Chiron Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Chiron is partial to accelerated and effective teaching methods, especially group teaching, and psychoanalysis.

He is also related to literature and must demonstrate the true magical power of the accurately spoken word and teach people to listen to each other; it is through speech that the spiritual principle in a person is most easily expressed and perceived, but first you need to learn not to litter it.

Chiron – Meaning and Info

Chiron shows how much a person is smeared along the evolutionary ladder. The defeat of Chiron means that a person has many evolutionary “tails”, that is, non-obsolete programs of a much lower evolutionary level than the rest.

This means that in his life (when Chiron is active) there will be a lot of chaos, ups and downs, a person will strive upward, underestimating the strength of the lower beginning, then fall down, wave his hand at himself, then rise again, etc.

However, in a horoscope that is harmonious as a whole, all this is said strongly. In this case, the manifestation of the lower principle in a person is displaced into the subconscious, he perceives himself as “good enough”, it is possible (and necessary, of course) to strive to become better, but as it is, not bad …

It is very difficult to realize your inner dishonesty here. … Affected Chiron requires an active struggle between his higher self and the lower, but here it is difficult (and does not want to) distinguish between them.

On the contrary, in the affected card as a whole, the affected Chiron gives a very acute feeling of inner imperfection. In general, people with affected cards are often internally happier than people with harmonious cards.

They quickly realize that their life is not strewn with roses, and begin to work through their tense, and at the same time, few harmonious aspects, guided by the opinion that “good must be made of evil, since there is nothing else to do it from.

“However, Chiron, even amazed, does not like a person rushing to his inner flaws like a fierce tiger and completely denying his lower principle. It’s still alive.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Harmonious Chiron gives a person in whom both the higher and lower principles are quite strongly represented, but he manages to live as if they do not interfere, but help each other.

His lower self gives him protection, as well as physiological and emotional joys, and at this time the higher seems to be silent; then the higher “I” turns on, and the person, forgetting about himself, really does something for evolution.

Good occult abilities with a practical way out (effective treatment of bio fields, reading the necessary thoughts of the authorities, the ability to palmistry and astrology).

If this person seriously engages in his spiritual development, he can over time (Chiron is in no hurry in his positive actions) to reach a high level of penetration into himself and others.

He has a higher and lower beginnings, holding hands, marching together along the evolutionary ladder (however, in the absence of sufficiently intense work on themselves, they will go down).

Chiron is the first ruler of Taurus (the second ruler of Taurus is Venus). Chiron gives Taurus a new sound. It turns out that Taurus is very intuitive. He has the ability to perceive astral and mental forms (that is, what we register as emotions and thoughts) as material.

Here are some examples. The future, seen by the developed Taurus, is conceived by him as a material substance that has not yet been fully formed.

The stockpile of nuclear bombs is a severe disharmonious astral-mental form that wants to finally materialize in a nuclear war.

The High Taurus considers all material manifestations in their connection with the subtle world; for him the higher and lower principles materialize, and spiritual work becomes almost physical.

Therefore, Taurus lies in wait for the danger of primitive analogies and the somewhat straightforward nature of the perception of spiritual life, he needs to learn to feel the border of his intuition, in any case, quite acute. Chiron in Taurus gives excellent intuition in general and a sense of form in particular.

Chronic Taurus understands that thoughtless waste of money means a hole in the energy of the family, and financial discipline is a sign of harmony on higher planes. Good ability for massage, especially oriental, pass treatment and acupuncture.

Chiron in Scorpio in captivity. The new and stable programs of the subconscious that Chiron creates are being tested by the distrustful Scorpio.

If a person manages to protect what is constructively new that happens to him as a result of hard inner work, he can greatly change for the better, become deeper and more insightful.

But speculations are also possible, since this position gives great magical and occult abilities, a tendency to hypnosis. When working out good ability to work with groups.

Chiron Square Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

It revolves around the Sun with a period of about 50 years, its orbit is located between Saturn and Uranus.

The status of Chiron is finally uncertain, astronomers are in thought: whether it is a small planet, or a planetoid, or a comet’s nucleus.

Chiron in Greek mythology was an enlightened teacher and healer, descended from a kind of centaurs.

