the presence of stranger. It takes getting to know someone to be able to begin opening up to them.

They often hide their emotions and can be prone to hard to explain and understand emotional reactions and moodiness.

These people are often holding on to their past and refuse to forgive people for the hurts and wounds they experienced. They can hold resentment for a long time; sometimes their entire life.

This is unhealthy because they are blocking their progress and movement forward in life. They need to learn how to let go of the past and clear themselves from the hurt and bad memories.

People influenced by the Moon often tend to be moody and prone to unexplained reactions. Their behavior is often irritating to the people from their close surroundings because they don’t know what to expect from them.

Moon people have a caring and nurturing nature and enjoy taking care of their loved ones. They also enjoy spending their free time at home; for most of these people their home is the place where they feel best. These people have strong ties to their families and close friends.

Very often, Moon people express traits like neediness and possessiveness; this is something that most people cannot tolerate, and that causes Moon people problems in their relationships with others.

Moon people can be blessed with powerful intuition and sense of inner knowing of things. They often sense what other people feel and think and can predict future events.

The place where Moon is placed in our natal chart reveals the areas of life where we feel most comfortable. The Moon’s position also reveals our connection to our home.

Third House Meaning

The third house belongs to the group of houses of personal identity; it is also a cadent house. The third house is ruled by the planet Mercury and the sign attributed to this house is Gemini. This is the house of communication.

It also rules our surroundings, our neighbors, siblings, short trips, everyday movement, self-expression, creativity, our thinking process, and the way we make decisions.

The third house reveals how our mind functions. It is the house of our mentality and the preferred ways of communication, especially the way we reason, speak, think, and write. The third house is the house of our neighbors and our brothers and sisters, and other relatives.

This house reveals the way we analyze information and we deal with issues we encounter on a daily basis.

The third house is the house of learning and the sources of learning, schools, books, teachers, courses, trainings, etc. It reveals the basic skills we acquire through learning, and our basic knowledge and primary school education.

This house rules information and reveals the preferred ways to gather information about our surroundings. It is the house of messages and news. It indicates learning from other people, usually the ones from our surroundings, siblings, etc.

It rules the establishment of contacts with other people. It is the house of attitude towards people we meet on a daily basis.

This house and the planets which are placed in this house can reveal how our communication with other is, and explain possible issues in communication.

When malefic planets are placed in this house it is usually an indication of issues related to areas ruled by this house, such as problems in communication, issues with vehicles and means of communication such as phones, etc.

When there are beneficial planets in this house, this is usually a sign of a person who is talented writer and speaker.

This person doesn’t have a problem in communicating their thoughts to others. They are often excellent drivers. In some cases, they tend to travel daily for school or work purposes.

Moon in Third House Meaning in Individual Charts

One of the traits that the Moon placed in the third house can give to a person is their tendency to talk about their emotions. They can also be very emotional in their interactions with others. These people can be very creative and talented for learning different languages.

Sometimes this placement can give an artistic talent. This placement can give frequent changes of opinion and beliefs, especially if the Moon is afflicted.

When the Moon is afflicted, and especially if it is the ruler of the person’s natal chart, the person might be unpredictable in their communication; they might be intolerant towards other people’s feelings, saying what they want, when they feel like it; they can also be prone to sulking, stopping communication with people they choose, just because they feel like it.

The placement of Moon in third house might give the person heightened intuition and a unique thought process. They might be able to see through people’s intentions and sense what others are feeling.

This placement might indicate having very emotional brothers and sisters, or feeling sensitive and emotional towards their siblings. These people also have great relationship with their neighbors and sometimes consider them as close as their family.

Their neighbors might feel at home when they are with them, or they might feel very comfortable when they spend time with their neighbors or in their neighbors’ homes.

With this position, the person might need to undertake a mother role towards their brother or sister for some reason.

Moon in Third House Meaning in Synastry

When one person’s Moon is placed in another person’s third house, this is usually a sign that both of them enjoy their conversations and feel comfortable talking about their emotions.

These two feel that the other person truly understands them. These two might find pleasure in learning things together.

The Moon person will certainly admire the third house person’s way of expressing their opinions.

They might be fascinated with the way their mind works and the way they handle their daily issues. They might enjoy listening to them talking about the things that interest them. Their communication might be a major part in the maintaining of their relationship.

The third house person might mentally stimulate the Moon person and inspire him to pursue some of their intellectual endeavors and ideas.

If the Moon in the natal chart is afflicted, this could be a sign that the Moon person might irritate the third house person with their exaggerated emotionality and sensitivity.

The third house person might not be able to understand and respect the Moon person’s emotions which might hurt this person very much. Their emotions might be ignored in some cases.

The third house person might have a problem understanding the Moon’s person needs and thoughts. There might be frequent misunderstandings happening between these two.

In general, these two really understand each other and this makes a strong mental bond between them.

The Moon person might also inspire the third house person to follow their dreams and help them by giving them the right information they need as well as inform them where to find information.

When the Moon is afflicted, this could also indicate the Moon person giving bad advice to the third house person, or criticizing their opinions and ideas. Sometimes these critics might be useful and constructive, allowing the third house person to improve their way of communicating with others.

In some cases, one person’s Moon in 3rd house of another person might indicate frequent short trips the third house person will be forced to undertake because of the Moon person.


The Moon in third house in individual charts is usually a sign of a person who is very open about their emotions and don’t have a problem talking about them.

These people are usually close to their brothers and sisters as well as their neighbors. They are creative and love to learn about the things that interest them. This can also indicate emotional brothers and sisters.

The Moon in 3rd house in synastry is an indication of a relationship based on mutual understanding.

These two openly talk about their emotions and feel free to tell anything to the other person.

If the Moon is afflicted, this could indicate lack of understanding and ignoring the Moon person’s emotions or ideas.