Taurus in 11th House – Meaning and Info

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People born under the sign of Taurus are characterized by being firm, loyal, sensual, practical, collectors, stubborn and home-loving.

Taurus is a sign that exudes strength and solidity, constancy, grace and sensuality.

It has a great inclination towards the possession of goods, not by way of ostentation but to guarantee certain security.

Therefore, the material takes on a certain importance for this sign, along with the satisfaction of its needs.

Taurus tend to cling to the past and sometimes show an excessive attachment to what they have and a reluctance to make improvements even if they are necessary at first glance.

Taurus – Meaning and Info

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, for this reason the people of this sign have a sensual, elegant and refined nature.

Taurus men and women have a great inclination towards comfort, luxury, and a loose material life. They enjoy good gastronomy and the aroma of good perfumes. They like to be treated with the utmost care and respect and long to live in harmonious and pleasant environments.

Taurus is governed by the senses, for this reason the natives of this sign tend to have a very marked hedonistic behavior. You will work consistently and patiently to achieve your goals.

In the sentimental field, Taurus men are introverted but at the same time very passionate, they can have adventures but what they really seek are deep and lasting relationships.

The woman who sets out to conquer the Taurus man must be a sober and elegant woman, and possess a great capacity to contain him emotionally and to make him feel loved.

Early in the relationship, the Taurus man can be a bit elusive about commitment. However, when he does get involved he gets seriously involved and will do everything possible to make the relationship last. He will be non-demonstrative with words but will express his emotions through sexuality.

Taurus men tend to perform well sexually. They are very fiery and like their partner to surprise them through aphrodisiac foods or through stimuli prior to sexual intercourse.

He is romantic and likes to plan his romantic evenings. Retailer, he needs to feel a strong pride for the woman who is next to him because she is a sign that takes great care of his appearances.

They are stubborn men, they will not change their way of being or their way of thinking easily. It is better not to get into an argument because he will not change position.

For her part, the bullfighting woman is considered one of the most sensual in the zodiac. She is ambitious and practical but at the same time sensual and has a great capacity to enjoy life.

She is very persistent when it comes to love. She needs a man with a strong personality, who is ambitious. They have a lot of respect for people who fight for their goals but who also allow themselves to enjoy life.

They are romantic, with a great need for physical contact. In the sexual sphere, she will give importance to all the elements that surround the sexual act. She will respect the man who takes care of all the details, they like to feel courted. A good way to conquer is taking them to a good restaurant.

When she falls in love she gives a lot but also expects a lot from the couple. If she is serious about the relationship, she will demand the same from the man next to her. They will not forgive infidelity or betrayal.

They tend to be passive and inertia and can be a bit selfish. The cardinal sin of Taurus is gluttony. They tend to be stubborn and have a very materialistic approach to life. Harmonious, sensual and striking features. Women tend to have large breasts and men thick backs. Both can have fat hands and feet and shiny, unruly hair.

11th House – Meaning and Info

This house of air refers to the social relations of the subject, in terms of groups chosen by the person himself. That is why it alludes to the notion of a group, to groups of affection or similarity, mergers and extended societies.

By ramification, it also speaks of the hopes of the subject and his future plans. When we observe Taurus in the 11th house in the birth chart, we will promote a set of characteristics that we will develop in this note.

House 11 is also called “opportune house”, insofar as it manages to provide well-being and, in the case of being negatively expected, certain difficulties in the material aspects of the individual.

The 11th house is the area in which we show others who we are.

It is the place where the energy of the whole sprouts, where each one contributes with their particular effort to a group or totality. It is, therefore, a transpersonal house: it is not the ego or the “I” but the energy that unites us all.

In addition, it is the home of shelter, favors and abilities; as well as our affections and ties with others. The sign and the planets located in it reveal our specific way of behaving in groups.

In it we find a greater intention that marks us the north that determines us, that conceives us to give ourselves so that the water passes, the frequent thing. Indicates work in corporations, political parties, associations, NGOs and humanitarian entities.

