Darkness – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Are you afraid of the dark? Do you feel uncomfortable when you find yourself alone in the darkness?

All of us have this feeling at times, especially when we are kids. It is normal.

But some of us are afraid of the darkness when we grow up; this fear could be related to some frustration, stress, anxiety, or some former trauma.

Whatever the reason may be, people are afraid of what they can see from the unknown – the same fear as a motive can be found in a dream world.

What does it mean when you have dreamed about the darkness? Is this a dream that should worry us, or is it just a wake-up call to face the darkness in our lives?

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Meaning and Symbolism 

Dreaming about the darkness has different meanings depending on how we dreamed it, on your current situation, fears, anxieties, etc. It is the manifestation of your life and the reflection of the other side.

Also, this dream is not so uncommon as you think; on the contrary, it is very common.

There are numerous versions of this dream.

If you dreamed that you were in the dark, that the darkness is all around you, it means that you cannot find a way out of the situation you are currently in.

It can also mean that you will be forced to turn a blind eye to someone’s injustice that you have witnessed.

No matter how much you want to take justice into your own hands, you will not be able to do anything. If you dreamed that something was lurking in the darkness, it means that you are afraid of someone or something. You will have to gather all your courage and fight your demons in the coming days. The time has come to overcome your fears so that you can make further progress in life.

If something or someone catches up with you in the darkness and you woke up before you saw her or his form, it means that you will not be able to find out where you went wrong and if you can see what was chasing you in the darkness you will recognize the problem and succeed to correct yourself and become a better person.

To dream that you are in the darkness and to hear some sound or threatening tone means that you should be careful how you talk to people in the coming period so as not to upset someone.

If you dreamed that you found yourself in the darkness and lit a match to drive it away, it means that you will, or you came up with the idea that could change your life for the better.

This is usually a dream related to business life and its progress and in the coming days, instead of watching TV and holding a phone in your hand, think about what the idea might be.

To dream of water in the darkness means that you are a person who easily copes with unfamiliar situations. You will have the opportunity to use this feature in the coming period for the sake of gaining some material benefit.

To dream that darkness is calling to you means that you may fall or fall into bad company. Be careful who you see and what kind of people are around you?

You need to understand that not all people wish you well and learn to recognize the malicious ones before they manage to waste your time.

As you can see, in some cases, this dream is related to other people.

Decoding the Dream about the Darkness

In some other versions of this dream, you can see yourself in it.

If you dreamed of coming out of the darkness, it has a positive meaning. This means that you will be able to overcome yourself, and all the difficulties you had in the previous period will remain behind you.

Dreaming of lighting a torch or a flashlight to find a way out of the darkness could mean that it will be the help of friends and close people to find a way out of the situation you find yourself in.

Accept their offered help with joy, and you will overcome the difficulties. If you dreamed of you looking out of the darkness with bright eyes, it means that someone is watching your every step and action.

Take care of what you do in the coming days, and keep in mind that someone you don’t see is watching you all the time and is just waiting for you to slip and make a mistake.

To dream of running through there from someone or something could mean trying to escape your problems.

If you dreamed of flying out of the darkness in flight, then you were in a situation that seemed hopeless to you. But you will soon find a solution for it and realize that the way out of it was right in front of your nose.

To dream of meeting someone, you know in the dark means that that person is someone you can trust and someone you can even trust with your life.

To dream of holding hands with someone and coming out of the darkness means that you are surrounded by good people who sincerely care about you.

If you dreamed that you were in the dark and felt fear, it means that you will experience some stress or some unpleasant situation in the coming days.

If you in a dream, see the darkness in the distance could mean you have an enemy who will never be able to harm you. Whatever he tries to do to you will not work.

You can see that the darkness is an actual fear, the danger that is lurking, but it does not have to associate with something ugly, bad in an obvious way; it can be kind and sweet, but very dangerous.

The message behind this dream and Advice

In some cases, the dream about darkness is associated with the challenges that are in front of you; that can be associated with family life.

To dream of sitting in the dark in your home means that a difficult period will come for you and your family.

It is possible that you will lose your job and that you will struggle to provide your family with basic needs.

But considering that there is darkness in your home means that you have already encountered this situation and that you will find a way out based on your experience.

If you dreamed that darkness is alive, it could mean that you have accepted someone as a person with all his flaws and virtues that he possesses.

You have come to terms with the fact that no one is perfect, not even you.

You have realized that lonely people are actually only those who have not been able to accept this fact and are left alone, which will never happen to you because of this way of thinking.

To dream that you are in the darkness and trying to drive it away by lighting a flashlight, a match, a torch, but the light does not come to the fore means that all your attempts to avoid it will inevitably be unsuccessful.

Try to wash your eyes, in a metaphorical sense, to face the situation better. If you already realize that there is nothing you can do about it, raise your guard and prepare to strike.

Dreaming that darkness is coming out of you could mean that you will be able to get rid of some of your bad qualities or bad thoughts that have been bothering you for a long time.

As you can see, the dream of darkness does not always have a bad meaning.

It mostly represents our fears and our struggles with ourselves.

Only those who manage to overcome their fears will find a way out of the darkness.

If someone is already afraid of the dark ear, it is easier to walk through it with someone you love.

To dream of a bright opportunity in the midst of darkness coming towards you means that you will receive the long-awaited help.

To dream that darkness is slowly descending and to be surrounded by it soon means that you are facing a difficult period in your life.

So far, you have lived a comfortable life, but that could soon change.

Try to be optimistic in the upcoming period and do not despair because the sun shines after the rain.

If you dreamed of looking for something in the dark, it means that you have not yet realized yourself as a person.

Try to understand what it is that would make you happy so that you can be happy with your life.

The darkness is, and the dream world confirms such idea, is the part of our minds, not the real danger, in most cases; it can be defeated, and it should be, by the light in your heart.