Dreaming of Earwax – Meaning and Symbolism

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Earwax or cerumen is a waxy substance created in the ear canal of mammals. It has a protective role for the ear canal against water, bacteria, fungi or insects.

If it’s excess it could represent a problem, pressing the eardrum, or causing hearing loss, etc.

It is produced in the outer third of the ear canal. There are two types of earwax: wet and dry. The first one is dominant type.

Because our ears are very sensitive organs, the cleaning of the ear canal should be cautiously preformed.

Dreaming of Earwax

Dreams about earwax are not common dreams, and they usually represent something you are disgusted about or embarrassed about. It usually symbolizes something negative you want to remove from your life.

Often these dreams indicate something bad you have heard about yourself or they reveal embarrassment you for some reason feel.

Earwax hanging from the ears is considered a sign of poor hygiene, and that is one of the main reasons why it is considered a symbol of embarrassment and something we would like to get rid of or hide.

This dream could indicate your feelings related to some changes you need to make about yourself.

Maybe you have some unexpected embarrassing problems and you cannot deal with them easily. Maybe it is hard for you to accept and believe that something is happening to you.

In some cases, dreams about earwax could indicate discovering some ways to improve yourself and being satisfied because of that fact.

Maybe you have realized that you were doing something wrong and you have experienced an epiphany when you realized that there was another way to do some things.

Sometimes a dream about earwax could indicate that you need to listen to what others have to say instead of just relying on your opinions.

A dream about earwax could describe you as a person who is controlling and manipulative to some extent and trying to influence others into doing what you desire.

In some cases, earwax in your dream could be a sign of need to mature and become more responsible.

These dreams often indicate deception or betrayal and represent warning signs to the dreamers to watch out from the people in their surroundings.

Sometimes earwax in a dream could be a sign of gossip you could hear or receiving some bad news. These dreams are often related with hearing something unpleasant which will make you either feel disgusted or embarrassed or provoke some other similar feeling.

Sometimes they indicate refusing to hear the truth in some situation (represented symbolically through having ears full of earwax).

These dreams often symbolize feeling guilty and ashamed because of something. They are often a sign of insecurity you feel for some reason.

Maybe you never feel good enough and you keep doubting your abilities. Maybe you have issues with your self-worth and value, and you don’t love yourself as much as you should. These dreams can be very revealing.

You might be feeling worthless in someone’s presence and the dream is pointing out that to you to realize the reasons for having such feelings which will enable you to make the necessary changes in your attitude.

This dream is often a reminder from your subconscious to begin working on your confidence and self-esteem and love yourself for who you are. It is important to work on these beliefs and completely change the picture you have about yourself.

In some cases, dreams about earwax could be a reminder to stop gossiping about others.

Maybe you tend to talk about other people’s flaws or things you don’t like about them, and that is symbolically represented with the earwax you dreamed about crawling from your ears, or other body parts.

Earwax usually symbolizes something disgusting and gossiping can be very nasty.

Often these dreams indicate that someone is talking nasty things about you and finding out about that.

In some cases, dreams about earwax could indicate blockages in communication and problems in communicating with certain people.

Maybe you have a problem listening to others and that is what creates your problems and misunderstandings. 

Dreaming of Earwax – Meaning and Symbolism

There are many different scenarios of a dream about earwax and they all have different meanings, depending on the other details of the dream.

Bellow are some of them:

Dreaming of yellow earwax – If you dreamed of yellow earwax, whether it was yours or it belonged to someone else, that dream could be a warning sign of a possible betrayal or deceit from someone you consider close and trustworthy or someone you don’t care much about.

You should be careful because you might suffer some damage due to the actions of that individual.

Dreaming of pulling earwax from someone’s ear – If you dreamed of pulling earwax from someone’s ear, that dream is not a beneficial sign. It usually indicates your forceful nature. You are probably a person who has a tendency of imposing their opinion on others and making others act as they desire.

You could have a dominant and controlling personality which bothers people from your surroundings.

You could even be aware of that fact, but you usually don’t plan on making changes in your personality.

You don’t care much if your behavior annoys other people because you tend to act the way you feel at the moment.

Dreaming of someone’s earwax – If you dreamed of seeing someone’s earwax, that dream is usually a warning sign, pointing out to disagreements and arguments in the future, possibly with the person you dreamed about.

This dream could reveal someone’s hostile attitude towards you, as well as their aggressive communication.

This person most likely irritates you very much and it doesn’t take long for you to get into an argument with that person.

Dreaming of seeing earwax – If you dreamed of seeing earwax that dream is a warning sign, usually indicating that someone could try to betray you or in some other way harm you.

It could mean that you have already been betrayed or cheated on by someone, and that you will soon become aware of that fact.

This dream could be an alert to you to be very vigilant when you do your paperwork and sign documents because someone might try to trick you into signing something potentially jeopardizing.

Be watchful about the behavior of your coworkers because some of them don’t have your best interest in mind. You could be easily accused of something that could potentially ruin your reputation.

Maybe someone at work is trying to overtake your position and they are ready to do anything to achieve that goal.

Sometimes this dream indicates someone close hiding some important facts from you and disappointing you very much with their action.

Dreaming of having earwax in your ears – If you dreamed of having ears filled with earwax, that dream is possibly a warning sign. It usually indicates some damage that you could suffer in the upcoming days.

That might be a loss of something important or it could be some big malfunction of home appliances which cost a lot to repair.

The loss and damage could be a reason for a change of plans and having to redirect money you planned for some other purpose.

Having earwax in your ears in a dream could also be a sign of embarrassment you feel because of something you did, and others found out about.

Dreaming of cleaning earwax from your ears – If you dreamed of cleaning earwax from your ears, that dream usually represents a warning. Maybe something you expected to be a great job will turn out to be a disappointment, or you could end up making mistakes and disappointing others.

A dream of cleaning earwax from your ears could often be a sign news that will turn out not as bad as you have expected.

This dream also reveals that you are a responsible person who takes well care of yourself.

You probably take great care of your personal hygiene and appearance and you desire to look and be perfect in every sense of the word.

Dreaming of cleaning someone else’s earwax – If you dreamed of cleaning someone’s earwax, that dream is often a sign of boredom you could soon experience.

It might also indicate an encounter with a boring person or boring group of people you don’t like hanging around with.

Dreaming of carefully cleaning your earwax – If you dreamed of being very careful while cleaning your earwax, that dream is a good sign, indicating self-work and self-improvement.

Sometimes this dream indicates receiving some good news in the near future that will make you very happy.