Chiron in Gemini

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Heavenly bodies are all named after great deities and mythical characters from ancient mythologies, particularly Greek and Roman. In both astronomy and astrology, as well as in common tongue, we call planets by names of the ancient, powerful and divine.

Astrology is an ancient science or, if you want us to speak in modern terms, a pseudo science.

The tradition of naming planets and heavenly bodies after mythical character still goes on; even the latest discovered are named so. Today we speak about Chiron, one of the ‘modern’ astronomical and astrological bodies. Chiron was named after the mythical character from Greek mythology, the centaur Chiron, known as a wise and noble teacher and an excellent healer.

Let us learn more about the myth of Chiron, because it will help us better understand the meaning of Chiron as an astrological element. Chiron was born to the titan Cronos and the nymph Philyra. The powerful titan turned into a horse, so that he could escape his wife Rea and sleep with Philyra, who he was in love with. The child the nymph conceived was the first centaur, a half man-half human being.

In the eyes of his mother, Chiron was a monster and she was in so great pain because of giving birth to such an imperfect creature, that she decided to stop being Philyra. She was turned into a linden tree. Chiron was turned away by his mother and Cronos did not take care about him, so he was marked with suffering since early days.

Fortunately, not all of mighty gods thought Chiron was a useless monster. The beautiful Apollo took care of him and taught him the art of healing and many other great things. Centaurs, as a class of mythical beings, were not civilized; they were rude, wild, undisciplined and generally not a company you would like to provoke. However, Chiron was one of the few exceptions.

Chiron became wise and he dedicated his time to teaching and healing others. He learned from his own suffering that he should do the best if he tries to use it as his strength. His faith was to survive and to be fostered by the mighty Apollo. Chiron was the teacher of many notable mythical heroes, such as Telamon and Achilles. He also was a friend with the mighty Heracles.

Heracles accidentally wounded and killed Chiron. He shot him with a poisoned arrow during a fight with wild centaurs over the sacred wine he was not supposed to drink and which was given by Dionysus for centaurs to keep it.

Of course, Heracles did not want to hit Chiron; he happened to be in the wrong place, at the bad time.

Heracles tried to heal Chiron, but he failed. Ironically, perhaps, but Chiron, who healed many others, had no power in healing himself. Being an immortal, Chiron asked Hades to swap places with the hero Prometheus, who was suffering on the slopes of Caucasus Mountain. He gave up his immortality, because of the terrible pain from Hydra’s poison, which was what the arrow was poisoned by.

Hades approved of this desire and Heracles freed Prometheus. Chiron was a noble character, to his last day. He is universal symbol of suffering and relief, of self-development, of pain and healing.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, a character noble enough not to turn bad and maleficent because all of sorrows in his own life. All of this makes Chiron extremely important in astrology.

Chiron and Horoscope

Chiron was added to the list of astrological bodies in modern times; actually, it happened lately, if we speak in terms of astrology, which is old a few millennia.

Chiron was discovered in 1977, as another member of the Solar system, traveling through space somewhere between planetary giants Saturn and Uranus. Chiron was spotted in nineteenth century, but not identified.

Its nature as an astronomical body is pretty unclear. Chiron is enlisted amongst asteroids and comets, because it features some characteristics of both. We usually call it a planetoid. In astrological terms, Chiron is very important. It is an essential element in a natal chart, because it reveals the source of suffering in one’s life.

Chiron’s intention is not to hurt you, but to help you get the best out of it.

Chiron in a birth chart represents our greatest weakness, the point at which we are vulnerable at, but it also gives us an opportunity to transform and to heal. Symbolically, Chiron represents healing, wisdom, teaching, suffering, pain, noble spirit and learning.

Mythological Chiron was capable of turning his own bitter experience into his greatest strength; that is a capability astrological Chiron grants each one of us.

Chiron’s story inspires us to think of this astrological planetoid as the symbol of pain, but also of our own mortality and the gift of it. Chiron’s example shows that immortality cannot give one a joy of relief that comes only with death.

This is a drastic example, but the point is that there is no life without suffering, no healing without pain, no ability to value this life, until we feel we may lose it.

Chiron teaches us to embrace pain and suffering as an inevitable part of life. It is, perhaps, the hardest thing to do. We fight against pain and sorrow, while, in fact, we could use it into our own advantage.

Poor is the one who is incapable of seeing something good in bad situations; it is not that you should celebrate your sorrows, but to try to learn something from them. Another popular quote says that what does not kill you, it makes you stronger.

If you are ready to accept this, you could feel greatly relieved and encouraged. Chiron’s nature is heroic, although his heroism does not come from strength and power as that of some of notable mythical heroes.

Chiron wants you to find a hero inside your own soul, because the hero is there, you only have to awake this spirit.

It is very difficult, however, to deal with Chiron’s transits, because it does bring suffering and discomfort. Chiron wants us not to fight against it, but to accept it, to let go of the sorrow and grief and not to poison our soul with it.