People with Taurus in the 11th house are characterized by being protective, stubborn and stubborn beings, who always seek peace and permanence.

The location marks friendships of long duration, in which a succession of advantages are declared.

Taurus in 11th House – Meaning and Info

Ownership ambition is another indicator, masked by creative plans and illusions. Passion, tenderness and expressiveness are always present in their friendship relationships.

His affection for nature and wildlife drives his long-term plans. Benefits or material unions derived from the family will make you be a discreet and moderate person in the face of transformations.

In his projects, his constancy is influenced and allows himself to be traversed by the disturbing sensations of other people. Artistic intentions, and creativity in general, manage to go hand in hand in their plans to safeguard their earnings.

Another of the influences of Taurus psychology in the 11th house marks that the objectives or goals in existence are determined by the primordial material issues of everyday life.

Making a fortune, achieving a pleasant lifestyle, and safeguarding heritage and resources are vital to obtaining the security these natives need.

These natives aspire to achieve economic security and status to cover up some internal insecurities or inconsistencies of character.

They are attracted to friends who have certain artistic tastes, these could help them achieve their goals.

Ultimately, they will seek close and warm friendships, feeling that the time they spend with their friends is always well spent.

Taurus in the 11th house are very stubborn and when something is put into their head it is difficult for them to change their mind.

The same thing happens with friends. When they get along with a person they will put all their effort into making the relationship last over time.

He considers friendship as something basic, although he certainly also uses it on many occasions as an instrument to achieve his ends. You know that with some help you can achieve significant success. Tenderness and passion will always be present when dealing with those who consider true friends.

Such well-cared for friendships will bring you many positive things throughout your life. Not only regarding business or interests of any kind.

Those who share a special chemistry with him will also offer him unforgettable moments. And these occasions are the ones that are never truly forgotten and are lovingly stored in the magical backpack of important memories.

Taurus in the 11th house tends to have a fondness for friends with artistic tastes. In his heart he thinks that it will facilitate the achievement of his objectives.

Enjoy going with them to museums, concerts, art galleries or book presentations. Although the interest is always present, his love for beauty is sincere and he does not hesitate to show it before others whenever he can.

A Taurus classic in most homes. He craves material goods and strives for them. Sometimes he camouflages this ambition in supposed creative projects. He contemplates his future surrounded by economic resources and comfort, so the perseverance in achieving it is very remarkable.

However, all this desire for economic enrichment actually hides internal fears and insecurities. The fear of not being accepted by others or a footfall at important moments makes you wish for your improved social status. He believes that by having a better social position, people will respect him more and his possible mistakes will not be so important.

The field is your best ally to end stress. Tense moments at work, in your romantic, family or social relationships, will be mitigated with restorative walks in nature. Interest in everything related to this Taurus in the 11th house will inspire your long-term plans.

This appreciation for nature will accompany you throughout your life. Something that will be in charge of transmitting to their children and grandchildren. An intangible legacy that you will always be very proud of.

She maintains a good relationship with his family, to which she is also linked by material ties. That is, common property. It can be houses, agricultural land, stocks…

Although he only has one part, he feels responsible and does not try to convince others to make sales or risky investments with them.

Therefore, he shows a conservative attitude that certainly suits the family. Perhaps with his own assets he would act differently.


Taurus are usually realistic and strongly materialistic. They are conformist people, of a certain social conservatism, prudent and fearful of any change.

Once they achieve some comfort, they prefer to do nothing, rather than expose themselves to some unexpected adventure.

Patience and passive resistance are two characteristics that define this sign, along with that of a materialist. Taurus are hedonists, they love good food, leisure and comfort.

On the other hand, they are so tied to their terrain that they sometimes sacrifice opportunities both at work and in love, as long as they do not renounce that security and stability that their familiar environment offers them.

Those born under this sign are usually realistic in setting their life goals. They are usually given practical skills and although they are not too creative they tend to turn their gaze towards other signs that complement them such as Leo and Aquarius.