Left Ear Burning or Ringing – Meaning and Superstition

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Intermittent ringing in your left ear, as well as the uncomfortable burning sensation, is associated with superstitious beliefs.

Any unusual body sensation makes us wonder about what it could possibly mean.

Depending on local traditions, we would find numerous spiritual and symbolical explanations, putting health issues cause aside.

Occasional ear burning or ringing happens to every person and is usually not a reason to be concerned.

Time to make a wish

A widespread superstition says ringing in ears could bring luck and make your wish come true.

If one of your ears is ringing ad someone is around, you make a wish and then ask the person to guess which one is ringing, left or right. If he or she guesses right, your wish would possibly come true. If they were wrong, it will not.

You could also both make wishes and then the other person guess which one was in question.

This superstition applies equally to both ears; it does not actually matter which one is ringing, but if the person guessed it right.

We are not familiar with the same superstition about burning ears sensation.

Burning ears are symbolically closer to interpretations of ringing ears as a sign that someone talks about you.

Depending on which ear is in question, what somebody talks about you is either good or bad.

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Someone is talking about you

Another very popular superstition regarding the phenomenon of occasional ringing in ears or burning says it means someone is talking about you at the very moment you experience the sensation or around time.

It usually happens that only one ear rings or burns at the time. Well, since ears are organs of hearing, the association is pretty logical.

It means some people are talking about you, but you cannot hear them. Some people believe that a very high-pitched sound might suggest you had some problems with certain people from your closest environment in the past, so now they talk about you behind your back.

It could also mean that deep inside you know the situation with this particular person or a group of people is not resolved.

This ringing could be a sign that you should meet those people and see if there is a way to resolve the unpleasant situation.

The ringing is commonly associated with unfinished arguments or anything else that might bother another person (and yourself) and make them mention you very often.

It does not have to be a conflict or an argument in question, but also memories, longing for someone and else.

Maybe you have split up with somebody who cares about you deeply or you have ended a romantic relationship, but the person is still in love with you. It is very likely they would talk about you, so your ears ring as a sign.

Now, according to ringing and burning ears superstitions, it is very important to note which one is ringing or burning, because it could tell if someone talks about you in good spirits or not.

Burning in ears might suggest more intense talk. It is more likely that people gossip about you and talk about you something bad.

Your ears burn because people are possibly telling lies about you or try to distort your public image and bring down your reputation.

Alternatively, it could be a sign of your own regret and shame. Someone definitely talks about you, but it is because of something you have done and are not proud of.

A message from the other side

Body sensations are often associated with receiving hidden messages from another realm.

Our bodies are channel for mysterious energies that run throughout the universe. If you believe everything in the world is connected by invisible energetic bounds, it is easy to assume how these energies could affect our bodies.

Intermittent sensations that sometimes occur in our body parts and when there is no medical or any other logical cause for them to occur could be signals from another level of existence. These are mysterious energetic signals sent to us by abstract invisible entities.

One superstition says it is a message from people who have passed away. This belief is very similar to that about spiritual smells and other such phenomena.

Someone who passed away wants to talk to you or send you specific message. It could be a person that was very close to you; he or she finds it difficult to pass to the other side. His or her soul lingers around, trying to make some connection with their living past.

If there is such a case, do not worry, they might only find it difficult to break up with you once and for all.

Maybe you have some unfinished business with a person who is gone. It could be someone who passed away or a person who has gone far away from you and it is not likely you are about to talk to them soon.

It is something that bothers you, so ringing in ears might suggest they feel similar to you.

This ringing could be a message from a different level of existence than reality around you.

A message from your guardian angel

Sometimes, strange phenomena like ringing in the ears are associated with messages from heavenly forces. If it happens that one of your ears is ringing, it could be a message from your guardian angel.

It that case, it is not important which one is ringing, since your guardian angels only wish you well.

This buzzing or high-pitched sound is your heavenly protectors’ way to contact you.

This strange phenomenon is associated with spiritual awakening. It means you are closer to higher levels and realms that are divine. Your guardian angels have various ways to talk to you and sending these mysterious sounds into your ears is one of them.

