Chiron in Libra

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Chiron is not a planet and is not an asteroid, as it was considered up to recently. This astronomical body shares the traits of an asteroid and a comet, and is actually a hybrid. Chiron was first detected in 1977. This is the first discovered body of this kind.

Others similar bodies are later discovered and are called centaurs. The name came from the name of the beings from the ancient Greek myths, which were half horse half human creatures.

There were a lot of centaurs, but Chiron was different from all of them. He was an offspring of the Titan god Cronus and the nymph Phylira. According to the myth, Cronus approached Phyilra disguised as a horse and after being intimate with him she gave birth to Chiron. She was disgusted by his appearance and didn’t want to take care of him.

Chiron was an orphan who was then adopted by the god Apollo, the ancient Greek god of music, arts, poetry, archery, disease and healing, sun, light, knowledge, protection of the young. Apollo was also a prophetic god. Apollo taught Chiron all these gifts, and shaped his character.

Other centaurs were rude, lustful, and always drunk. Chiron, on the other hand was kind, intelligent, well-mannered, and educated. The centaurs were beings with their upper body of a man and their lower body of a horse. Chiron had only his back legs of a horse, and his front legs were human; that was another difference which made Chiron different.

The mythical Chiron was an astrologer, prophet, a healer, and a teacher. His death was a set of circumstances where he couldn’t use his knowledge and healing powers to heal himself. That is why in astrology Chiron is called the “wounded healer”.

Chiron in astrology indicates the parts of our lives where we feel insecure and don’t know why.

It is as we carry some old wound from the past, or even some of our previous lives and in this life it is time to heal it and be free. In these areas, usually pointed by the sign or natal house placement of Chiron, we need to overcome the issues of low self-esteem and worth, insecurity, ego issues, and similar issues, so that we could begin to heal.

We need to recognize these areas first; they are usually the ones where we experience a lot of disappointments and obstacles to achieve success, regardless of the amount of effort we put in. Usually, these are the areas we consider the most important, but we unfortunately cannot feel satisfied with them.

The first step in healing is to discover the wound from our past which is bothering us. They can be some past hurts dating back from our childhood, but often these wounds date back to our previous incarnations on this planet. We often carry the wound from our past lives so that we can confront the issues around it, learn the lessons it is teaching us, and be healed.

These wounds and issues we have troubles with, always carry a lesson for us to learn, and we must learn it, if we want to be healed and not repeat the same cycles of mistakes again. To learn the lesson we first need to confront the wound or the issues we have and accept them. That is usually the first step we should take.

Where Chiron is placed in our natal chart, there are the blockages and the weaknesses in our character as well as the issues we keep encountering.

We need to work on these blockages and issues; confront them and resolve them so we can be free. In these areas, we often feel the urge to prove our worth to ourselves and to others. We usually feel as if something blocks us from succeeding in these areas, or we don’t tryst our abilities to succeed.

In most cases, all the efforts we put into achieving some goals regarding these areas remain futile.

The main problem with Chiron and dealing with the wounds and the blockages we have is the fact that we deny their existence and we keep putting in more effort and exaggerating in our activities although we experience disappointments and our efforts don’t have results, and we end up feeling miserable.

The starting point to dealing with Chiron issues is to acknowledge them and try to understand their roots. We also should accept the fact that we have some issues, like insecurities, lack of self-love, self-worth and confidence. When we have done all that, we can begin the healing.

Chiron needs around 49 years to finish a circle across the signs of the Zodiac. Chiron spends years in the same sign and marks generations of people born during that time; that is why Chiron’s individual influence should be determined as a combination of its sign, natal chart house placement, and the aspects it makes with the planets in that chart.

The sign and the house where Chiron is placed in our natal chart point out these areas where we usually experience insecurities and blockages.

We usually don’t understand the reason why we have such problems getting the things we want in these areas even though we put in so much effort. The advice is to try and understand where this wound comes from, possibly from our childhood or from another lifetime.

Often when we realize where the wound comes from, we feel healed already, but form many of us that moment marks the beginning of the healing process.

The lessons Chiron brings into our lives are usually related to our ego, our feelings of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, insecurities, and doubts. For most people, it is not easy to admit having these issues, and that is why it is hard to learn the lesson and for the healing process to begin.

A person often spends years in making the same mistakes again, and experiencing the same disappointments again, before they realize they have some issue in their personality they need to deal with.

The strange thing is that these people are able to give excellent advice to people who are experiencing the same issues in the same areas where they feel discomfort and disappointments. Their destiny is to go through the process to be able to heal on their own. It is not an easy and pleasant job, but they have to do it.

