Visiting Temple – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about visiting temple are loaded with symbolism, depending on particular details in your dream.

There are different types of temples one might visit roaming through the mysterious realm of dreams and temples are, indeed, mysterious places.

The temple in your dream might be a place of worship belonging to the religious system you consider yourself a part of.

Temples in dreams could be some distant, mysterious and strange places that have nothing to do with your religious beliefs. They could be temples belonging to some ancient deities and people long lost or an active religious system you are not a part of.

All the temples have strong spiritual connotation and, as many would gladly testify, very strong spiritual energy.

Visiting a temple in a dream might be an extremely emotionally tense experience.

As a motif in dream, temple represents the place of worship, but also a place of purification.

It also represents a shelter from the outside world, a sanctuary to one’s soul. Temple is a place for prayer, the most fitting one and the one you should feel protected by some forces beyond human imagination.

If you dream about foreign temple, it might reflect your spiritual search.

The term temple is commonly related to the idea of ancient temples, temples that represent reminiscence of ancient civilizations that cease to exist as such.

Good examples are Ancient Greek temples, temples in Egypt, Mesoamerican ones and many more. Buddhist, Hindu and Tibetan temples are also ideas people easily connect with the term.

Dreams about temples

Dreams about temples are various and carry different meanings, which greatly depends on whether a person in a dream visits an active temple of their own faith or a foreign active one.

Abandoned temples, ancient temples and all the places of worship that are not in use anymore have completely different meaning.

Socio-cultural point of view of a dreamer will greatly affect the exact meaning of a dream, so we will talk in the most possible general terms.

In any case, temple has meaning related to spirituality, faith and higher forces that watch over us. Visiting a temple in a dream means a dreamer is in search for faith or heavenly guidance.

If we go that far, a person may worship ideas and entities that are considered negative by the public and so on. However, any temple in a dream has something to do with searching for guidance from a higher force.

Temples represent places we have built for the glory of force we believe in. A temple is a place where a person should feel protected by the force he or she prays to.

Temples are also places of gathering of the faithful, places that represent the whole community of believers on earth.

Apart from the spiritual attribute, temples are often marvelous structures, made by human hand, but often believed to be blessed by some higher force.

Visiting an ancient temple

Visiting an ancient temple in a dream could be an interesting experience.

If you dream about visiting an ancient temple on a touristic journey, such as visiting some of the Egyptian temples on the river Nile or, say, Parthenon in Athens, this dream does not necessarily have a deep spiritual meaning, but it does reflect your own perception of the past and the present.

In this dream, you thread paths of people long lost, paths of once glorious past.

This dream reflects one’s idealization of the past we are all susceptible to it. On a personal level, it often reflects one’s self-perception about feeling a bit unfit for the present world and life.

It is a strange feeling and very common in artistic souls for example. Ancient temples have even more power than ancient palaces or other buildings, in this regard, since they reflect something even higher then only a human factor.

Visiting an ancient temple of a known religious system from far past is a testimony that many things come to an end.

They are, no more than grandiose buildings today, but you might only imagine how religious ceremonies looked in ancient times.

If you find yourself alone at such a place in your dream, it would definitely leave an impression on you.

Such a dream suggests you should respect past and what once was. It is a dream that is a response to the opposite of idealization.

It is a common struggle of a modern society; being lost between mourning for the past and obsessed with the future, which distance us from abstract ideas and forces that appear to be much stronger in ancient past.

Visiting an abandoned temple

If you visit an abandoned temple, the dream is more personal. If you come up to an abandoned church, for example, or any religious place that corresponds with your waking life religious orientation, the dream reflects your doubts about your faith.

Perhaps things are not going very well in your current waking life and you start doubting your faith. You feel as if no one answers your prayers.

You feel as if you are abandoned, just as the temple in your dream is or even that all people are abandoned.

Visiting an abandoned, empty temple suggests there is no protective force, no heavenly guardians to guide you in life; at least, you probably feel like that deep inside.

This dream tells about the lost hope, helplessness, insecurity and fear.

This dream could also suggest you are searching for faith in all the wrong places.

You desperately want to feel the presence of a higher guiding force, but all that you find are abandoned temples. These abandoned temples are a metaphor.

You should stop forcing it, because strange are the ways of heavenly forces and help often comes up when you least expect it and when your soul is open.

Another, less gloomy version of visiting an abandoned temple could be more like as in an Indiana Jones movie.

Dreams about visiting a lost, abandoned temple or mysterious in any sense reflects your curiosity and adventurous spirit. This could reflect your actual desire for physical discoveries and exploration of world’s places.

On the other hand, this dream has deep symbolical meaning.

It reflects one’s desire to explore all aspects of his or hers personality, to explore all the ideas that pop up inside your mind. You are possibly attracted to obscure, mysterious things and themes people rarely talk about.

The dream indicates you are not afraid of the unknown and that you are eager to explore it.

Most of people avoid such things, since ignorance, to a certain degree, gives comfort and security.

However, visiting such an exotic place, having in mind it was once a religious place, meaning it possibly had more power than just a random ancient structure, means you are willing to dig deep into your soul.

You feel excited about it, not afraid of what you do not know. These dreams are mostly of neutral quality and of guiding nature.

Visiting a monastery

Monasteries are places associated with pure faith and often identified with modesty, ascetic way of life and resisting temptations of earthly life.

Visiting a monastery in a dream means you should possibly reconsider your attitude towards earthly life. You should stop and think deeper about the material aspect of life.

Does it really make you happy? Many of us are kind of lost in material aspect of human life.

Monastery in a dream is a reminder of another side of life spiritual one. The dream should make you wonder and it should inspire you seeking for fulfillment in other than material pleasures.

It does not mean you should deny everything, grab only essentials and go to spend a lonely month in a desert, or a forest or at the top of a hill. That is not for everyone.

However, it should make you think whether the material part of your life is enough.

Most likely, you will realize the answer is that it is not. Try to find grace and love in your heart, see how good it feels if you help someone not expecting any material fortune in return.

Visiting a monastery in a dream reflect your inner struggle between temptations of materiality and purity of spirituality. The answer would always be simple; try to find the right measure.

On the other hand, maybe you feel is if things have gone really wrong and you need a radical change.

You have to break up with your current habits, since they do not bring you any good, in terms of your spiritual self. It might even affect your physical body.

People say that body is a temple and so it is. You should purify yourself from within and only then good things will come.