Strawberry – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Lovely juicy crimson red strawberries are one of the most favorite fruits around the world.

These berries are of gently sweet taste, irresistible aroma and full of extremely healthy nutrients.

Many enjoy eating freshly picked up strawberries, while these berries could also be used in hundreds of delicious recipes. Strawberry tarts, strawberry ice creams and whole lot of preserved goods could be made out f them.

Strawberries are red, which is a color of passion and love. They are soft, juicy and just delicious in their own.

However, these tasty berries could be potentially dangerous. They are amongst fruits that are responsible for some rather severe allergic reactions, so people who have an allergy to strawberries must avoid them at all costs.

Strawberry allergy definitely gives a strawberry dream completely different meaning. Let us briefly go through basic strawberry symbolism, before we move to dream interpretation.

Strawberries are associated with the planet Venus, as seen from astrological-symbolical perspective. Some astrologers also associate it with Mercury.

Strawberries are associated with passion, love and beauty, which are all qualities attributed to Venus.

Although strawberries often remind us of a red heart, their shape could also be associated with that of a tongue, which is an association with Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, playfulness, youth and basic knowledge.

These delicious berries are a truly romantic treat. A bowl full of delicious juicy strawberries, with some whipped cream on top or sprinkled with a bit of fine powdered sugar could be a perfect dessert after a romantic dinner.

People swear it could warm up the atmosphere and awaken attraction. Strawberries are considered fruits with aphrodisiac properties.

Dreams about strawberries

Strawberries are sweet and simple fruit, widely spread across the globe and loved by many.

They symbolize well being, good health, sweet side of life, but also modesty and beauty found in simplicity. Strawberries are simple, but irresistible. They are very healthy fruit, with an actual physical and mental benefit to any human, except for the allergic ones.

In dreams, they can symbolize anything from health and healing to romance and lust.

Dreams about seeing strawberries usually have a positive meaning. They often reflect a good-hearted nature and a gentle side of a dreamer’s personality.

Strawberries in dreams reflect one’s gentle, soft, graceful side. They are strongly associated with feminine qualities; remember the parallel with Venus.

Strawberries are an especially good sign if women dream about them. They symbolize all aspects of Venus, such as feminine beauty, fertility and motherhood.

It is believed they represent a good omen for future mothers. In general, strawberries are associated with the concept of abundance and well-being, so seeing them in a dream indicates fortune, material stability and success.

Alternatively, seeing strawberries in dreams indicates temptation, in terms of romantic attraction and lust. The dream could be a sign of a particularly pleasant encounter with someone, even one that would end as a relationship.

It all depends on actual situation in a person’s life. If a dreamer is in love with someone or he or she simply desires an intimate contact with someone, those juicy strawberries reflect that desire.

If you only see them and they look so tasty and juicy, but you never touch them or eat them in your dream, it could possibly reflect a situation in which you are in love with someone who is taken or any similar scenario.

Seeing strawberries, but not eating them, even  if those are served to you means you deep down inside feel that something you are tempted to get involved it may looks sweet, but is actually not good for you.

For people who are allergic to strawberries, all dreams about them symbolize a danger.

If you see them, but not eat them, it means you are aware of your limitations. If you however eat them, it means you will make a foolish move in reality, one that could cost you something important.

It could also be a reflection of your readiness to go against your limitations.

Dreams about picking strawberries

Dreams about picking strawberries are generally good. Such a dream means a person works diligently, with patience and love for what her she was doing.

Strawberries symbolize success and fortune on their own, so picking strawberries in your dream literally translates to picking fruits of your own success. This dream meaning is the most positive.

This dream reflects all the time and effort you invest into doing something you love. It also indicates your work is admired by others, as well. This dream interpretation is the same about growing strawberries and picking those from your own garden.

If you dream about stealing strawberries from another person’s garden, it means you want to steal someone else’s success.

If you are picking wild strawberries, the dream is also of positive meaning. This dream suggests you want to try something unusual, something different from why you are used to.

Wild strawberries are delicious and they grow freely. This dream indicates you are open to exploring new ideas, finding new paths to thread and it will most likely bring you positive results.

Dreams about eating strawberries

Dreams about eating strawberries and generally dreams about eating fruits mean your plans are in the process of realization or the outcome is obvious. The dream suggests you are definitely succeeded and enjoy the taste of fruits of your work.

This dream often occurs after you have actually succeeded and simply reflect the good feeling you have about it. Dreams about eating strawberries indicate you will be fortunate.

Eating strawberries in a dream also reflects lust and passion you cannot resist. Such a dream is often related to unfulfilled romantic desires that are very strong. Either the person you fantasize about is already with someone else or you cannot reach him or her for other reason. On the other hand, it could simply reflect a strong romantic desire about someone you are with in reality.

The juicier and sweeter the strawberries are, especially if additionally sweetened by sugar, chocolate or whipped cream, more likely the dream is about extremely strong physical attractiveness, passion and desire.

It is a dream about temptation, just as in case of seeing sweet strawberries, only in this dream, it is about a temptation you could never resist, regardless of realizing if it was good or bad for you.

Dreams about rotten strawberries

Seeing rotten strawberries in a dream is not a good sign. It means your hard work is likely to be all for nothing; you will probably fail.

Alternatively, it means that others do not appreciate your effort at all and your work is overlooked, no matter how well you do it.

It could also mean that you have no support from your environment and you feel that your work is empty, since you cannot share any of the results with others.

Rotten strawberries could however illustrate bad decisions you have made in order to succeed. Maybe the outcome is good on its own, but the means you used to get to it were wrong. The dream should awaken your conscience.

This dream is your inner voice saying that you should have it the other way. Things obtained in a bad way are doomed to rot.

This dream could also indicate you are very lonely in your waking life, since strawberries represent love, kindness and closeness. You feel as if there is no real bond between you and other people.

It could also be a reflection of broken relationships, especially romantic relationships.

The dream could also symbolize disappointment. Your dreams about being with someone had fallen apart.