The place Chiron occupies in one’s birth chart is the place of the greatest weakness, but also the place at which we are in the greatest power to help others.

The place Chiron sits in a natal chart is the place that lacks love. It represents the aspect of life we hardly deal with, the aspect that makes us insecure and estranged from ourselves. It is also the place that inspires us to help others.

By doing so, we should learn what we miss and try to awaken that sense. Chiron’s lessons are not easy to comprehend, but they are precious and very useful.

Chiron in Gemini – General Info

Chiron, the centaur, was the teacher of castor and Polydeuces, the famed Dioscuri or – Gemini. Today we talk about what Chiron in Gemini stands for. People who have Chiron in Gemini or in the third field are weak at the point where all verbal communication starts.

Their weaknesses lie in connecting with their environment and the people, in exploration and in intentions to understand their surroundings and take something out of it.

This is the place where the sense of details begins, the ability of reasonable thinking and of connecting details from the surroundings with subjective and personal feelings. With this, the ability clearly to distinguish inner senses from what is around you comes. Chiron Gemini are poor at this.

This field relates to one’s relations with their kin, particularly with brothers and sisters. It is also related to travel, particularly shorter journeys.

The field of Gemini is also associated with one’s ability to learn, read, speak and particularly with problem-solving abilities. With Chiron in the third field, one has the sense as if their mind is, in a way, corrupted, wounded.

They feel insecure and absentminded, they cannot keep focus and track in what they think and say. They are very prone to impulsive and unreasonable actions.

The problem is they absorb information, but there is no selection, no particular order, which makes one’s mind chaotic and inconsistent. They often have problem with believing into their own ideas.

They think of something, but in the very next moment, they doubt it. They are always worried about if they are in right or wrong, so they are incapable of holding to their opinions. They are very changeable.

Out of fear that they are in wrong or just out of their general insecurity, they would readily accept others opinions and accept them as their own. They could convince themselves it is what they thought in the first place.

Others’ opinions also serve as a safety net for all those scattered thoughts of a Chiron Gemini. They, however, have an inborn urge to try to know everything and understand everything.

They are very curious, but it could get to obsessive extremes. It makes them nervous and they feel as if they are under constant pressure. The point escapes them, but they still try hard to get it. They have to learn to relax and let it go. There is an illustrative example of this kind of obsession.

An Italian priest, Padre Pio, Francesco Forgione, had so great obsession with trying to understand the deepest and the most mysterious truths behind the wounds of the Christ, so that identical wounds appeared on his body!

If a person is mature and self-confident, this dedication to dig deep and search for knowledge could be useful, of course. People with Chiron in Gemini are original and they always ask questions; they are attracted by areas of interest others would rather avoid.

There are no limits when it comes to their curiosity. They are kind of fearless, in that sense. They do not think about risks, but go where others would never step.

Chiron Gemini often have difficulties in expressing their opinions and feelings, because they always think they did not do it well enough. They feel as if did not told everything they wanted to, that their words are not clear and so on. However, that is mostly their personal impression.

Other people actually see them eloquent and smart talkers; others often find Chiron Gemini amazing figures of speech and admire them.

Good Traits

As we have said, Chiron Gemini actually have great gift of communication, but they often fail to see it.

They are curious, eloquent and very open minded, in fact. They know how to do with words, so their source of healing should be channeling this talent properly. They are strangely courageous when it comes to critic and complaints others send them. They refuse to join the group and they boldly enter arguments.

They have one characteristic gift that could be very bad for others, but also help Chiron Gemini channel their energy. They often have an inner malicious need to represent others in a bad light.

This sounds rather malevolent, but it could be used for good, in very, very lose terms.

They could be excellent at writing for tabloids, gossips are where they feel comfortable and secure with, they could also become amazing caricaturists and satire creators.

Bad Traits

The worst side of Chiron in Gemini is that one cannot organize their own thoughts and their words, so he or she often feels insecure and as if the point escapes them. These people would hold onto others’ opinions, only for the reason of trying to find anything that could make them feel certain.

They commonly envy others on their talent for speech, not realizing others prize them for exactly the same talent.

They could be malevolent and to try to put themselves above others, out of pure spite. It is perhaps their worst characteristic. They underestimate others deliberately, only to make themselves look better.

This is the terrible insecurity, which makes them feel incomplete. They could be irrational, thoughtless and to act foolishly, without any reasonable plan.

Chiron in Gemini Lesson

The fact is that Chiron Gemini are more comfortable with intuition and instinctive action, than with communication and reason.

They have great gift of the latter; however, since it being the point of their weakness, they fail to see it. They help others a great deal, offering very clear advices and opinions on what they are told about, but they fail to organize their own, personal thoughts and feelings.

Chiron in Gemini says you should value your talents.


Chiron in Gemini or in the third house makes people masters of words, but at the same time, it makes them incapable of channeling their own impressions through words.

Chiron in Gemini wants to make you aware of your advantages and talents; it guides you towards the integration of your reason and excellent communication skills with emotions and impressions from your surroundings.