Chiron usually influences us in a way to make us overcompensate or exaggerate in the areas where we feel lack, failure, or insecurity. It makes us keep pushing and putting effort, but with little or no success.

The harder we try, usually the more disappointed we are. The good thing about these constant disappointments is that they point exactly where we need to put in work, resolve the issues we have, and learn the lessons we are supposed to learn, so we don’t make any more mistakes. 

Chiron in Libra Man

Men with Chiron in Libra usually seek balance and compromise in their relationships, but often experience issues the opposite situations even though they give their best to have harmonious relationships with others.

It seems as no matter how hard they try to establish balance, they attract conflicts and disagreements with people they collaborate closely, or people who are their romantic partners.

These men often wonder about the reasons for these experiences, but it often takes them a lot of time and a lot of repeated mistakes and disappointments to realize the reasons for these situations.

Namely, the main reason is their imbalanced emotional state. These men often have chaotic emotions and they don’t know what they want, and that is why they experience such situations.

The solution is to find an inner emotional balance and balance the relationship they have with themselves, and their relationships will immediately become better.

Chiron in Libra Woman

Women born with Chiron in Libra are usually romantic and emotional, but often experience romantic disappointments and relationships where they lack respect from their partners.

They experience these situations in all kinds of relationships, not only romantic ones. These women often have a feeling as if they are the only ones putting the effort to maintain a relationship, or they do different kind of things for their partners, but their effort always seem to pass unnoticed by their partners.

They often feel taken for granted by their partners and that hurts them a lot. They are very sensitive and the lack of respect and appreciation they experience disappoints them a lot and jeopardizes their relationships.

The main reason why these women experience such situations is the fact that they don’t respect themselves in the first place.

When they change that, and begin respecting and appreciating themselves more, others will begin doing the same. 

Good Traits

The good traits of people born with Chiron in Libra are their abilities to detect other people’s problems related to issues such lack of respect, appreciation, lack of balance and harmony, etc. and give them good advice how to change the situation in their favor.

Bad Traits

The bad traits of people with Chiron in Libra are their inabilities to understand why they experience a lack of appreciation and respect, and lack of balance and harmony in their relationships. 

Chiron in Libra – General Info

Libra is a sign of beauty, beautiful objects and beautiful places, arts, artists, artworks, luxury, pleasures, etc. Libra also represents harmony, balance, compromise, cooperation, partnerships, relationships, socializing, social affairs, social gatherings, diplomacy, diplomats, negotiations, justice, equality, respect, order, co-dependency, etc.

When Chiron is in Libra it can easily cause some issues related to these Libra related matters. Some of the main issues these people experience are situations where they suffer some kind of injustice and mistreatment.

They are very righteous and do all they can to treat everyone equally, but somehow end up experiencing disappointments because of people not treating them right. They often have issues with people’s disrespect and lack of appreciation of their efforts and that hurts them deeply.

The reason for these experiences these people have usually lies in their own feeling of lack of self-respect and self-appreciation. They need to begin appreciating and respecting themselves first, and when they start to do that, things will change in their relationships as well.

These people often have issues with their relationships. They often experience disappointments in these areas and have difficulty to find the right partner who will respect them the way they deserve to be respected.

They also experience issues with lack of balance and harmony in their relationships although these two traits are something they crave for the most.

It seems as though as much as they try, they don’t manage to keep their relationship with other people, especially their romantic relationships balanced and harmonious. Usually the reason for these experiences these people have is the fact that they don’t have their emotions balanced and harmonious.

Their emotions are often a mess, and that is why they experience chaos and disorder in their outer world. These people need to establish their inner-balance and harmony and things will immediately begin changing in their surroundings and all their relationships.

Another issue these people often experience is the independence issue. These people could exhibit co-dependent behavior towards their partners and begin suffocating them. They often feel insecure about making decisions and taking actions and rely on their partners to do that for them.

This behavior might be overwhelming for some people who suddenly decide to abandon the person with the Chiron in Libra placement leaving this person devastated. These people often experience these situations and pile up disappointments and doubts in their ability to be in a happy and satisfying relationship.

The lesson these people should learn is to start relying on their forces.

They need to begin trusting their abilities and rely on themselves instead on other people. when they stop acting in a co-dependent and clingy way, and become more independent and self-reliant, their relationships will begin to change.


Chiron in Libra people are often disappointed because of the lack of appreciation and respect they experience in their relationships with people.

The reason for these experiences is the fact that they don’t respect and appreciate themselves. They stop having these experiences only when they begin respecting and appreciating themselves.

These people often experience relationships which lack balance and harmony, which is something these people crave the most. The reason for these experiences is their imbalanced emotional state.

When they resolve their emotional issues, their relationships become more balanced and harmonious.