Angels extremely rarely come down to earth and walk around people in material form. However, they watch over us and send us messages.

Think about the situation that you have found yourself in when the ringing occurred. Is this a difficult phase in your life? Do you experience any problems and are afraid of something?

Maybe you have lost hope and motivation and you feel hopeless and down. Well, think about the ringing. Your angels might just want to encourage you and show you there are forces that would always be there for you.

The message is intended to encourage you, not to scare you, although this strange ringing sometimes might be disturbing.

If it lasts for short and does not repeat over a longer period, you do not have to worry. Think about these superstitions.

There could be something more in it. If you take into consideration your current position in life and all the circumstances, the answer to ringing or burning ears would most probably come along.

Left ear ringing or burning superstition

Finally, we come to specific a phenomenon that is your left ear burning or ringing. According to superstitions, left ear ringing or burning might be a positive sign.

The superstition is related to the most common mystical interpretation of ringing in ears, the one that says it means someone is talking about you.

If your left ear is ringing, sit down and relax, someone is talking something good about you.

Ringing in your left ear means people are talking about you in very good spirits. It means you have done something others find really impressive and amazing. You inspire others and people generally think you are an extraordinary person.

This could be the sign people recognize your effort, work and achievements. Your hard work is being acknowledged.

It could also mean someone is in love with you, so the person talks about you with someone else.

Maybe they are too shy to admit their feelings to you, but they share it with their closest ones or with someone you both know.

Think about is there anyone who might show any sign of affection that is more than friendly. Maybe you were preoccupied with other things, so you have never noticed.

Of course, it could be a friendly or family talk. Maybe your partner talks about you with love, proud and grateful for having you by their side. Maybe your parents or relatives talk about you with great pride, happy to have you.

It could be a mention amongst friends or anything of the same kind. Either way, something talks good about you and you deserve it.

If the left ear is burning, people usually explain it all the same. However, having in mind that burning sensation is different from ringing, it could mean you know people are going to talk about you and you feel a bit unpleasant.

If it was the left ear, it still means they talk positively about you, but maybe you are a shy person and a modest one. You feel uncomfortable when others praise you.

Alternatively, this sensation could mean exactly the opposite. We guess it greatly depends on local tradition. Ancient Roman belief says that ringing and burning in ears is the sign people are talking about you, which we have already discussed.

However, in their interpretation, it was the left that was the ‘bad one’ and vice versa.

They believed left one symbolizes evil talk and the other one praise.

Non-spiritual meaning

With these oppressed meanings, it is unclear whether it was good or bad to have your left ear burning or ringing.

Well, it depends on what you believe to and what does your social environment believe.

In addition, how you feel about it and what emotions you are overwhelmed at the time the ringing or burning occur could also help you realize the true meaning.

If nothing of that makes sense, maybe there is an actual physical cause.

Why does ringing in ears occur?

Ringing in the ears is well known medical phenomenon and it is called tinnitus. Tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom of a medical condition behind it.

The most common cause of tinnitus is hear loss, associated with aging process.

However, it could be associated with injuries that affect ears and ear nerves, problems with circulation and else. In the greatest number of cases, tinnitus is not dangerous, although upsetting and bothersome.

Tinnitus could present itself with different types of noises, including ringing, buzzing, hissing, clicking, humming and even roaring.

Exposure to very loud noise could affect hearing and cause tinnitus, changes to middle ear is also a known cause of tinnitus.

Certain medications could also cause tinnitus. In rare cases, tinnitus might be caused by circulatory disorder or specific underlying conditions.

Why your ears are burning?

Burning ears are a very common psychosomatic response in people. Intense emotions often cause burning ears.

Since people are not symmetrical, it could easily happen that only one of your ears burn if you are stressed, angry, over excited or anything else.

Temperature changes are also very logical cause; it could also make only one of your ears start burning. Sometimes, hormonal changes are responsible for flushing, including ear burning and redness.

In rare cases, certain not well understood conditions could cause burning ears, such as erythromelalgia.

There is also a condition known as red ear syndrome and it could be followed by a headache.

This condition could cause short or longer flares, from a couple minutes to several hours. Of course, sunburn or allergies could case red burning ears.