Dream About a Mall – Meaning and Symbolism

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Shopping and running errands are a constant part of our everyday lives. We have to buy groceries on a regular basis, but also things like clothes, electronics, furniture and cosmetics.

This can be perceived in different ways: There are situations in which we enjoy shopping.

Then you walk past one or the other shop window, let yourself be inspired by the current fashion and maybe find something you like while rummaging in the store. You then come home with lots of bags and pouches. For many people, “shopping” is a hobby that brings happiness.

Dream About a Mall – Meaning

However, everyday shopping is often bothersome and time-consuming. After work, many still rush to the supermarket to organize the most important things for the meal or to buy drugstore items.

For some people, in addition to the stress, the financial aspect plays a role, because shopping is always associated with spending money.

If you have little income or even live in poverty, you have to turn every penny twice and shop very carefully in the shops, add the sums in your head and possibly put products back on the shelf. That is exhausting.

Finally, by the end of the month, the refrigerator will have to be filled somehow.

Shopping can also play a role in dreams. It is not uncommon for people to dream of buying something, or not being able to pay for a purchase or be able to carry it home. How can these dreams be interpreted?

Some dreams related to shopping occur more frequently than others do, we would like to introduce these to you at the beginning. If you cannot find your dream here, you should take a closer look at the part below for a general interpretation.

A supermarket offers everything we inevitably need for nutrition, usually a lot more. The abundance of products is reflected in the dream meaning of the symbol: If you go shopping in a supermarket in your dream, you want more property and money for the waking world.

Presumably, the dreaming has to pay attention to every penny vice versa in the truthfulness and has few savings. This puts a lot of strain on the person concerned and causes worry.

To be able to shop free in the dream world is certainly something that one has always wished for in the awake life. Just put what you like in the shopping cart and leave the store without paying.

As a dream situation, shopping without measure – because all products are free – indicates an actual excess.

The sleeper does not know any limits now, and he may be living beyond his means. If the supermarket is and remains lavishly filled in the dream, there is a financial advantage for the dreamer in the waking world.

Buy many things and stand there without money at the cash register – that also happens in dreams!

Anyone who experiences this uncomfortable, embarrassing situation in sleep will probably be confronted with hopes and promises in waking life that will not come true.

If the sleeper is not careful, he will be “ripped off” and deceived. It is therefore advisable to take a very close look at your fellow human beings before placing your trust in them.

If it is a platonic friend with whom you go shopping in the dream world, you will most likely long for your real – perhaps your best – friend and the time you would love to spend with her.

If you recognize a real friend in the dreamed shopping companion, it is exactly the person to whom you attach great importance.

An actually unknown woman, who is perceived as a friend in the dream, symbolizes one’s own desire for recognition from an acquaintance or superior.

The friend in the sense of the partner who accompanies the dreaming while dreaming shopping shows how important the real loved one is it is what someone needs like the air to breathe in life.

Many dreaming do not want to admit that the former partnership is not yet completely overcome Urde, but the dream of “shopping with your ex-girlfriend” speaks for it.

Experiences with the ex-partner that were quite nice come to the surface from the subconscious when you find yourself with this person in the supermarket you dreamed of.

It can be helpful to think after the dream whether you miss this person or just mourn the moments of intimate togetherness.

If you take a lot of time shopping in the dream department store and spend what feels like hours there, this can be interpreted as a positive dream symbol.

The coziness and length of the shopping time in many cases represent a stable character who knows exactly what is good for him. The long shopping without rushing and stress in the dream is therefore usually found in a quite calm, considered personality.

Shopping often symbolizes certain wishes and needs in dreams. These can often also relate to interpersonal aspects, which means that the person concerned may long for the recognition or affection of a person and would like to win them over.

However, it is questionable whether this is actually “for sale”.

Dreams about buying should therefore be seen as an invitation to rethink your own behavior and to consider whether the wish for confirmation from another person can actually be fulfilled that easily. This is especially true if groceries are bought in a dream.

Dream About a Mall – Symbolism

In a supermarket you can find everything you need for daily life on a sales area of ​​several hundred square meters.

Here, food and luxury goods, spices such as mustard, drugstore items, items for school supplies, small household appliances are mainly offered in self-service on the shelf.

This means that the customer himself chooses what and how much he wants to put in the shopping basket. You can choose your own fruit and vegetables and packaged meat and sausages are available in self-service counters, including more expensive goods with the organic seal of approval.

Often there is an additional fresh food counter, where you can be advised and served by specialist staff, and where you can get fresh, unpackaged meat and sausage products.

Depending on its size, the supermarket is often a little outside the center of the village or is one of the many shops in a shopping center.

The regular supermarket differs from the discounter in that the goods are presented in a much more appealing way, which is intended to encourage customers to buy.

However, this also goes hand in hand with increased costs, which for us consumers ultimately have an impact on the price.

If you attach great importance to branded products in your daily shopping, you will most likely prefer a supermarket to a discounter, as there are predominantly own brands on the shelves.

The supermarket that we enter in a dream can represent the fulfillment of all our wishes as a dream symbol.

As in the land of milk and honey, you can stroll through the aisles of the big market and if you do the same in a dream and randomly load goods into the shopping cart, the real desire for abundance and possessions is expressed at the level of the general dream interpretation. This can result from the actual experience of deficiency in real life.

According to the general interpretation of dreams in real life, those who shop carelessly and rampantly run the risk of being too liberal with their money here too.

On the one hand, he is threatened with financial loss. Depending on the exact dream situation, this can also announce future business on the other hand.

At the same time, shopping in a dream is an expression of freedom and independence: The person affected is able to meet his own needs unhindered and to freely decide about himself and his life. If in a dream, a housekeeper or another person buys for you or someone is hired, you usually want a change.

It also happens that people dream of shopping a lot as a customer in a store and not being able to pay for these purchases. In the case of dreamed debts, the person concerned has great desires and is very ambitious, but does not show it externally.

Furthermore, it can be of interest for the interpretation of the dream symbol “to shop” what was bought during sleep. Was it clothes or shoes, for example? Rather foods such as canned goods, vegetables or fresh fruit? Meat, suitable sauces or spices such as mustard are also conceivable.

If you dream of shopping in a fantasy world, like in Diagon Alley in the series of novels about “Harry Potter”, you should usually be shown the properties that you will need to solve a problem.

Also in psychological terms, shopping in a dream symbolizes a desire for the recognition of another person. Possibly the dreaming longs for the reciprocation of love or wants confirmation for his behavior.

If the errands go as planned or if only a few things are purchased, this symbolizes an equally well thought-out approach in real life.

The shopping with a shopping cart in the supermarket or in the drugstore signals in psychological terms that the buyer – mostly that is the dreaming himself – sees himself powerless in the face of a mental problem. He fails to bring order to the mental chaos.

Whoever buys clothes in a dream can also take this as an indication of his subconscious that he is dissatisfied: He no longer feels comfortable in his social role and might want to change.


The place where something is bought can play an important role in the interpretation of the dream image: Was one perhaps in a kiosk, a larger shop or a shop?

Alternatively, did you buy something at a market stall? Interpret these symbols as well.

According to the spiritual dream interpretation s do the shopping and errands for the exchange of spiritual knowledge and insights.