The mythical centaurs lived in the bosom of nature, on the slopes of Mount Pelion in Northern Greece.

Centaurs were a strange mixture of animal and human, and due to their animal energy, they generally had a reputation for being “hot guys.”

Chiron, their leader and sage, rose above the rest. He was the son of the ancient god-king Kronos (Saturn). In Chiron, the instincts of the animal and the rational, logical thinking of man are combined.

He lived in a cave like a primitive man, but his philosophical thoughts, mystical revelations that were born in this solitude, and the teachings that he preached were far from primitive. Chiron was wise, and it was practical wisdom and practical application.

He was a renowned herbalist and was entrusted with the training and education of the great warrior heroes of the classical era, including Achilles.

However, Chiron was best known as one of the greatest healers of his time; he was the teacher of Aesculapius, who later became a demigod – the patron of healing.

Astrologers believe that the discovery of a planet occurs when humanity is ready to receive its radiation, and at the same time it becomes more active.

Since the discovery of the celestial body named after Chiron in 1977, signs of the presence of his archetype have become most noticeable in our culture and social life.

For example, the field of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, massage therapy, homeopathy, herbal medicine, chiropractic, and many other disciplines, has grown into a huge industry since Chiron took its place in the night sky.

His skill in herbal medicine is particularly noted in ancient Greek literary sources, and although he is mythological unrelated to the Chinese practice of acupuncture, it must be remembered that in a sense he can be considered the patron saint of all traditional methods of healing, and acupuncture therapy is just such a method.

Not all astrologers recognize Chiron; but the rest are studying him intently. Anyway, in the American ephemeris of Neil f. Michelsen (California, San Diego, 1980), it has already been presented.

According to the author, an astrologer who began to study his science after the discovery of Chiron should take into account his influence in any chart, even if it belongs to the last century.

The discovery of the planet changes not only the fate of humanity, but also the characteristics of the signs in which it dominates and culminates; in this case, it is, respectively, Taurus and Pisces.

Located on the border of several astronomical definitions, it is located midway between two planets that embody opposing forces. Depending on the aspects and circumstances, Chiron can symbolize a jester, an incomprehensible impasse or a way out of it.

Chiron establishes a connection between the higher and lower “I” of a person, expands his consciousness in a form accessible to a person, without bringing him to an insane asylum (at least for a long time).

Aphoristically speaking, Chiron’s action is evolutionary in form, but revolutionary in content. Chiron develops occult abilities in a person, but outwardly it looks quite materialistic or close to it, there is no mental shock.

Chiron’s man is a continuous passion for occult objects with a materialistic or quasi-materialistic lining: treatment with passes and telepathy as the use of a physical or almost physical “bio field”, acupuncture including communication with alien civilizations and astrology, which also has a quasi-physical basis (in any case, the influence of solar radiation and moon phases on the human body is scientifically recognized).

Chiron discovers the dead ends of spiritual development; there is a hope that it will open the main impasse that humanity has fallen into, falling into naive materialism and ignoring the subtle world and the laws of karma.


Chiron gives Pisces an opportunity for behavior intermediate between a repentant prostitute (Sonya Marmeladova) and the Virgin Mary.

Such a Pisces of the middle octave can give a person a new energy and spiritual channel without completely dissolving in him, appealing for the best in him, but not accepting at the same time its lower manifestations.

In Virgo, Chiron is in the fall. Chiron is generally associated with a change in outlook on things; instability is typical for him, a new turn of the topic, as a result of which it suddenly flares up with unexpected sparkles and inner fire.

Virgo, for her part, always tries to take with the number of details, she can wait a long time until the quantity turns into quality.

But if she does not strangle Chiron with her tediousness, she will see the depth in the cliché and the unobvious in trivial details, which set everyone sore on edge. The untreated chronic Virgo drowns in a chaos of thoughts and confusion.

Chiron in Cancer, and in general water signs, gives periodic emotional and mental reconstructions and revelations, when a person with horror discovers in himself lower desires, which, frankly, are much more intimate and less pleasant than lower thoughts, their appearance in consciousness is more difficult to survive…

This position means great psychological abilities and the need to understand your subconscious, to separate emotional cereals from tares.