Scorpio in 7th House – Meaning and Info

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Scorpio rules the eighth house in the natural horoscope, the house that refers to death, s*x and regeneration. This is also the second occult house.

The element of water to which it belongs, makes it emotional, and Mars and Pluto (ruler and co-ruler) passionate, dynamic, ready for action.

Scorpio – Meaning and Info

Intuitive like Cancer and Pisces, she glimpses the deep meaning behind superficial events. With this intellect that always dives, they endure their own destiny. They endure the heaviest blows within themselves. They do not complain; they are not prone to self-pity.

Scorpio does not cry for mass to confirm itself. This enduring warrior goes to every battle alone. The saying “small birds fly in a flock, big ones fly alone” can be perfectly applied to him, and Scorpio is like a big bird.

Scorpio cares much more about his opinion of himself and his deeds than about the opinion of his surroundings.

She has the strength to rise completely and live alone, if she estimates that she lives among superficial people. If no one wants to follow her, she will set out to discover the secret of the meaning of life and the world.

It can seem a bit absent, even when it registers everything, due to the constantly present feeling that the emerging world is not the end.

As a rule, her appearance reveals something from the other, immaterial, untouchable world.

Scorpios can attract you extremely, but not with a classic, slightly sweeter appearance, like Libra, but with a mystery that they inevitably carry with them.

It is extremely difficult to delve into their complex, difficult and stubborn character.

If you cling to some tangible deed with the intention of understanding them, they will unexpectedly surprise you with something quite the opposite.

The world of Scorpio is intuitively sensed only by their aquatic brothers Cancer and Pisces. As a rule, the others escape. They keep their composure and composure even in the most risky life situations, because they are not afraid.

In order to achieve some goal, they will go to the extreme, inaccessible to others, without thinking too much about the consequences. That is why they often act recklessly.

Scorpio moving is impossible to stop, you can only follow it. She never stops halfway. Beneath the seemingly calm and composed phenomenon lies a real volcano. If not well channeled, this powerful energy is destructive or self-destructive.

Although it is dark, it attracts like a magnet with its underground power. The obsession with death is expressed in dreams.

Maybe only Cancers still have such morbid dreams as Scorpios, which is no wonder if we know that Cancer rules the grave and Scorpio rules death. A dose of otherworldliness is present in them even after waking up.

They hypnotize with their eyes. You will instinctively feel their enormous energy even when they seem completely uninterested and absent. They control their behavior with unprecedented self-discipline.

If they do not want to, they do not give themselves up even in a death slave. Fierce conflicts should not be entered into with them, because they are the most inconvenient enemies.

Intelligent and brave, they will remember the insults for a long time, and as they are extremely intuitive, they will quickly sense you’re “Achilles’ heel”. Since they are vindictive, they will retaliate when you are the weakest.

Scorpios do not hold much to the outward expression of affection. They do not flatter, and they themselves do not expect you to flatter them. They know best how much they are worth. They do not share advice on their own initiative, like Aries, but if you already ask for their opinion, then listen to them carefully, because they will unconditionally tell you the truth.

7th House – Meaning and Info

The fact is that the author of these lines in the natal chart of the 7th house is just in the sign of Scorpio. And here a lot can be said, there is something to remember.

The seventh house of the natal chart describes not only marriage partners and close relationships, but partners in general.

All those people who surround a person in this life, or rather, first of all, the prism of the native’s perception of all these “others”.

With a Descendant in Scorpio, the native will tend to feel the strength of the environment, some predestination and dependence on people. That is, it turns out, the feeling of the flow and the fear that this human element cannot be controlled. This primal fear of the crowd will be especially relevant with a weak ascendant in exile or fall.

Society here acts as an irresistible force, and the native has a premonition that this force can wash him off very easily. This is one side of the issue. The relationship of the “owner of the card” with the Descendant in Scorpio and society, regardless of gender.

The second point is, of course, marriage and close relationships. Such a person will attract the “scorpion type” of people. First, we can say about the appearance of the partners. Appearance is very, very eloquent. This is, as one of the famous astrologers said, “Demonic type of appearance.”

Black-black hair, a characteristic bent down highlighted nose, often tattoos (a person literally looks like a sorcerer or a witch, there is something demonic in him), long nails in women (literally claws), dark makeup (like ready), combinations are black – red in clothes, wiry physique, men have strong eyebrows and sometimes a beard, in both sexes – the most powerful look in the zodiac. I must say separately about the look.

This is one of the main features of your appearance. Whatever the eyes (large or small, light or dark), the feeling that the partner drills and sees right through you. When such a person looks, you simply cannot fail to notice it. Feeling of energy.

But this energy is special. It is dark, heavy, and oppressive. With people who have the sign of Scorpio or Pluto in the first house, as a rule, it is difficult to stay with them for a long time, regardless of their attitude towards you.

