Chiron Trine Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

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Chiron carries the key of wisdom, awareness and understanding.

Moreover, this is an awareness and understanding of the nature of the universe, the secrets of the Cosmos and the human soul. This is precisely the highest award of Chiron.

But the reward will not be given to everyone, but only to those who bravely follow his path of wisdom and enlightenment. Chiron’s tasks include combining two opposing and mutually exclusive principles: for example, male and female in everyday life, or good and evil on a more global scale.

Chiron – Meaning and Info

It is Chiron in a person’s natal chart that makes it possible to understand such a truth that “good exists due to evil.”

Indeed, only due to the fact that bad things happened in a person’s life, trials, troubles and misfortunes fell, he begins to understand what is good, what in fact is joy, prosperity and happiness.

Only in troubles and misfortunes does he begin to appreciate the help and support of close people and friends.

Only after experiencing betrayal, he begins to take seriously the choice of friends and acquaintances, finding faithful and reliable.

Chiron’s path is the path to wisdom, to understanding everyone and everything, to the discovery of truths and the study of the laws of nature. But Chiron is two-faced, and this is his cunning.

And the main task of Chiron is the connection of the spiritual world with the material world. But Chiron himself, in fact, is the very connecting thread: he always rushes between these two worlds.

Since Chiron has a closer connection with the material world than the other planets of the horoscope, he can easily give his wards various material benefits: high earnings, others, including dishonest income.

Chiron loves to help find treasures, winnings, and good deals.

And if such a person, Chiron’s darling, begins to get carried away with his luck and switches only to material values, then he leaves the path of Chiron, and when this happens, then there is no need to rely on good luck.

However, the diplomatic Chiron does not inflict crushing blows on fate, suffering, misfortune and misfortune are not associated with him.

The wise Chiron does without this: he simply leaves those who have gone from the path of spiritual development without luck and luck, but he never takes away previously donated material values.

Awareness of the secrets of nature and space is an extremely difficult task for a person, Chiron “knows” about this and creates conditions for a person, first of all, for intellectual and spiritual growth, helping to get rid of material difficulties so that they do not distract from reflections.

In everyday life, Chiron is a diplomat, and everyone in whose natal charts he is expressed has a very strong gift of diplomacy.

These people usually make a pleasant impression: they are tactful and balanced, sociable and have a cheerful disposition, they know how to please. And, what is important, trust is easy!

What they know how to use. At the same time, they have a truly paranormal political instinct: in any team they immediately sense all the pitfalls and hidden intrigues, see all the opposing forces and know exactly how it will end. This allows them to always stay afloat, escape from the blow, and be good for everyone.

From those in whose natal charts Chiron has a strong position, one cannot expect loyalty, devotion and reliability.

Chiron endows them with duplicity, and you never know where their truth is, and where they lie, and what they do not say, and what they hide in their thoughts. But betrayal is a trait of Neptune, not Chiron!

Those in whose natal charts Chiron’s strong position are not traitors by vocation at all! They just have their own peculiar way of life and a peculiar system of values ​​and ethical norms.

A typical ward of Chiron (the one who has a strong position in the birth horoscope of Chiron): always cheerful and smiling, calm and balanced, very pleasant to talk to, tactful and diplomatic, says smart things and gives sensible advice. Very disposed to himself.

But if you look closely, you begin to understand that it is impossible to grasp his inner essence, there is something insincere in him: he always says only what he wants to say, never opens his soul.

One senses his cunning. From him you feel neither loyalty, nor devotion, nor reliability, but at the same time makes you respect for your obligation and responsibility – which in fact only confuses.

And the thing is that he is a diplomat. Always and actively provides assistance if he is interested in a person, or this assistance really costs him nothing.

But one should not expect nobility from him: he is not an assistant if you have to strain, and will always find a good reason to refuse help. Inwardly very cold. Such a person is distinguished by simply defiant luck.

From birth, he is endowed with excellent business qualities: wisdom, diplomacy, insight, cunning, commercial flair. His pleasant disposition to himself, the ability to easily enter into trust helps in concluding profitable deals, attracting partners to him.

Ascendant – Meaning and Info

Punishes, deprives, drives into a tight schedule, teaches humility and obedience, and monitors the fulfillment of duties and obligations. And whoever climbs to the top with all his might always promises a lot. Here is Saturn from him and then asks. This is where his harsh reputation stems from.