The feeling of a dark cloud or black hole that covers and takes over your bio field completely, tries to force you to do something, crushes, and sometimes even sucks out energy. This is especially noticeable in children.

It is very difficult to play with a child who has Pluto in the first house or a dedicated Scorpio for a long time. It seems to take all your vitality. This is generally felt from almost all children, but to a greater extent from Scorpios. Of course, he doesn’t do it on purpose.

Pluto is perhaps the most difficult planet for human perception, and a person with a descendant in Scorpio will have appropriate partners. In any case, it will not be easy with them.

They will want to control the native, in particular, they will want to control his monetary resources and everything material in general. The Taurus-Scorpio axis: money, values, body, sex, emotions, energy resources – these are the topics that will first of all be taken under control.

Scorpio in 7th House – Meaning and Info

True, if you are unlucky, then the crises from which the owner of the Taurus ASC is trying so hard to get away, it is thanks to the partner that he will get it, so you need to choose carefully. First you need to make sure that the person is stress-resistant and not stress-relieving.

Taurus, who loves comfort and material well-being, wants to get a partner who would also “drag everything into the house” and protect the house from all kinds of enemies. Of course, only a strong person can do this, so strength will certainly be held in high esteem here.

In addition, Scorpio himself knows how to attract money, knows how to lead, strive to lead, therefore, a partner “with position”, endowed with power or shoulder straps, of course, and is also the preferred option.

True, the minus is that a partner can be domineering not only with others, but also with the native himself, trying to suppress, push, and subdue him. In the most negative case, you can organize a domestic tyrant for yourself (especially when Pluto is defeated).

Therefore, it is still worth looking carefully at HOW your partner behaves with other people who may be annoying or simply not loved. As well as considering how he behaves with you when you do not perfectly meet his expectations.

The sensual side of Taurus is also reflected in the requirements for a partner. The owner of the DCS in Scorpio is looking for a person who cares about the sensual side of relationships, he wants love, passion, feelings, and bodily pleasures.

These are wonderful qualities, but again, it may happen that you do not have Scorpio in the DCS, but Pluto in the 7th house and it is you who choose a sensual person, or Taurus at the ACC, but Venus, somewhere in Capricorn, for example, and it turns out that WISHING a sensual and sexually oriented partner, you DO NOT WANT bodily intimacy!

Or you wish, but several times less than your partner needs. And here it turns out quite a nuisance … It seems to be a reasonable question – well, why then choose a partner for whom this side of life is important?

The question is reasonable, but the answer to it is not always obvious, someone is really focused on bodily pleasures, and someone asserts themselves due to the sexual demand of a partner, someone believes that the sexual interest that a partner shows to him is the measure of love…

In general, the reasons are different, but they often lead to a very undesirable scenario (well, except when the reason for this choice is your own heightened interest in physical intimacy). In the negative case, it is not uncommon to observe the sexual exactingness of a partner, sometimes reaching the point of coercion, betrayal of the partner and his own tormenting jealousy.

Speaking of jealousy! Very often, it happens that the owners of the 7th house in Scorpio (or Pluto in the same place) perceive the “first bells” of a partner’s jealousy as a manifestation of his strong love.

It usually starts innocently – a minute after the end of the Native’s working day, they already call him with the questions “where did you disappear / ah? I’m waiting for you downstairs” – it’s nice when a person is so worried about you (and his pride also pleases).

Then “don’t wear short skirts” or “don’t go with their girlfriends, they…” are connected. Then the “brainwash” about where the Native was and why he was delayed is getting stronger, and then full-fledged scenes of jealousy have already gone.

And this is so quietly dragging on that the person himself did not understand how it happened that he was no longer allowed to see anyone, nowhere and nothing was allowed.

Therefore, if you have Pluto or Scorpio in your 7th house (well, or all the options described above), then try to stay away from people who begin to behave in this way, already at the stage of acquaintance. It will get worse further.

In a bad sense, this is an evil partner, a touchy manipulator, a jealous person or even a tyrant, and divorcing him is as difficult as in a good case.

These marriages are as strong as good marriages under Scorpio on the ASC, and divorces drag on the relationship for a very long time. This is not Aries – out of the passport, out of mind. Here, divorce is just the beginning of the end of a relationship.

Again, I repeat – the above is NOT a PROPHECY about how you will have it, this is only a WARNING, as it may be, if you do not pay attention to the signs that are immediately visible or misinterpret them (usually as “he loves me so much!”) …

Scorpio on the 7th house cusp can give very loyal, reliable, focused on you partners, but of course, when choosing, you need to look at what you agree, and choose the strong ones, and not those who want to assert themselves at your expense.


If we are talking about Scorpio at the DCS, then, accordingly, at the ACC we will have a Taurus, such a person likes to live in warmth and prosperity, away from worries and the need to solve some difficult problems.

To do this, he chooses a strong partner – let him cope with crises, take on the burden of responsibility for the situation, etc. And ideally – so it will, of course.