Then, in a strange way, Chiron got into our solar system from unprecedented distances. And then comes the transcendental (or sup asocial) level. These are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These planets are visible only through a telescope.

And they are responsible for completely uncontrollable layers of our psyche and our reality. Uranus explodes familiar boundaries and introduces the possibility of change.

It allows you to go beyond the circle outlined by life, to gain new experience. Neptune gives intuition and an inexplicable sense of the situation.

One that cannot be argued, but at the same time cannot be ignored. And Pluto teaches humility, cleaning out stagnant places and taking away (utilizing) the obsolete.

That with which a person himself and voluntarily would not part. Man cannot control this level.

He not only found himself between the restraining and all-limiting Saturn and the rebellious and all-overturning Uranus, but also managed to occupy such an orbit in order to come into contact with their orbits.

He had an extraordinary role to connect the world of the visible and the world of the invisible. And somehow combine the principles of the adamant Saturn and uncontrollable Uranus.

A person finds himself in some kind of situation and is sure that he fully understands and controls it. He makes decisions and somehow behaves, and everything seems to be according to the rules, and otherwise it was not possible. But the situation is not very satisfying to the person.

Chiron Trine Ascendant – Synastry, Transit, Composite

Chiron is a small object in the solar system, discovered in 1977. It has a number of completely unique astronomical features. Chiron moves in an unusual orbit, spending about 51 years on one revolution around the Sun.

Its orbit is quite elongated, so that the perihelion (this is the closest point to the Sun) is slightly inside the orbit of Saturn, and the apogel (the farthest point from the Sun) is almost at the very orbit of Uranus.

No object can exist in such an orbit since the formation of the solar system. Sooner or later, Chiron will be thrown out of the solar system under the influence of Saturn or Jupiter. In our time, he is strongly influenced by Saturn.

In addition, although Chiron was originally classified as an asteroid by astronomers, its motion is completely unusual for an asteroid: the orbits of all known asteroids in aphelion do not go a little further than the orbit of Jupiter.

In 1990, astronomers determined that Chiron is a cometary nucleus – an atmosphere of gas and dust was discovered around it; Chiron unexpectedly showed cometary activity with large fluctuations in brightness and with a visible coma.

This discovery was all the more unexpected since the dimensions of Chiron are atypically large for a cometary nucleus.

Such oddities in behavior determine the astrological essence of Chiron. The trajectory of its movement managed to physically touch the orbits of Saturn and Uranus. Which directly makes it a connecting element of the astrological principles of these planets.

There are luminaries – the Sun and the Moon. They are responsible for our manifestation in this mortal world.

The sun determines what we will give to others, how we will serve others. And the Moon shows what and how we take for ourselves, for personal consumption and satisfaction.

Then there are the personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars. They are responsible for personal development and growth. Progress or regression. Mercury is responsible for thinking, logic and speech, for communication.

Venus for aesthetics, taste, the ability to love and enjoy, for receiving and delivering pleasure. Well, Mars describes the ability to concentrate, achieve a goal and determines physical capabilities.

The next level is the social planets – Jupiter and Saturn. They fit the person into the environment. Jupiter gives the ability to understand and perceive moral laws and justice. It allows you to take the right vector of development and behavior.

And Saturn completes the circle. Being the last one perceived by our eye and our consciousness, it clears up the tails.

If a person has successfully reached the height of Jupiter in development (he realized the paramount importance of faith and morality), then Saturn is kind to him and endows him with wisdom, maturity, and the ability to put theoretical experience into practice.

Well, if a person could not understand the height of Jupiter, and for himself reduced its manifestations to the ability to capture more, jump higher and become more proud of this (start to boast of power), then Saturn turns on to contain and freeze.

He becomes angry and in every possible way knocks down arrogance from such self-nominated candidates for the role of minions of fate.


A typical ward of Chiron (the one who has a strong position in the birth horoscope of Chiron): always cheerful and smiling, calm and balanced, very pleasant to talk to, tactful and diplomatic, says smart things and gives sensible advice. Very disposed to himself.

But if you look closely, you begin to understand that it is impossible to grasp his inner essence, there is something insincere in him: he always says only what he wants to say, never opens his soul.